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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello From England!

    Hi Im from england to Bedfordshire, very new to this been gluten free for 1 week, have had a positive blood test, and awaiting biopsy result. Can you tell me more about that place in Botley as my son lives that way and could do with a plce to go for meals( dont trust his girlfriends cooking at the best of times but especially not now) poppins
  2. I have had positive blood results and biopsy done 1 week ago, not getting results for a month. But have decided to go gluten free anyway, suffering awful withdrawal symptoms. However my real worry is we have a holidy of a lifetime booked to Canada and leave on 27th. I have looked at some of the threads on eating out and cant believe how difficult it is going to be. never would have believed that veggies would be cooked in pasta water, is that common practice? I feel sorry for my husband who was so looking forward to eating out, and now it looks like if we do venture into a resturant im going to have to be a real pain. What do I ask? I have emailed ahead to the guest houses and met with a sympathetic response. but it is the rest of the time. im feeling so rough with the withdrawal that i feel inclined to say go hang and eat gluten whilst away. any tips would be welcome poppins
  3. IF its any comfort, i am going through exactly the same, iam now on day 6 of gluten free and can say it has been the worst week ever, really disappointing as i stupidly thought i would feel better straight away. I also had a really severe headache for 2 days, nothing would touch it so i just threw loads of water down me in the hope that it would help. my husband has been the brunt of some pretty foul outbursts. bit like pmt but worse. Some of the moodiness and feeling low im sure is due to in part a grieving process, for an old way of life, losses in freedom, to choose what and wherever we can eat, and if we'd felt better straight away then it would feel so pointless. i really would like some idea how long this will last. im of to canada on holiday next week and would really love to feel better by then love poppins
  4. Hi Just thought i would add a comment to this thread. i went gluten-free from monday this week following positive blood test and awaiting biopsy result, but have found these past 4 days almost impossible to cope with, stomach pains and bloating just as bad, with a headache lasting days, seems to be easing now a little. im sure this must be some kind ofdetox reaction, ive tried today to really increase fluid intake to flush out toxins. sincerely hope it gets no worse. Poppins