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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. As indicated....I had the biopsy completed (since my bloodwork was conflicting) in a hospiatal setting on the day after my birthday. The next day, I had a complete abdominal catscan (drinking barium solution with contrast solution pumped in intravenously during test). GREAT NEWS!!! All tests were negative. Stress and lactose intolerance seem to be the problem which results in spastic colon during these times. I also have some trigger foods and wheat prodicts seem to be ok. MY ADVICE TO ALL......HAVE THE BLOODTESTS AND ENDOSCOPY DONE TO PUT ALL FEARS TO REST. I will use some gluten free foods since I was researching and trying different foods just in case. Keep this message board going...It was a great help!!!
  2. Just a note for people out there to people who may have put off the biopsy like myself. The test was easy and I shouldn't have put myself through all the anxiety. I had it done in a hospital. You are put to sleep and you don't feel anything during or after. I hope the biopsy rules out celiac. Is it possible that celiac can develop later even if the biopsy of the villi is negative? I understand the pathologist reads the slides and scores the biopsies?? My gastro Dr. also recommended a pelvic catscan with contrast dye to rule out other issues including possibly even a hernia. I do get a cramping feeling and he still believes it's IBS. He advised/prescribed Librax until results are in. (PS another Dr. prescribed this and I found it helped, but this whole proces started with those initial blood tests) My advice to all -- have the tests and avoid the worry! Peace of Mind is worth a million bucks. This board has helped tremendously.
  3. Going for biopsy tomorrow. I understand several biopsies will be taken. Will I get the results right after the test or sometime that day? Does the Dr. ead the slides of the biopsies or does the pathologist? Both? The test is being done in a hospital under general anesthesia. I'm anxious!!!! I hope all is well and other problems aren't found... Dr. predicts biopsies will be negative and I have IBS based on bloodwork as previously posted. We'll see.....
  4. I received a copy of the results in the mail today from the 2nd Dr. who said I am negative. Can anyone out there help interpret these?? I do plan for a followup visit to talk. Transglutaminase IgG Abs 1.2 (reference range... less than 6 = negative) Transglutaminase IgA Abs less than 1.2 (reference range..less than 4 = negative) Gliadin IGG AB 23.9 (reference range less than 45) Gliadin IGA AB 28.4 (reference range less than 45)...for both of these tests, the report indicates I am in normal range..asis also the case with the results above. What about EMA...should that have been tested?? Any help or feedback would be apreciated. Thanks!!!
  5. Thanks for your reply..... 2 years ago I had a calcium oxalate kidney stone. On the enterolab site it said this "could" be related to malabsorption of calcium.??? I'm trying to avoid the invasive endoscopy test. Would my GI Dr. be able to do a gene test? The enterolab site seems to say that the stool test is much better than a blood test.....the more I read, the more confused, and anxious, I become. The feedback is greatly appeciated....any response to LICEL postings would helppppp!!!
  6. I'm still confused! After spending considerable time reading these baords it appears that there is "Celiac Disease" and "Wheat Sensitivity or Intolerance". Are they the same. I'm 49 years old, would extensive damage occurred by now? I'm not interesyed in having the invasive endoscopy which one Dr. said is the gold standard. I have read that if biopsies are not taken in the right places the test could be negative when in fact you're positive. I have noticed that some foods cause more symptoms than others (spicy, broccoli, dairy, grainy mustards, nuts, chocolate). I would rate wheat items -- breads, pastas, etc. as being the food items that do NOT bring on symptoms. My bloodwork is in previous postings above and I'm confused as to getting a biopsy, contacting enterolabs, or just dismissing it as IBS as the 2nd Dr. suggested??? The 2nd Dr. said that each lab uses different cutoffs and comparison methods??
  7. I have some blood results regarding the conflicting bloodwork: First Dr. found Transglutaminase 8 and Gliadin 28 A second Dr. found Transglutaminase 1.2 and Gliadin 23 The second Dr. said I was negative for celiac and the 1st Dr. said I was positive. Please offer any help out there. Is it true that different labs use different methods of reference? Any help on these results would be appreciated. Thanks a million!
  8. A few months ago I was told by my internist that I tested positive for celiac. I had the blood test re-done last week in a GI specialty group and found out today that I was negative, "well within the norms". Proir to this I had IBS every now and then. I have diarrhea a few times a month, yet, I have a cramping feeling on my right side -- from beltline to lower pubic area every now and then...it sems to come and go and I know when I'm stressed it seems to occur more frequently. I avoid lactose as mucha as possible but will cheat once in a while and there's a 50/50 chance that I get symtoms. I seem to be gassy and my bowel movemnets sometimes seem flattened a bit when I am experiencing that cramping feeling. I was assessed with spastic colon 20 years ago. What should I do about the conflicting blood results? Is it possible that I am sensitive to certain foods or is this a stress related phenomenon. I had a colonoscopy 2 years ago and everything is fine. I turn 49 next month......I have no weight loss and all the other symptoms. Please help and advise. Thanks!