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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Chili's

    Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that any item is completely wheat-free due to cross-contamination possibilities in the preparation of our food items. Therefore, the list we have compiled is based on the information obtained from our supplier ingredient statements: ** Fried food items are not prepared in a dedicated fryer and could pick-up wheat proteins from other items. STARTERS: Chips and Salsa** SOUPS: Baked Potato Soup SALADS: Dinner House Salad SALAD DRESSINGS: Caesar Thousand Island Honey-Lime Honey Mustard SIDES: Kettle Black or Mashed Beans Sautéed Mushrooms – Order without Garlic Spread. Mashed Potatoes Steamed Veggies – Order without Garlic Spread. Corn on the Cob – Order without Garlic Spread. BURGERS: Omit French Fries ** Bacon Burger - Order without the Bun. Mushroom Swiss Burger – Order without the Bun and Fajita Onions. Old Timer Burger with or without Cheese – Order without the Bun. Peppercorn Burger – Order without the Bun, Blue Cheese Dressing, and Blossom Strings. Peppercorn spice is OK. Kid Burger – Order without the Bun. GUILTLESS GRILL: request dry-grilled, choose additional side items from above "Sides" list. Guiltless Grill (GG) Salmon with Steamed Veggies – Order without Rice or Garlic Spread on Salmon. STEAKS: request dry-grilled, choose side items from above "Sides" list. Flamed-grilled Ribeye, Classic Sirloin, NY Strip – Order without Garlic Toast, Garlic Spread, and Herb Au Jus Sauce. Honey BBQ Sirloin – Order without Garlic Toast and Garlic Spread on Steak. Honey BBQ Sauce is OK. EXTRAS: Pico de Gallo Salsa Side Corn Tortillas – raw DESSERTS: Chocolate Shake with Sprinkles (prepared in dedicated mixer)
  2. Gluten Free Menu's

    Anyone know where I can find info on Chilis? I have looked and looked. cannot find a thing. HELP!! Thanks!!!
  3. Gained 15 Pounds 2 Months

    I agree, it is the carbs. I do not like the bread, any of it and only one type of pasta. My diet is basically lean protein, fruits, veggies with a few fats like nuts and cheese. The flours used to make our stuff is highly refined, so its all useless carbs, and has high glycemic index that luv is talking about. unlike a 12 grain bread which is full of fiber. Carbs are stored as fat. This why Atkins and Southbeach work... I hear you in feeling deprived. I get angry sometimes but then I think how sick I was and nothing would induce me to go back to that. It also does not help that the brownies come in packages that make a HUGE pan.. there they sit and you just eat them. I have lost my stomach, I was never heavy and am rather angular instead of curvy like I always wanted to be so I cannot say I have gained weight, I have lost the bloat that I thought was just my stomach. I think if you can, try very hard to stay away from all those carbs. I mean you gotta have some and yes we all need treats but you will get more fiber if you eat some veggies. I graze throughout the day. If I go too long without something, I am starving and thats when the pan of brownies starts looking like dinner. If youre starving by the time you eat, its easy to eat 16 oz of red meat.. thats not good either. My husband who is not Celiac gains weight at an alarming rate when he starts eating lots of breads and what not. All in his belly. When he takes them out, poof its gone. Carbs make people heavy. I really think people were not meant to eat a lot of grains or flours. No matter if you are Celiac or not. We were meant to eat lean protein and plants. Even in the ancient times, if people gathered grains, they were NOT refined. They busted them up with rocks and boiled them and ate them. They were only a very small part of the diet too. The meat they ate was lean game. Did you know the Native Americans used to store fat in intestines because in the winter, they would get a disease due to lack of fat in the amimals they killed? Cannot think of what the illness was called.... but anyway, we dont have that problem in the USA these days. Too much of what we eat is full of fat and we eat too many carbs too. Its just that it TASTES SO GOOD! Instead of white or worse, Minute Rice, try brown rice. Put your PB on a stick of celery or an apple. Easy on our pasta and bread. And if you mess up dont be too hard on yourself. Its hard enough to be on a diet let alone this one!!
  4. P.f Changs In Naples, Florida

