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  1. Hi Kritter, YES!! YES!! YES!! What looks like obesity seems to be a side effect of celiac. I retain water like a sponge - eyes and face, hands and ugly dimpled pockets in my legs above my knees. Within a few days of going gluten-free I could see the swelling was going away and could feel firmness to my muscles and my jaw bone came into view! I have not yet been diagnosed with Celiac but am 99.9% certain I have it. I am seeing my Dr. again in a few weeks and will be begging for a scope along with the blood test. I have been gluten-free for about 4 weeks now and am feeling terrific and very happy to have my life back after 30 years of worsening symtoms. I am not looking forward to eating gluten again to get the antibody levels up before I go for the blood test and scope but if it means a diagnosis for myself and my family it will be worth it. Good luck to you and everyone in this forum in feeling good everyday I am new here and am so thankful for it! Quitncurl