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  1. Hi jb1119, I'm new here too and working on getting to the bottom of (mild) symptoms. But I'm curious to know more about your upper left abdominal pain. I have something like that, too. It first started when I was in my early 20's. I went to the doctor, who looked at me funny and eventually diagnosed me with IBS and gave me a prescription (which I didn't take). Long and short - I was told it was musculoskeletal. (Sore muscles or a pulled something or somesuch, I assumed) So lately I've been wondering if it isn't something to do with my tummy troubles. Anyway, what does yours feel like?? And where is it? Anyone else have this symptom? Thanks - hope you're soon feeling better.
  2. I totally understand what you're saying - I'm sure that mentioning that idea sounded kind of dumb! I've never had a migraine but I'd hate to start now. . . . What would you say about my gluten free trial? Does it suggest anything to you?
  3. Thank you Nora for the information about adrenal weakness. I've been doing a little research and I see what you mean about some traditional drs not taking it seriously. And yet . . . still the symptoms exist. Mine do seem to match up. I've made an appointment with my GP to go over these issues. I told them I want to get the RAST food allergy testing, which a friend with a gluten intolerant toddler told me about. Also, that I want talk about testing my adrenal function. We'll see what he says about that. . . I also want them to check me for anemia and for B12 absorption I guess it is. I did try to do a very short gluten challenge. I did 3 days very strictly (of course with a couple of learning curves) and on the 4th day my husband made pasta for dinner while I was up at church. So I tried it - and low and behold, there were my tummy symptoms again! While I was "off" gluten, I didn't have any aching hips and knees at night either. It was a distinct difference. Also noticed I was much less sleepy (though that may have to do with carb reduction also) My thought is that I probably have intolerance or a food allergy or some such. After my dr. appt I plan to go gluten free for a basic lifestyle. Would like to "cheat" at holidays and such - anyone with my situation (ie: not celiac) do that? Any thoughts?? Obviously, I'll discuss these things with the pediatrician too, to get appropriate tests for the littles. Alright thanks again - really appreciate all the feedback and would love to hear anyone's thoughts about my gluten challenge.
  4. Thanks Susan for this information. I actually do have low blood pressure,but it's always been low. And I have fainted occasionally. And I love salt, though I suppose gradually I've been adding more and more. Of course, a lot of these symptoms could be coincidental. I definitely have vitiligo, not darkening. Also, I have definitely not been losing weight. I suppose it's worth questioning at my next checkup. But here's a question - Susan, or others familiar, might have the answer. I had my son last summer, so at the beginning of the prenatal care I had all those blood tests. Although all my symptoms have become more noticeable in the last year since he was born, they all were present before I was pregnant. So wouldn't the adrenal problem, if there is one, have been picked up before? Hmmmm, unless it doesn't always show up in the bloodwork. Well, I am trying to avoid gluten as much as possible, have yet to be able to tell a difference. But time will tell. Thanks again.
  5. Good morning and thanks to those of you trying to help me figure this out. I've been away, just having a chance to look through some of these answers. In terms of the onset of more noticeable symptoms, my low thyroid was diagnosed before i had children, but the rest of the symptoms have all increased or changed since the birth of the 2nd. (They're 2 1/2 years and 13 1/2 months) I'm almost 40. I'll put the reference range for my test below. I am planning on trying the diet. I would like to just avoid everything that is questionable for however long it's recommended, then add it back to see what happens. Is that correct? And where would I find a good list of all the ingredients to look for so I can make sure to avoid them? And then how long before I add it back to test how I feel? I tried to find something like this on the site but there's so much info here. Here's the testing info. IGA, Serum 228 mg/dL (81-463) Gliadin AB (IGA) 3 U/mL (<11) Reference Range < 11 Negative 11 - 17 equivocal >17 positive Tissue Transglutaminase AB IGA <3 U/mL (<5) Reference Range <5 negative 5 - 8 equivocal >8 positive This test was done at a quest diagnostic lab. I mean, it does all seem to say it's a negative result. Anyway once again I just say thanks to the experts.
