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  1. yep for sure, a test for celiac is omly one isse of the 200+ issues.i wont rant what i think of doctors and this issue, anyway ask for a anti gliadin IGG and IGA test its a soft tissue issue, which means a lot to everything
  2. Antigliadin IGG and IGA TEST go for one of these tests. a negative celiac test means you maybe non celiac gluten sensitive,and doctors appear to want people to go back and back, i was negative for celiac,yet my igg was 295(15) and iga 110(10) for every celiac there are 20 non celiac gluten sensitive,so if you think celiacs are under daignoised,it is only the tip of the iceberg,also lots of meds have 100% gluten binding them together,so what do doctors realy know of this protein,