    The manager of this particular PF Changs emailed me. I told him my story. He apologized and invited us to be his guest if we were ever back in Naples.
  5. P.f Changs In Naples, Florida

    LOL!!! ajlauer!! Sometimes I get so angry I do things like that but on this day.. it was packed with fancy people...I should have though... and with no shoes too. Dang it all. If I am pushed enough, I get a little crazed and then theres trouble. But on this day I was tired and sun dazzled... so I just said to heck with it. But thank you for making me laugh. With my naval piercing and black bikini I am quite sure most of the clientel would have fallen over in their gucci shoes. Oh my what a picture!! I am still getting used to trying to tell people what I need, want and I end up apologizing often. I have to stop that. This was a Tuesday night.. sigh...
  6. P.f Changs In Naples, Florida

    Thank you Nini!! I could not go in because I had been to the beach. I was wearing a bikini and sand and suntan oil. Not the most appropriate attire for a restaurant. Besides I talked to them THREE times and was assured that yes I could pick up the gluten-free take out menu. I had planned the whole day around it. Also I am a bit of introvert and loathe screaming children in restaurants.. so I prefer to do take out. I did my homework, no where on that site does it say, please print this menu as we dont have one for you to see unless you sit at a table. I was assured 3 times that I could do what I planned to do. I had planned dinner poolside, not some place I had to stand in line for 2 hours so I could be seated next to noisy people. If I ran my business like that, my head would be on a pole over the town hall. The customer service at that one sucked. Sorry but it did. I have had more help in the diner in town than this place.
  7. I was so excited when I found this place in Naples, Fl.. However it is nearly impossible to find. After several phone calls in which I got directions then new directions, I also asked if their gluten free menu was available for take out. The place was packed, waiting was nearly 2 hours, and all reservations were filled. So I am presuming the food is great. However we stopped on the way back to our hotel. My husband went in and asked to see take out menu. Nothing on it noted any gluten-free items. Then he called them from the lot and asked if they had a copy of the gluten-free menu. They did, however you could not remove it from the place. But they could fax it to me. I was IN MY CAR, no fax. It was available online Makenzie told me. I AM IN MY CAR driving... sorry we cannot help you. I was so angry I never called back and I will never ever grace their place with my presence. I was tired, starving and sick to death of yogurt and cold shrimp by this time. I probably did not try as hard as I could but I was reassured that I could order take out off the gluten-free menu, however this menu can only be faxed or gotten online. For folks who scream about their gluten-free menu.. they sure dont help you out at all.
  8. Thank you so much. I miss soup! I dont think I have ever seen these brands.. from the midwest but I will track them down.
  9. Can anyone tell me is there any kind of prepared, beef broth that is gluten-free? I know that there are powdered soup bases but I cannot seem to find any info on canned beef broth. thanks to anyone who can help
  10. Good Grief.. Ya know the older I get the more I am convinced that most people are just idiots. I mean really... This does not happen to me often. But then I am sort of um... prickly as my hubby affectionately labels me. I dont try to be, its just me. I too get real tired of explaining it... I mean I know that some people just want to know.. But some just demand why cant you eat this??? ITS GOOD!!! I live in the midwest where most of the people are larger... food is the center of the Universe for these folks.. Again most of them, we have thin people too. But all my "friends" are heavier and they seem to take affront that I wont sit down and eat a plate heaped with this and that. One woman, shes a real you know what.. we dont see eye to eye anyway.. She exclaims loudly NO WONDER SHES SOOOO THIN.. Yeah thats right pick on me because for most of my life I have had a malabsorption disease, my bones my turn to powder in another few years and now I am scared to eat and disgusted with food YOU MORON. Now I have been taking this for quite a while from her. For over 2 years actually, the glares the possesiveness of her boyfriend, I am happily married, and so forth.. she seems to be a bit happy about my not being able to not eat what she brings. She always brings some pasta thing.. My sister told me to Moo at her. I just smiled sweetly and said, Well thats MORE FOR YOU.. Dont want YOU to go hungry. Go ahead have another plateful. Needless to say she slunk off and left me be. Why is it fair for them to pick on me, resent me because I am thin when I dont persecute them because they are not???? Why do some men think only real men drink beer? Sometimes people just force you to defend yourself. I am a pretty stoic person but damn sometimes I just get mad and when people do stuff like tell you you aint man enough to have a beer or resent you because you have a disease which can make you thin.. well thats too much. Tell ya what Doc? Lets buy a big mountain, not allow any gluten stuff on it and if you want to come see us all, you have to pass an IQ and sensitivity (not food either) test as well as the personality test. We will put a large high voltage fence around it and get trained attack dogs. Sometimes that sounds like heaven to me. There is my vent/rant.
  11. Rice Cakes

