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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Who Survived Thanksgiving?

    This was my first year staying home and cooking. It was a success! Roasted turkey breast mashed potatoes roasted sweet potatoes green beans corn stuffing cranberry sauce corn bread dinner rolls pumpkin pie chocolate cream pie There was gravy, but it was not gluten free. I dont eat it anyway. Everything else was gluten free and for once I didn't have to stress about what I was eating for a holiday meal!
  2. How Hard Is It?

    I am the celiac in a house of 5. I do all the cooking and 99% of it is gluten free. It can be done, and easily. I too just did an entire gluten free Thanksgiving. The only thing that wasn't gluten-free was the gravy. I dont eat it anyway, so I bought premade for the gravy eaters I love to cook, so in the beginning (its been a few years) I just researched and researched. There is so much information and recipes out there. I use Pamela's baking mix. I just tried Better Batter for rolls I made for Thanksgiving. They were awesome! You will get the hang of it and it will become easy for you. I remember the first few months after my diagnosis. It sucked and I was so frustrated. I promise it gets easier!
  3. Stomach/intestinal Pain....where Is Yours ?

    My pain has always been in the upper ab area. Sometimes over to the right side. I never had low intestional pain. I haven't been glutened in awhile, a good year I think....knock on wood!!!! I cant say whether there is a differece between straight glutening or cross contamination. I would think it would be the same. You are still getting glutened with cross contamination. Hope you feel better soon!
  4. Making Baked Pasta Tonight

    Yes, I have made baked pasta dishes, (baked ziti) without precooking the noodles. It came out great. I feel it came out better because cooking the gluten-free noodles makes them very mushy. Just make sure you use enough sauce because the noodles will absorb the sauce as they are cooking.
  5. apparantly I'm a spaz with the reply button. I must click the wrong one and I end up with different quotes. Sorry!!
  6. I had my own baker at that time, but I used her bar pan for the nachos. I did not get sick. But I also wasn't eating off the bottom of the pan. That baker is such a HUGE seller. But you have to demo the chicken. It makes everybody ohhh and ahhh. LOL! When my cousin did her party she didn't do the chicken and no one bought the baker. There are many recipes that dont have the cresent rolls. They give you a list of recipes to choose from. There was another dish that my friend did, which used the baker as well. It was a pasta dish made in the microwave in the baker. YOu actually dump uncooked pasta in. It was really good and I've made it before with gluten-free pasta. There are many many options. Good luck!
  7. Yes!!! I have hosted a gluten free pampered chef party. I did one this past July. I chose "chicken jerk nachos" and we did a whole chicken in the deep covered baker. I would highy suggest doing a chicken in the baker along with another dish. This was such a huge hit because you can cook a whole chicken in the microwave in about 30 minutes or so. A large percentage of guests at my party bought that piece and its $70 a pop. The last time I looked the only seasonings that they have that are gluten-free are the chipotle and the jerk seasoning. There are alot of other recipes that can be adapted. My cousin has a party after me and for her party they made a pasta salad (just sub gluten-free noodles) I couldn't eat the salad because they served it in a bread bowl, but that recipe could have been totally made gluten-free. It can definately be done. I love, love, love pampered chef. Just work with your pampered chef person. Mine was great with me, but she also had a little bit of knowledge of gluten. She had a family member with celiac, so that helped. Go for it and good luck. I know you mentioned the stoneware, and I have to say, they are my absolute favorite pieces. I do not allow ANY gluten to touch them. All of the gluten eaters in my house have to use the crappy old stuff that I have. LOL As a matter of fact I made a gluten free mac and cheese in one of the stoneware pans tonight! I think Feb is a good month to host a party as I think the special for that month is the stoneware.
  8. Gluten Free Restaurant Chains

    Outback Steakhouse and Olive Garden both have gluten free menus. I've only eaten at Outback since being gluten free. I have mixed reviews. I seem to do ok with the victoria's fillet and a baked potatoe. Not good luck with Alice springs Chicken. NOt sure why... I'm sure that there are more resturants out there. Pf Changs has a gluten-free menu, but there is not one near me.
  9. Delayed Reaction?

    What is the longest time span between a possible glutening and reaction have you had? I'm trying to figure out if this is my stomach issue that I've been having for the last few days. I cant for the life of me come up with anything that could have been contaminated unless I go back to Dec. 31st. My stomach started bothering me on the 7th. I'm still not sure what a full blown reaction is for myself yet. My symptoms when diagnosed were not the "classic" ones. I had pain in my upper quadrant kind of under my rib cage. I'm having a little bit of that now, and a constant gurgling. But up high. So I'm hopefully going with a delayed reaction to something...I tend to be a worry wart, so my mind is always going to a worse case scenerio. Stomach, pancreas, etc... So is this long of a delay a possibility? TMI, I have the slowest moving bowels in the world if that helps.... Thanks!
  10. Unfortunately no, I dont think that being gluten free helps with my constipation. Nor does it help my in the weight loss department. I'm exactly as I was before my diagnosis, only 20 pounds heavier. I really have about 50 pounds to lose. I pretty much have to take miralax on a daily basis to have any sort of normal movement. I drink a lot of water too. Who knows???? Apparantly I'm just messed up!!
  11. Gain Weight Or Lose On Gluten Free?

    I gained weight. About 20 lbs. I was about 30 lbs overweight when I was diagnosed, and then it just continuted to go up. I've been stable for a few months now, so I'm hoping its going to start to go in the downward direction
  12. New And Overwhelmed

    It is very overwhelming at first, but it does get a lot easier as time goes on. You just need to learn to read every label. You will become an expert! I stuck with meat, veggies and rice for the first few weeks. There is so much information out there. So many web sites with great recipes, blogs, and there are a lot of good cookbooks. As far as bread goes, the best one that I have found so far is Pamela Amazing Wheat Free Bread Mix. I make it myself in my (new, non glutened) bread machine. Most of the premade loaves taste like a piece of cardboard. And its way too expensive for a few slices of ick. Its become second nature to me now. General Mills has made more of their cereals gluten free. This was the best thing ever for me. I truly missed a good bowl of cereal. I went a little crazy with it at first. I was eating cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner, but I think I've gotten it out of my system for now. LOL Take a deep breath, it will all be ok!
  13. I wouldn't worry about it. If you know that you've gotten sick before when you've been glutened, I would bet to say if there were crumbs on the butter you would have gotten sick. I generally go with the thought of if I feel ok, than I didn't ingest anything I wasn't supposed to.
  14. I get pain up under my rip cage. Its interesting to see other people that have pain up that high too. Most people I know with celiac have lower abdominal pain and D. I never ever get D. I'm chronically constipated. My stomach also feels like its eating itself. Thats the only way I can describe it. It grumbles and makes these horrible noises. Its not a real pleasant feeling... I also get very fatigued and extremely crabby.