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  1. 20+ Food Intolerances...help?!

    I know how you feel--I have had multiple foods allergies for about 15 years. I have finally found what I think is the answer--LDA: Low Dose Allergy Immunotherapy. My advice to anybody who has multiple food allergies and/or chemical sensitivies is to learn about LDA and then search for a doctor in your area who practices environmental medicine and employs LDA in your state -- see: http://www.aaemonline.org/find.php (search for doctors by state). The equivalent of this outside of the United States (mainly in UK) is EPD (enzyme potentiated desensitization). Per my doctor "LDA is the closest thing to a cure for allergies." The shots help the body build suppressor T-cells, thereby turning off allergic reactions and all the histimine and other inflammatory chemicals allergies trigger in the body. The only other way to "cure" allergies is avoidance for several months and then reintroduction on a rotated basis (most allergies are not fixed/permanent)--but, if you are allergic to many, many foods/chemicals, LDA is an easier way out because avoidance is difficult for long periods of time. Your ND is wrong. White rice/brown rice--if you are allergic to rice, you are allergic to rice--period. Also, people who are allergic to foods should be rotating their foods so as to keep their tolerance of them by not eating the same foods day after day. You can learn about rotation and also LDA at this website: http://www.food-allergy.org/moreinformation.html Paula
  2. Stefani--I understand your frustration and pain, believe me - food allergies suck so very bad, and I have more food allergies than I have fingers and toes combined. Tonight I had a hive in the back of my head and my back and face itches (I think I've got some hives going there too). I think I am allergic to tea (or maybe it was something else I got into), but anyway it's sucking! It's tough to cope sometimes. I've got a thread on this site called Low Dose Allergen therapy, which is a therapy I am embarking on, if you are interested in reading it. It's one way to treat allergies, other than elimination, when you've got a lot of them. Paula
  3. Chicken Allergy

