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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello All I live in the Killee,FT Hood TX area. We have had many families come here. If anyone has a family or friend in this area who need some gluten-free food plz email me. I have some food stored up and can help them with buying items. We only have a few tiny spots here that sell gluten-free food. its enough to atleast give them a base amount and then we can get them to bigger cities where more gluten-free food is available. thanks christi dobbs cdobbs@clearwire.net
  2. Really Good Pizza : )

    my kids have a fit over the rice crust i bought. it is sooo gross. but we gotta eat it all before we try any new stuff. has anyone tried the pizza crust mix that the gfmall sells? my mom gave me a bag of hers to try. ust curious christi
  3. i agree with deb. over the last year i had been showing celiac disease symptoms but the only person who kinda listened was my gyno but we thought it was hormonal. when my father came ack biopsy confirmed, mysellf and my two chldren were tested. myself and 2yr old came back positive with celiac disease and my 5 yr old came back sensitive. when i first started the diet it was rough on my body. i lost an additional 15lbs and felt like crap but after about 3 months i started feeling way better. my 2yr old didnt have any of the symptoms except for the huge tummy and skinny arms. he is now looking 10 times better. if you go gluten-free and feel better even wih out being confirmed you should stick with it. just the change in myself and kids will make me stay gluten-free. i cheated about 3wks ago. my inlaws always make goulosh soup for the holidays and i just had to have it. well i was sick for a week. cured that problem of cheating real quick. goodluck and i hope some relief comes to you soon christi
  4. Totally Glutened...

    hello everyone, well i also understand the whole family thing. my grandmother made thanksgiving this year and it was 99% gluten-free. my mother and i provided the turkey,bread and cornmeal for the stuffing. my grandmother worked her behind of so that my parents and my family could eat gluten-free. it was the aunts that cause a fuss. my aunt called and was griping about how the dressing was going to taste gross bc it was gluten-free. my grandmother explained that it is the exact same as non gluten-free except we had to provide the gluten-free cornmeal. she couldnt grasp that. she was so mad that she brought her own dressing. that caused an even bigger fuss bc she had to do that. my mother also baked all the pies and to my aunts surprise they were pretty darn good. but all the other non celiac members were upset bc she made it all gluten-free for the 5 of us. when there was 10 of them. but my grandmother stuck to her guns. she even let eneryone know that if the spoons out of each bowl left that bowl sh ewas going to let them have it. i think she has been more supportive of the whole thing bc of how sick my dad has been. she has watched him go in and out of the hospital. shes already lost one child and now has my father with celiac disease and one of my aunts with some deteriorating disease. it turned out to be wonderful. every year our family fights over the chocolate covered cherries my grandmother makes and in the end i nicely stole my aunts 4 cherries she had hidden in the kitchen. revenge is tastefully sweet in this case. i hope you get better and that your family will one day come to understand that gluten is gluten no matter how you look at it. christi
  5. Texas Roadhouse

    here is this list my local roadhouse emailed me. i have eaten there a few times and it was delicious. the first time i spoke with the person who orders all the food and he was very helpful. he even came back to make sure i didnt eat the bread. cdobs Just For Starters Naked Buffalo Wings Cheese Fries - No Chili Tater Skins Salads (No Diet Dressing) Grilled Chicken Salad - No Croutons House Salad - No Croutons Caesar Salad - No Croutons Chicken Caesar Salad - No Croutons Hearty Steaks Ft Worth Ribeye Dallas Fillet Big Hoss Bone-in Ribeye Prime Rib Au ju Sirloin K-Bob Road Kill Filet Medallions Texas T-Bone Country Dinners Homestyle Mashed Potatoes Seasoned Rice House or Caesar Salad - No Croutons Baked or Sweet Potato Fresh Vegetables Green Beans Baked Beans Smothered Chicken - No Cream Gravy Oven Roasted Chicken Southwest Chicken - No Black Bean Sauce Country Vegetable Plate Grilled Pork Chops Seafood Grilled Salmon Kids Meals Sirloin Steak Hot Dog - No Bun Sides Baked Potato Sweet Potato Loaded Baked Potato Steak Fries Green Beans Mashed Potatoes Steamed Vegetables Baked Beans Sassy Saut
  6. yeah, bobs red mill brownie are wonderful. i have tried about 3 or 4 different brownie mixes and my children seem to like bobs the most and so do I. isnt it great to find such good products? cdobbs
  7. i agree. the first time i had it was at a celiac meeting and boy it was good. my favorite is the chocolate cake. it is soooo moist. its kinda costly though. but well worth it. cdobbs
  8. my father was diagnosed biopsy confirmed with celiac disease so i had myself and 2 children tested. myself and 2 yr old came back with celiac disease and my 5 yr old came back with the sensitivity. we also had my brother checked and he was fine. havent had my husband checked yet. dont know if he wants to give up all his favorites outside the home or not. cdobbs
  9. Mcdonalds - Beware

