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  1. Update: Firstly, I just discovered that my great grandmother's sister had Lupus & her brother had Celiac. The brother's daughter has Celiac, and two of my cousins via that same great grandmother have just been dianosed with Celiac. There is also speculation that several of my recently deceased relatives on that side of the family also had undiagnosed Celiac. The really fun info was that my great grandmother's brother had several blood tests and even intestinal biopsies which came up false negative throughout his life until he was finally diagnosed IN HIS 80s!!! Well, on the 7th I had my appointment with Women's Pelvic Medicine and they diagnosed me with a mild/moderate rectocele & (to my great surprise) cystocele. However, he does not believe that any of my symptoms beyond the difficulty defecating & immediate tangible prolapse signs, have any connection to these diagnosis. He prescribed me Estrace Cream to help "shore up" my thin vaginal walls and told me to schedule a follow up 7mths from now (farther from birth & after breastfeeding is done). I also had another appt with my primary care physician (as an E.R. follow-up) and she admitted to being stumped. The end result of the appointment was: blood drawn to test for Celiac - Not sure *exactly* what was being checked, but I'll check when it comes back. She said it would take weeks to come back because they have to send it out. blood drawn to test my hormone levels (particularly estrodiol) urine taken to recheck my glucose & other levels referral to reproductive endocrinologist - for "hormonal related symtoms" referral to gynecologist - to discuss possibility of endometriosis (I'm highly skeptical this will amount to anything) referral to gastroenterologist - for consult to rule out other gastro causes referral to physical therapist - for general consult/ possible pulled muscle in back causing constant dull pain separate from recurrent sharp pain So I'm waiting for the lab results and for the referrals to "go through" (I have an HMO). My husband calls my PCP's method "throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping something sticks". LOL! Hey, I'm just glad someone is taking me seriously and really listening to me! I will continue to keep Lyme in mind as a possibility. But for now I feel I need to explore these other possibilities. Especially given what you've said about the controversies. Also, Wednesday August 6th, something amazing happened. I STOPPED BLEEDING!!! Thursday the 7th I thought I was in heaven! My constant dull pain in my left ab was gone for the first time in a month! My exhaustion was gone (though I'd had only 3hrs sleep). My nausea was gone. I only had one minor sharp pain episode all day. In short, I felt like my old normal self! I actually cried with joy that night. Friday was another good day, though I did have some intermittent nausea, dull & sharp pains, and short waves of exhaustion. Then Saturday I began feeling nausea immediately following breakfast. I also felt one dull menstrual cramp that morning. I could feel my energy leaving and the general malaise returning. That afternoon I saturated a pantyliner & 1/2 a tampon with blood. But then the bleeding stopped again. Sunday I had was back to constant pain, waves of nausea and exhaustion, and in the afternoon I had a scale 10 sharp pain attack that lasted 5 minutes and took a while to fade off forcing my to abruptly leave my grandmother's 70th surprise birthday party early and leaving me totally miserable and nauseated for the remainder of the night. Monday I was back to the usual malaise and pains. Same on Tuesday. I also returned to spotting briefly Tuesday afternoon. And here I am 2:30am and my baby has just drifted off so I will say good night. Thanks to everyone who has cared enough to reply to my messages!
  2. I read a lot of the thread you linked above. Looking at your list I counted roughly 15 symptoms that I have, but it just seems a little bit of a stretch to me. I also looked at another site about Lyme disease and read about the rash many people get. I remember having a huge mysterious rash with a white center at some point in the past several years, but I think it was after high school so the hyperventilation syndrome and "brain quakes" would have been/started before that. So that would take down the symptoms to like 13. I appreciate you pointing out the possibility and I see why you suggested it, but right now it just doesn't *feel* right, ya know? Also, I spent the majority of my high school years in the high desert and I don't think they have the deer tick there. I did go to France after my freshman year, and Hawaii, China, Korea and New York in the months immediately after high school.... the hard thing is that I've been a spider/mosquito magnet my whole life so one more bite would probably have been completely dismissed. ....Also, I had the Fibromyalgia diagnosis in 1999 shortly after a trip to New York and the site I read said the aching joints would start within days of the rash which again would eliminate anything that happened in high school. So... the symptoms just don't add up, I think. But thanks for taking the time to point out the possibility to me!