    WELL CRAP!!!! I just ate a couple of the butter toffee.. nothing no reaction... but if they have barley, out they go. How come it does NOT say barley on it??? It says nothing about it. And it says contains Milk and Soy and may contain peanuts. They can say that but not mention the stupid barley? Gonna start eating carrots and water soon. Thanks for the ideas.. I am not fan of ANY bread I have made. Manna from Anna is the best... but you still cannot just slice it and eat it. I so miss my sandwiches.. But you see I hated even multi grain bread in my gluten in my days.. I liked soft white bread.
  12. Hey Deb, have you tried Aproten pasta? I have tried them all, I mean all. Online, in the store in the city.. at health food stores. Aproten is the best in my opinion. The rest have funky textures that I dislike. Aproten is imported from Italy, its costly, it contains saffron but you can hardly tell its not wheat pasta. I for one keep waiting for my brain to forget wheat pasta. It comes in many different shapes. If you like big fat noodles, try the taggatelli (sp?) its big fat noodles and it works well in hotdishes.
  13. I used to be able to drink like a fish, not anymore. I was prepared for that.. And am fine with it. Maybe it is the lemon flavor.. I was not at a bar so I brought my own.. I loathe most liquors. Gin is one of them.. UGGGG Sorry Tom, my hubby is a gin and tonic man too. It tastes like lighter fluid to me. Yeah the whole party scene is a nightmare. They mean well, at least these friends do but I am always terrified that they used the same butter that had crumbs in it or the spoon the stirred the pasta up with. I spent Thanksgiving with them and altho she assured me, I was very ill. Very ill, felt like someone had beat me with a hammer. No thanks! I was not on any meds either. Thats one thing about being gluten free, no longer must I eat 12 Advil just to walk from the car to the house. The sleep thing makes perfect sense! I hear people say oh if I drink I can sleep anywhere. No way not me! It has always messed my sleep up which is why I dont drink more often. I am dead the next day, hang over or not. I guess I will just stay away from it. Jeesh, no fun in my life but hey I feel better and thats worth any price. Thanks all!
  14. I was a beer drinker, tried to kill the pain, which I was sure was bone cancer. Beer only made it much much worse. Now I drink Barcardi Limon with Sprite or Sierra Mist or 7 Up. The last 2 times I drank, I woke up with a killer migraine. I mean killer, wanting to die. And no I did not drink the whole bottle Last night I had 2 drinks in about 2 hours with snacks. The time before 3 in about 4 hours with dinner. I have found that I am no longer the drinker I once was. I could drink most people under the table before. Now A couple and I am buzzing, which I take to mean I am healing and a positive thing. But now this.. I know migraines are not usually celiac signs, are they? But has anyone else had this happen? I wanted to die last night, really and truly. Does anyone else have a bad reaction to booze? I have given up so much and now it looks like I have to give up my drinks that I have 5-6 times per year??? Ok sorry, that was self pity. But it makes me mad. The first time was out to dinner at a restaruant I previously had no trouble with. spose the second time some silly waiter may have poisoned me accidently. But last night? I ate only what I brought to the party. I have learned the hard way to not listen to even my closest friends when they say Oh that only has this and this in it.. I am sure they used the same knife for the cheese that they used to saw off a hunk of bread or somethin'. I get sick every time I take someone's word for it.
  15. I found it. Yay.. thanks for mentioning it, had no idea we have a magazine.