    my family went to a mcdonalds and they tried to do the same thing but i caught them and let them know. i have found in our town that i can teat at the big mcdonalds bc they are careless but th esmall one in walmart knows us and are very good at our orders. if all else fails email the corp office. i had another situation where my son got a bacterial infection and the last place i looked was the mcdonalds. i emailed them and they seem to be very serious about how their workers handle things. of course everyone gets lazy but maybe an email will bring their regional manager by to check them more often cdobbs
  10. thanks. i know the obvious is to see a psychologist but i know my dad isnt depressed. i worry alot bc he works w heavy equipment and machines and he just cant think. we have recently limited him on dairy just in case that could be it, but there has got to be something triggering this in his mind. thank you freyausa, that article was something to look into. bc it is something else that could be it. we have recently check his v-levels, thyroid as well. all were normal. he did come back with the dhea if i am stating it correctly. well he had one test done and they said his levels were off the charts and then they did another test and said oh it normal. how confusing are we supposed to be. i would personaly do a 3rd test to confirm one of the 2 answers. this is just so frustrating. myself and 2 kids were diagnosed with celiac disease and i did this bc of my father being recently diagnosed and it being genetic. i dont want to see my kids go thru what he is. but it is hard no9t finding an answer to this problem. he is always stating he would be ok if he could just think. he is such a smart man and to see him question his answer to things is hard. he has never done this no matter if he was right or wrong. i dont know and thats what is hard. our family feels like if we cant find an answer for him soon hell go insane. if we could judt find a dr that will actualy listen instead of telling us take 2 asprin and call me in the morning. please keep him in your prayers. that is more help than any medicine or dr in the world. thanks christi
  11. my family went thru enterolab. myself and my 2 yr old came back with the malabsortion w/ rates that were pretty high. my five yr old came back with gluten sensitivity but he still absorbed ok. my brither also had the test and he came back negative. my mother was also tested and had a low level of sensitivity but she had already been on the gluten-free diet bc of my father being celiac disease biopsy found. if all of us would have come back pos. i probably would have questioned it more. but i knew that it was especially true for myself and my 2 yr old. i had been having gut problems for the last yr and my 2yr old has always had a massive stomach and skinny arms. so, it kinda just calrified what we had. i didnt even know about this disease until my father was diagnosed and once i found out it was genetic i wanted my family to be tested bc hes been gluten-free for a yr now and still no improvement. i also didnt want my kids to go thru a biopsy. i did question the findings for awhile but just had to except the fact that we do feel better and my 2yr olds stomach isnt this hard basketball anymore. it a slow air leaking one now. ha. goodluck cdobbs
  12. i have heard by numerous people that swansons was not gluten-free. i recvd a letter form campbells that states certain swansons are gluten-free. i have not bought it bc of the high amount of people that say they are not gluten-free. whats the deal with it, so confusing christi
  13. i work for a foodstamp office out of texas. i have asked about it myself and there is no more help as far as foodstamps bc it is all based on income. i have heard there are other state programs available to help out with special dietary needs. i have yet to find it but i have heard. i see alot of people come into the office on special dietary needs who are getting just a few dollars in fs but we cant increase them bc of imcome levels. try calling your state office or congress person to see if you cant find anymore help in that area. i dont know about where you are but there are plenty of local community groups that are more than willing to help out. i would persue the ss part of it as well. the way i have seen it from other people it seems that you will get denied and have to appeal the decision about 3 times to get ssi. thats just from an outside perspective. stay on them and i would definitly call your state office. if there is o program maybe if you bug your congress person enough then they might be able to start a new program. there are plenty of options available to people but its just digging to find them. goodluck i hope everything works out for you and your family. christi
  14. I dont have any problems with yall are going thru but as far as the flour in the air, almost all of the grains we are not alowed to have are winter harvests. so farmers are problably starting to harvest or the grains are almost ready. my family lives on a farm and all around them the farmers are growing wheat and all kinds of other grains. everytime i go down to visit i get upset stomach and the works. i know its not the food bc both my parents have celiac disease as well. just a thought christi