  6. Hello again. First, let me apologize if I am not following proper forum etiquette! I had included my test results on my original post, hoping for some interpretation. But I didn't get any feedback, so I thought I'd just try once more. The results seem to indicate that I don't have celiac. And as I mentioned before, I almost feel guilty asking questions because my symptoms aren't so bad! But, I am always worried that there is some kind of connection between my autoimmune type symptoms. Therefore, when my doctor tested me for celiac, I looked into it and thought, wow, something that would explain everything. If it came back positive and I stopped eating foods with gluten, I might feel better. (And of course, I can always try the gluten free diet to see what happens, which I may do.) I hate, though, sounding like a hypochondriac. In reading through this board, I realize that there are a lot of folks out there with much more difficult to deal with symptoms. Just to quickly list mine, in case someone out there would like to help me connect the dots, here goes: low thyroid vitiligo (all over body, I am very pale skinned but with a tiny bit of sun this summer it's much much more noticeable.) cataracts muscle aches, joint aches occasional weakness (I've attributed this to the fact that I lift 2 toddlers all day) fatigue (I've attributed this to the fact that my 13 1/2 mo. old just started sleeping through the night about a week ago) mouth sores chipping teeth nausea occasional d., accompanied by cramping occasional c. So overall I've just been joking I'm prematurely aging. If anyone has any ideas, would love to hear them. As I said, I am overall very healthy. My blood work is below. IGA, Serum 228 mg/dL Gliadin AB (IGA) 3 U/mL Tissue Transglutaminase AB IGA <3 U/mL And thanks once again for humoring me.
  7. Well, I have gotten a copy of my test results and this is what it says: IGA, Serum 228 mg/dL Gliadin AB (IGA) 3 U/mL Tissue Transglutaminase AB IGA <3 U/mL Have I gotten the tests I need to consider myself negative? Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks for any and all replies, and for the welcome! I have just called and asked for a copy of my blood test results. The test requested was called Celiac Disease Comprehensive. I have no idea, though, what to look for when I'm reading over them! Any info would be appreciated. I did read an article on this site about the genetic testing (DQ 2 and 8, etc., I'm completely befuddled) but I'm assuming that is not what I was tested for. We'll have to see what to do next . . . .
  9. Well, I have been visiting this site recently because my doctor recently had me get a celiac disease blood test, which came back negative. The long and short of it - I'd had a colonoscopy in my early 30s, because of some pain that couldn't be figured out. No polyps or other issues at that time, the pain was probably skeletal/muscular (which I believe was probably true) and I might have IBS. Due to a slight family history of colon cancer the doctor suggested I have a colonoscopy every 5 years. I just went for that with a new dr. Again, no polyps or problems. I don't actually have a lot of digestive symptoms, just a little bit crampy, etc. from time to time. I told him my other "odd" health things and he suggested I get this test. The other things are : vitiligo which this year is much more noticeable and seems to be "spreading" quickly; low thyroid (diagnosed 5 years ago and supposedly under control with meds) ; and I recently found out I have cataracts in both eyes. I've been having problems with joint pain in my knees and hips for a long time and in the past year it's gotten much worse. My regular dr. didn't make much of this . . . Also, while I was expecting my second child, I had little sores at the corners of my mouth for almost the whole time, which seemed to clear up somewhat with topical and oral vitamin B. Also, my father has T-cell lymphoma and chronic myelogenous lymphoma. It was his sister who passed away (when I was a baby) at 39 of colon cancer. Apparently she was diagnosed and died several months later. No mention of celiac disease has ever come up within our family history. I would love to believe that my results are true, and I don't have to change my diet or worry for my kids. But . . . I do wish my vitiligo would stop and my achiness would stop. Overall I'm very healthy and don't have much to complain about. My "symptoms" are pretty vague and easy to live with. If anyone has time to weigh in on this, I'd appreciate feedback from those in the know. Thanks in advance.