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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. By just telling someone I meet about my diet needs and avoidances they seem to freak out and walk out the door! Lol. Does anybody have the same experience?
  2. I've been diagnosed with Celiac disease however I had never experienced a severe rash like this before. Both of my elbows have these itching bumps and they're spreading; I remember I was recently at a family party, someone offered me some alcoholic drinks and I clearly explained which drinks I am allow to drink however I was getting a little bit drunk and stopped minding the drinks being given to me. I think they gave me Vodka, Tequila and Rum. I was feeling gasy for a few days after the party but now I'm ok. Just an advice, besides getting a designated driver get also a designated drink advisor to speak on your behalf in "out-of-contro"l times.
  3. I know it can't be related to cinammon because I've had some desserts containing it and I didn't experience any problem. Today I still feel bad and my feces are a mess again. I really take care of the food I'm eating so I know it is not a cross contamination on my side.
  4. "People stand to lose everythig over mere suggestions" What are you talking about? Do you think they will punish people for suggesting that there's a possiblity of cross contamination? I mean, Do you think they will say "Well man, we were trying to help but you spoiled everything with your complaints"? Come on, they are a company who will try to SATISFY their customers' concerns. I think it'd be pretty inmature if they dealt with a complaint in that way, well I guess if I had a company I wouldn't act like that. Besides, not suggesting that something MIGHT be wrong is like being part of the problem and not part of the solution.
  5. Look there is a possibility that they """""MIGHT""""" be having a cross contamination. No one wants to sue them, no one wants accuse them falsely, it's just a SUGGESTION. That's right it's my right not to eat them therefore I won't eat them. I wish there could be more companies making gluten free products like Chex, I'm just stating what I felt after eating them for a week. I'm not picking on on Chex company as well. I can say that after eating Betty Crocker products I didn't feel a thing but others might disagree and it's their right to express it; we all have different degrees of tolerance to different products and we all have different symptoms. It's good to have a database regarding these issues so people that have the same symptoms feel they are not alone, that's the purpuse of this forum, please, understand I am not picking on any company.
  6. I have had peanuts before but I never experienced any problems; I also checked the ingredients on the side of the Chex box and I didn't find anything that I could also be sensitive to. I suggest they might be having problems with their machines using them for gluten free and non gluten free products, I know I'm not alone feeling bad after eating this cereal.
  7. Could it be possible a product isn't gluten free after announcing it as such? It's not the milk I'm sure of that.
  8. I have had Betty Crockeer cakes and I had no problems, however, Chex gluten free products are causing me abdominal cramps and my feces are really bad, I just wonder whether chex is really gluten free. I drink regular milk now, I had issues before like gas, diarrhea, bloating but after being gluten free all those issues are gone so I don't think, in my case, it is related to milk proteins, I think Chex should check on its product processing.
  9. I don't know but I have also a "gut feeling" (ironic) that one person can have celiac and tropical sprue or whipple disease at the same time, though the chances would be pretty slim, it would be worth that every and each of these disease be ruled out by the GI doctor to be completley sure, also, pancreatic deficiency can cause the same malabsortion symtoms but I have read that one has to have a trypsin digestive and a secretin blood workup. Carbohydrite malabsortion can cause GI symptoms as well. Good luck to those having problems with the correct diagnosis.
  10. The other day I was reading an article regarding these three diseases that can be confused especially celiac and tropical sprue, all of them cause malabsortion and therefore similar symptoms, this is what I understood: Celiac sprue (disease): Positive antigladin, endomysial and transglutaminase antibodies, biopsy shows villi blunting, histology (villi) and symptoms improve with a gluten free diet. Tropical sprue: Negative antigladin, endomysial and transglutaminase antibodies, biospy shows villi blunting, histology (villi) and symptoms don't improve with a gluten free diet. The disease is though to be cause by an infectious agent wich can be treated with some antibiotics for 6 months. Maybe this could be the reason why some people have villi blunting, negative antibodies and their symptoms don't improve with the gluten free diet, in fact, they can be cured with a antibiotics. Whipple disease: Malbasortion syndrome caused by Tropheryma Whippleii wich obstucts lymphatics in the intestine which in turn cause malabsortion. I understand it doesn't present with villi blunting. It can be treated with antibiotics and can be cured. It doesn't improve with a gluten free diet. I hope it helps.
  11. I had the same problem but in my big toes; I used to pinch them with a needle deeply and I wouldn't feel pain, I was scared; but I started taking vitmins and a few weeks after, I tried to pinch them again and I just jumped out of the chair from pain
  12. Thanks ravewoodglass and Optimisticmom42, I felt much better after the walk, tomorrow I will send more job applications; going for a walk works for me. I won't mention celiac in my application but if I'm asked about any history of illness, what should I answer? Thanks in advanced.
  13. Today it's cloudy and I'm jobless; though I've been looking for a job everywhere, I have left hundreds of application and I just can't find a job. I have too much spare time to think about a lot of things back in my life and it's to heavy; maybe there are other things I have to fix rather than just my disease. I just don't know wether putting in my application about celiac disease is hurting me, I mean this time everything goes for the fittest, maybe I'm too paranoid or thinking too much. I'm going to take a walk. Anyone feeling sad from time to time? What do you do to fix it?
  14. Hi, I'm posting this since I know many candies have gluten out there. There is a candy made of milk and sweet in Mexico who was made in the Mexican convents or nun's monasteries. This is a very sweet and delicious candy made of milk chunks, cinammon and sugar. Actually I'm having it right now, mmmmmm, it's too sweet so you have to eat just a small portion. You can find it in any traemark. See you
  15. My constant hunger has gone away, it took 4 months being COMPLETETLY gluten free. At first I thought I was having having another symptom but then I read it was quite normal since I was starting to absorb nutrents again. I am taking centrum pills. I used to be hungry an hour after having the big daily meals but that has gone away, in fact, I have less amount of food with every meal during the day; my family is impressed since I used to refill my plate everytime I ate.