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  1. Well, i already started the cycle yesterday. And I've had to goto the bathroom with D like 4 times today. So it's clearing something out. haha. But yeah, i think I'm gonna go on some probiotics when this cycle is done. Xifaxan is way too expensive to let this come back with out looking out for it this time. Hope it all works. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Well, One year and 3 months later after my Xifaxan antibiotic treatment did work and get rid of the SIBO. It seems my exact symptoms have returned. I started another cycle of Xifaxan, which by the way, is the most outrageously priced medicine in the world. ( i no longer have insurance.) Anyway, they wanted me to do a 1200mg a day cycle, but since i can not afford it, I am doing a 600mg a day cycle. which is what i think worked last time. Also, this time, i shall take all your advice, and try to regularly take probiotics after i finish this cycle of antibiotics. Anyone have any other advice? -Tim
  3. wait. how old are you? Xanax is an anti-anxiety. It is very effective, but also addictive. And for me, it works wonders on calming me down during gluten times. Or any stomach/intestinal related issues.
  4. Hey man- To Inspire some hope, it sounds to me like you are for sure still being glutened. Which is not uncommon in the first few years of getting used to Celiac. I have had it for 8 years, and still occasionally find myself being glutened, probably once a year at least. Anyway, when I first had it, I remember it taking months for me to feel better anyway, even being on a gluten free diet. Some bodies take longer to heal, especially depending on how damaged you intestines were. Mine were pretty bad. I was sick for like 8 months eating gluten everyday before they "discovered" celiac, and then it took me at least 3 months to start feeling better. Hang in there. And in the meantime, if you are worrying a lot or feel like you are over worrying, get yourself some xanax to relax. I do. But be careful with that as well, because oddly enough, even some of those companys that make xanax contain gluten. Wal-mart brand is gluten free. While on topic - Check all your medications as well. Hope you feel better. -Tim
  5. Hey all! I've had Celiac for 8 years now, and have mostly felt pretty great on a gluten-free diet. I consider myself a veteran of our mutation as i like to call it, at 27 years old. But my last post here was about a year and half ago, when i was very sick for a few months only to get a breath test that revealed bacterial overgrowth in my small intestines. Then I went on Xifaxin for a cycle of those antibiotics and it cleared it right up. ( i think that's what it's called, possible misspelling?) Anyway, recently in the last three to 4 weeks, similar gassy/bloating/sleeplessness symptoms have come back, and so i am about to go on another cycle of these antibiotics. I have one of the best celiac doctors in the country (Dr. Wilfred Weinstein at UCLA) so i'm pretty confident in his skill. I'm just wondering if any others have had similar incidents? Also, i understand this xifaxin is used commonly in IBS and traveler's diarhea to put it into remission. I wouldn't be surprised if somehow celiac, or just the temperment of my digestive system made my bacteria all funky while traveling lots (which i have been for the last 3 months, but only in the states, and i did acidentally swallow a small amount of river water while in texas and drunk! but oops!) And I do know that the bacteria overgrowth problem in people that have it, tends to return on occasion. Any one have similarities? Or similar stories/experiences? OR SIMPLY ADVISE would be loved also!!!! thanks everyone! -Timothy.
  6. Just diagnosed with this small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, going on antibiotics. was wondering if any other celiacs have this condition as well? and any helpful info to take in addition to my doctors opinion... TIM
  7. UPDATE::::: my doctor just called to inform me my breath test shows SIBO...(small bowel bacterial overgrowth) i think that might be why it seems gluten symtoms have returned, while still being gluten free... i will start a new topic. SIBO. TiM
  8. yea i read that the jaw bone death doesnt happen very often and only in cases of taking the drug for like 10 years...i don't plan on taking it that long, more like only 1 year or so, just to jumpstart the bones...