    I hear you--I'm allergic to a lot of foods and I envy those people too. Paula
  4. Turning off the autoimmune response is exactly the goal of LDA. From what I understand, LDA therapy helps your body make suppressor t-cells to turn off t-helper cells that are misidentifying substances (chemicals, foods, pollens, molds, danders, etc.) as foreign invaders and thereby setting off a chain of events that make the body sick. I will keep posting here as I progress with the shots. Paula
  5. My allergy doctor recently said to me before I switched from standard shots to LDA that the standard shots are more of a way to "control" allergies and that LDA is the "closest thing to a cure" for allergies. I didn't find that the shots (neutralization therapy) worked for my food allergies. Of course, I am a bad example of a neutralization patient because I didn't give it the best chance to succeed b/c I slacked off and waited four years before I had my neutralization doses retested (which was very bad on my part) so since my neutralization doses had changed in those years, I had been taking the wrong doses of antigens for God knows how long, which then didn't "turn off" my allergic reactions (I was supposed to be retested in two years). I heard from another person who does LDA and she said that neutralization shots worked well for her hayfever/pollen/mold allergies, but not so good for her food allergies, of which she was allergic to almost every food, so she switched to LDA and is living a far more comfortable life and in between shots she just forgets about it and has fun. Paula
  6. Yeah, I did the home, inject self weekly treatment too--it's a different treatment from LDA. I'm sorry--please pardon me for guessing about the cause of your allergies--half the time I am unsure of how I got my own! In my case, before I got allergies, I suffered from horrible anxiety for many years, took way too many rounds of antibiotics, drank too much alcohol to quell the anxiety (they didn't have good meds back then) and then eventually obtained candida (from the antibiotics and alcohol) and had a parasite, E. hytolitica (sp?). Plus my mom has some food allergies (which she ignores), so for me it could have been a combo of adrenal fatigue, the candida, and then maybe a little heredity thrown in. I have spent countless hours trying to figure out "how did this happen to me?" I'll probably never really know for sure which particular thing pushed me over the edge, so I am just chocking it up to all of the above. Paula
  7. That's cool that it works for autoimmune diseases-I've read that too--there's a comprehensive list of what conditions doctor's are using LDA for on Dr. Schrader's website (I listed the link in post above). Please keep me posted if you decide to go for it. If you don't have any food allergies, the diet part won't be nearly as difficult for you as it is for me, since food is my biggest problem it requires me to eat a special diet for 3 weeks post shot. Those that don't have food allergies only have to observe, I think, a 3 day diet around the shot (day before, day of and day after). Paula
  8. You could try curezone.com - they have a "MCS" forum there. Paula
  9. Are you sure she was doing actual "LDA" because LDA didn't get going until 2002 and before that there was a similar therapy called EPD (Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization) which was developed 1960. For EPD, a person would get a shot which was of a cocktail of antigens (including foods, molds, chemicals, pollens, dust, etc.) in the tiniest of doses with the enzyme beta-glucuronidase every two months (and then later stretched out to every 3 months, every 6 months, once a year). They were not done at home and they were not done every week as are traditional allergy shots. Possibly she did traditional, weekly shots, where the antigen dose is much higher than in EPD or LDA. From what I understand if your folks have allergies to various things like molds, pollens, cats, etc., its very likely you will have them too. I think with the traditional allergy shots they give you just enough antigen to try to turn off the reaction, so I am doubting that you experienced some kind of materno-fetal allergen transfer from the shots (but I'm not saying that I know for sure that that's not possible--it's just my hunch that that's probably not the case), but that also the gluten intolerance caused some of your food/chemical sensitivies (the chemical in fruit) like I know it did with me and a lot of others that come to this particular forum since it is a contributing factor to leaky gut. Paula
  10. You're right - it won't cure gluten intolerance. It is a treatment for allergies only (food, inhalants, molds, pollens, chemicals, etc.--I think there's 300 or more subtances/foods in the shots if I am recalling correctly). From what I understand, LDA is the closest thing to a cure for allergies that's out there. It helps your body build suppressor T-cells to your allergens so you will quit getting reactions when you eat something/inhale something that would normally cause a reaction. I was worried too and scared that it may make things worse, but I have never heard of it making anybody worse, only better. Also--I have so many allergies that I'm too miserable not to try it; I don't want to live like I have been living the past 15 years for the next 15 years or more (probably less b/c I would probably shoot myself at some point because it's a miserable existence). I will come back here and report on my progress, but it's a process and will take at least 6 shots (from what I am told) to start really feeling better. I will be getting an LDA shot every 2 months for the first 6 shots and my second shot is scheduled for 2/16. It won't be until at least January of 2010 when I hit my 6th shot. But, Nickie Dumke, a seasoned LDA patient said I might start noticing good changes sooner than that. We shall see (and I will come back and report). This therapy might be the answer I (and maybe others) have been searching for. I tried the neutralization drops/shots and didn't get anywhere with it. Anybody wanting to know more about LDA can read about it at this link: http://www.drshrader.com/lda_therapy.htm and then also Nickie Dumke's website: http://www.food-allergy.org/epd.html Paula
  11. I've just started LDA (Low Dose Allergen) Immunotherapy--I had my first shot on 12/22 and am just about done with the 3 weeks of careful post-shot dieting. Besides having gluten intolerance, I have many food allergies and this, I understand, is the closest thing to a cure for allergies. Anybody else doing it, and if so, how are you coming along--what differences are you noticing? Paula
  12. Celiac, Maybe, Desperate

    Hi Robin - I don't know of any docs in your area (I'm not from there) but I do know that you can get the test done through enterolab.com.
  13. Have I Been Glutened?

    Jessica--I see something suspect--in your signature/statement, you say you are allergic to "whole" milk. Cow's milk is cow's milk--it doesn't matter if it is whole milk or 2% milk, nonfat milk, etc. It is the protein in cow's milk that is the allergen, not the fat content, so if you are allergic to cow's milk it will make you sick. So both the 2% milk and the breakfast drink you drank are most likely the reason why you feel ill. Don't be confused by the word "whole" infront of the word milk from your allergy test results. You may want to try some of the other non-cow's milk "milks" for awhile. In addition to this, if you are newly diagnosed for celiac/gluten intolerance your intestines would mostly likely need time to heal before being able to digest the lactose in milk.
  14. This one time at cake camp.... http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com
  15. I followed Nancym's link to the Gluten file (thanks Nancy) and read this article - it touches on pancreatic insufficiency "which often accompanies celiac disease, especially in its early stages of treatment." So, as I said, it is possible your pancreas has some resting to do yet and could probably use some help in the form of digestive enzymes to help ease its load, rest up, and get back to normal. Also, an allergy nurse I know (who also suffers from GI/celiac and has poor pancreatic function so she takes enzymes) said that one thing our pancreas does to help the body get rid of gluten and other foods we are allergic/intolerant to is to put out tons and tons of enzymes to help the body get rid of the antigen or intolerant food. At some point, the pancreas is just tired and cannot keep up with the demands. https://www.enterolab.com/StaticPages/EarlyDiagnosis.htm