  3. Well, my abdominal pain sent me to the E.R. yesterday. It was so bad yesterday when I went to the library and half way back to my car I knelt on the ground wondering if I'd be able to make it the rest of the 25ft to my car. So the doc said to go to E.R. They ended up doing more blood tests and a CT Scan and .... nothing. (well, my Creatinine was mildly elevated but that was very likely dehydration.) I now know a whole lot more about what I do NOT have (not: diverticulitis, colitis, tumors, or kidney stones), but nothing more about what I DO have. The E.R. visit did get me another urgent appointment with my primary for Friday, though (as opposed to September). I plan on asking for celiac testing at that appointment, but I was thinking... celiac wouldn't explain the kind of pain I'm having, would it?? Would celiac disease cause intermittent pain that can sometimes be enough to drop a person to their knees and also cause continuous dull pain throughout the entire left abdomen??? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the great responses. I hadn't thought of diverticulitis. I'll discuss it with my doctor, but I haven't had a fever, so I doubt that's it. My doc said that since I wasn't seeing any blood in my stool she didn't want to do a colonoscopy at this point because it does carry risks. I just rechecked my lab results. My iron was 52 and my Ferritin 22. Both on the low side of normal, but still normal. They also tested my: WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, PLT Count, MPV, TSH Sensitive, Glucose, BUN, CREATININE, GFR, SODIUM, POTASSIUM, CHLORIDE, BICARBONATE, CALCIUM, & IBC. The letter that came with the results said that "all labs look good except potassium level is low." Yet, when I checked online my Glucose level is technically low- but only by 1 point. The good news is they want to repeat the tests so maybe the comparison will help with clarifying that. BTW I realized that I forgot to add that I've been nauseated almost unceasingly since my last diarrhea episode 5 days ago. Previously I would only be nauseated for the immediate 15-20hrs following the episode. Now it just doesn't go away and sometimes it's so bad that I just stop whatever I'm doing and focus on breathing slowly & deeply while waiting for it to lessen again. It's so tempting to just stick my finger down my throat and get it over with. But I won't. Point is, whatever is wrong with me is clearly getting worse. I wish I knew what & why. It would be so much easier to handle. Thanks again for your comments.
  5. Let me start by saying I don't think that I have Celiac Disease- I think that it is possible that I have Celiac Disease and I am exploring that possibility. I am just trying to find an answer. If you don't think this sounds like Celiac Disease, do you have any other ideas??? If you do think it sounds like celiac disease any suggestions on where to go from here??? Thanks in advance! Here are my symptoms as I have identified them thus far as well as a bit of my med history: Straining for 90% of my bowel movements for as long as I can remember. Had a cavity at every dental appointment I've ever been to - current dentist has repeatedly remarked that he is bewildered by my enamel loss. Irregular periods since puberty. Bruised easily my whole life. Diagnosed with Hyperventilation Syndrome in High School. Experienced what I call "brain earthquakes/shaking" about 1-3 times a year since High School Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in fall 1999 but symptoms pretty nearly disappeared by spring 2001. Diagnosed with PCOS in fall 2004 as part of infertility work up (eventually conceived naturally). Sudden onset of sharp pain in lower left abdomen June 2007 which was recurrent for over a year and has recently transitioned to 24/7 dull pain in that area. Tender to the touch in lower left abdomen. Impossible to tell if my waist is distended due to recent pregnancy. Post delivery vaginal bleeding that has been unceasing since birth of 2nd child by cesarean 5mths ago, with the exception of some relief during first two cycles of trial use of mini-pill. Pill stopped helping in the 3rd cycle. Now bleeding continuously. Recurrent bouts of what feels like food poisoning and consists mainly of gas & diarrhea. About 6-7 episodes in the past 3 mths. Previously would get diarrhea maybe 2 times a year. Can't find a food related pattern. Only that I have usually thoroughly exhausted myself within the 24hrs prior. Increase cases of gas between diarrhea episodes. Chronic fatigue largely unaffected by amount of sleep. Recent blood test revealed low potassium levels. Recent discovery of bulge inside vagina- strongly suspect Rectocele & maybe Enterocele. Recently started paying attention to stool. 2 days ago noticed soft & green following diarrhea episode (drank green Gatorade, though) and today multicolored (dark brown, yellow, & a streak of dark red) & hard and 1 piece floating. Not sure relevant or not. Tested negative for anemia despite bleeding. Primary Care Physican suspects IBS & has referred me to dietician (Aug. 20) & CT Scan "just in case" (Aug.8th). Appointment scheduled with Pelvic Medicine specialist (Aug. 7th) to confirm diagnosis of Rectocele & maybe Enterocele. Family History of Intestinal Issues which I am aware of: Sister with IBS & Rectocele diagnosis. History of strainging w/BM. Mother had surgery for Rectocele & Cytocele. History of strainging w/BM. Second Cousin diagnosed with Crohn's Disease @ age 4. Great Aunt with serious bowel issues (had to wear bag- not sure of diagnosis). Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!