  9. heres some questions...has anyone ever had any luck with antibiotics getting rid of bad bacterias/candida/SIBO build up? here's a gross question....when i poo, bubbles come bubbling up out of it in the toilet. like excess gas that i didn't get a chance to pass is releasing itself in the water. Anyone have any insight on this disgusting symptom? that's my reason for asking about antibiotics. might be connected? or obviously, it still could be the other things im still waiting to check for like gastroparesis, ect. ect. i don't think it's refractory, just based on having good days, and feel like im digesting normal. and i still know for sure im gluten free... this is just so crazy...im going through the same frusteration for months upon months, that i went through 6 years ago when first diagnosed. Almost had every medical test run on me, ever invented. 2 MRI's next week for other symptoms!! more blood work than i prolly even have in my body. what the F? Tim
  10. La Celiac Specialist?

    hey hippiegirl, i know its november, and maybe you've found a doc, but i am in LA, and also a celiac, so i thought i'd give you my reccomendation. I see Dr. Wilfred Weinstein at UCLA. who is quite amazing. but also really, really hard to get into see for an appointment. (but thats cuz he's so busy, and good docs are busy docs) you'll end up waiting a month or 2 for an appointment, most likely. but also, if you call his office, they will recommend another doc that studied under Dr. Weinstein who also has clinical interest in Celiac. I hope this helps. I have been celiac/gluten free for 6 years, and recently started experiencing problems again this whole past year. Blood tests showed no GLUTEN, so im good on my diet. trying to figure out what has changed! its so frusterating. Tim
  11. yea, i am still on here Jamie. and still trying to figure it out. Gastroparesis, is on my list of possibilities still, don't worry, I have brought it up to my doctor. He is a really good UCLA doc, and I'm trying not to harp on him to hard, and let him do his thing. he has a great reputation...it is really really hard though to just wait it out when i feel like crap pretty much every other day. If i go 2 days in a row feeling great, it is amazing, and i start to think that im cured, than BAM....right back on my ass, fatigued, anxious, nervous, tired, not HUNGRY (but starving)... Oesteopenia sucks. I am trying to decide still weather to take the Actenol (like Boniva) or just try and combat it with the bone density builder i have started taking. i think even though my blood tests showed no malnurishment, or malabsorption, that this could be the problem. especially now with the osteopenia. and the constant light color of my bowel movements...both signs of malabsorbtion. and of course, the anxiety, and nuero symptoms. some days i feel like im on the right track, some days i feel like im losing hope. and with my insurance, i am losing hope. I also have a neck problem, and its very painful. waiting for an MRI approval from the insurance company. they are the devil. So many medical problems crashing down on me all at once...alot to deal with for a 26 year old who still feels like i should be 20. Glad Obama won. Hopefully, all of us will have easier times in the future dealing with all of this because of him, and his plans for health care.... There is Hope for us in the future.. and our rare diseases.
  12. still a mix of good weeks and bad weeks...the nuero symptoms are crazy sometimes!!!xanax helps a lot though...i cant tell if i am depressed, or if it all from something related to celiac. i still need to re-evaluate everything i guess. also today i found out i have Osteopenia.... (results from a DXA scan) i am only 26 years old. time to find a new job...my days of hard labor in the film industry seem to be over.
  13. well, im 99 percent sure im not being glutened, and that something else is going on. ive been tested and no gluten is showing up, which should mean im clean. anyway... how would body wash gluten me anyway? or even my girlfriends products? i think this is not the case, i am very goo at this by now, been doing it for 7 years now. im by no means new to celiac disease. and i went on zoloft after the fact, but im not on it anymore, ive been switched to lexapro. the biggest problems are still the constant excessive excessive gas, and the excessive, long loud constant belching and strange bowel movements i am looking for something other than celiac disease, in fact, all that diagnosis has done for me, is let doctors write me off like im not obeying my diet. I assure you all...I AM.
  14. jaime- i did have a small bowel endoscopy done. (the pill camera). would'nt that have helped determine if i had gastroparesis? or no? it said the test helps determine gastric emptying times and such. in other news my blood tests were fine. all vitamin levels good,no thyroid, sugar levels good. cholesterol good. only thing a little low was my vitamin D. endo and colonoscopy showed only minor irritation so i have to wait till oct. 27th to see my doctor again, unless someone cancels. but i will bring up gastroparesis. i wonder also if my stiff neck and back could be effecting my digestive nerves? my joints pop and muscles and bones are weak and stiff. i made an appointment with a nuerosurgeon. i also plan to see a cardiologist to check up on my heart. i am getting desperate yet again...for some sort of legitimate answers. and i am trying in the meantime to focus on the fact that i seem to be having some good days here and there. -Tim