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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ditto @ the Snickers! They are my guilty indulgence! I have a hard time passing up a Frito, too! But, many times I'm on a plate of raw vegies w/Sam's Club gluten-free Ranch Dressing...yummy, in a better way!
  2. Problem With Swelling?

    Thanks for all your input. If I've learned anything, it is that this disease rears its head in numerous ways. It would just be nice to have the easy fix one time, rather than playing the guessing game. I have resorted to occasional diuretics while I start the process of elimination one more time. I do have another question...I know Aleve is on the safe meds list, but has anyone reacted to it? I took it for a month (hoping to end the Tylenol gig) and ended up with a stasis dermititis rash on one shin...related?
  3. I have intermittently had some pretty intense swelling of my feet/legs-no heat, no real pain except for the discomfort of swelling (tight feeling, bloating, sorer knees). Has anyone else had this? I'm randomly wondering about diet Coke, natural flavorings, MSG? I'm really pretty vigilent about labels, but wonder if there is something I don't know. I'd appreciate anything you can think of/have experienced that sounds like it would fit!
  4. Knee Troubles!

    This is really the first time I've not been able to power through the pain! Allergist was just so adament that I take only tylenol...but that was 3 yrs ago, when pain was manageable. I don't take omega 3...husband does for cholesterol...I should for inflammation?? Is brolemain (sp?) like celebrex?
  5. Knee Troubles!

    Thx 4 all your input! I do have the apt. w/ ortho. this coming week. Am so hoping to be told something definitive...good, bad, or ugly. I know some arthritis, but the escalation is scaring me...I've had to do a lot of computer work the last 2 day, and rode my scooter for @ and hour today, and my right hand is so sore I can barely make a fist. All I have ever taken for pain is Tylenol...because gluten-free...is there an over-the-counter gluten-free med. ok for inflamation? I really don't want to go the Celebrex- type route at age 53! Am I being naive? I already have gone down the seemingly typical celiac route...hypothyroid, so take synthroid, gall bladder removed, usually low iron...how am I going to live to be 95 like my grandmothers??? Again, any and all input is appreciated...support invaluable! It's raining in Dakota...hope you all have a great wkend!
  6. Knee Troubles!

    Thx 4 the reply...have had xrays...yup, little cartilage left....arthritis evident. History of arthritis on paternal side only. This just seems more than arthritis pain...isn't it odd that it flares? tightens so that I cry to bend it? swelling also in foot? I go up and down stairs one at a time, and I am only 53. Maybe an MRI will tell me more.
  7. Hey! It has been a while...I'm always glad I have this forum to come back to. I am having serious knee problems. I thought it was early arthritis, but it is presenting w/ more extreme symptoms....knees so sore(especially behind knee cap) and swollen I can't bend them, weak to the point of buckling, even a trip to the ER they hurt so bad (got vicatin, a brace, and crutches). Around Christmas I was bad, but it's getting worse this time. Does this ring a bell w/ anyone? I had a shot of cortisone in each one in Feb. ...not a fan, but was desperate to try anything....didn't help for long. Please let me know if you all have had anything like this. I go to the doc. next week...I need more info. before then...am afraid he's going to suggest surgery of some kind. Help!
  8. I Need Itch Info. Fast!

    Thx 4 the replies! I'll look into several of your suggestions! It helps loads just to know that you may not be as crazed as you are afraid you might be! I'm thinking the chocolate I thought was safe may be a culprit...or one of possible things to use to pinpoint origin of the 'itchy b%$@#ies'...love the phase, so true! I am eating a flax sunflower seed kinnikinik (too tired to check spelling) bread, and a soy flour muffin mix...maybe should lay off them for a determiner. Thank you to all who replied! This forum is invaluable! Happy Monday!
  9. OK, guys, I've been reading you all for 2 yrs., since I was diagnosed August of '06. All your talk has been invaluable, but now I really need to ask an indelicate question. What is with this awful anal itch? Is it just me? Has anyone had it? I am as gluten free as I knowingly can be...I read every label, don't cheat, etc... Please advise!