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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just wanted to pop in and add my 2 cents I too have gotten very sick from Aldi's gluten-free foods. I am super sad because most of it was pretty tasty and affordable. I could not for the life of me figure out what was making me so sick, but once I sat down and wrote out what I had eaten, the only new things were the Aldi's foods. I had the gluten-free chicken noodle soup one day, then a few days later the gluten-free mac-n-cheese. Anyway, I was curious if it was just me, but I guess not. If you can tolerate these products, more power to ya! They are pretty good and fairly inexpensive, so worth a try.
  2. Thanks Peter. I have been sick for 4 days now, I will have to turn this customer over to someone else. I wore a bandana but that only helped marginally..... ugh. I learn something new every day!
  3. Thank you both! I will wear a mask for future visits
  4. I am a pet sitter and I have a new cat customer who uses wheat cat litter. I am very diligent about washing my hands but somehow I ended up getting glutened.... I was actually woken up at 6am today with cramps and never-ending bathroom trips. I am not an uber sensitive celiac so this is really confusing me, is it possible the litter somehow caused my issues? The only other thing I did differently yesterday was eat a popsicle brand popsicle, those seem to be gluten-free though. I did a quick search of the forum and I see that it's recommended to NOT use the wheat litter but I was wondering if anyone else has had a reaction to it?? I will be wearing gloves for future pet sits at this particular house!!
  5. Thanks I actually re-read the label and it does say gluten-free. Duh. But you make a good point and I'll just call the mfr next time.
  6. WHAT??? NO! That explains my digestive reaction. Jeez. What about the Kirkland fish oil capsules? Has anyone had a problem with them? I asked at my local Costco but they could not tell me if they are gluten-free....
  7. I have tried New Planet, Bards, Redbridge and Green's over in the UK. I like Bards the best but I have recently switched to hard ciders.... MMMMM! There are a ton of them available, in many flavors. My fave is Magners Pear Cider, another UK brand but you can get it in the states. I just ask at my local liquor store and they stock it for me
  8. I've Decided I Don't Want This...

    Whine away!! I have days when I want to throw myself on the floor and kick my feet like a 3 year old I've been at this for about a year and it really, really does get easier. Just keep motoring along.... But I am SO tempted to just grab a regular beer sometimes, but the thought of the rash, poopypants and stabbing stomach pains keeps me in check.
  9. Newb Here

    Hi Wahls I have Hashi's, Celiac, Pernicious Anemia .... possible RA. On average, a person with one autoimmune disease often has 4 or more of them, with one covering up another. And on that happy note Welcome! I have a whole list of foods to avoid, frankly I should just subsist on potato chips LOL! I too eat Mission brand corn chips and tortillas, never had a problem. You may want to keep a food diary and see what your triggers are. It really helped me at the beginning.
  10. I "cheated" too at the beginning.... I kept thinking well maybe I can have a little gluten LOL! I learned pretty quickly ummmmm no.
  11. I'm comforted to know even the more "seasoned" celiacs can slip sometime I've been at this almost a year and I still goof up.... most times its because I'm checking the label as I stick the food in my mouth LOL
  12. Travel

    I am currently in China (surprise, surprise) and I have to say if you eat traditional Chinese there isn't a lot of soy sauce. Definitely some though! I've been able to eat pretty much everything that my colleagues eat and I have not had one issue.... I can always fall back on rice just in case
  13. Travel

    It was really hard.... I started with a bit of chicken maybe twice a week, slowly added a little more. I really don't eat much red meat because it makes me kind of nauseous Just take your time and hiding it in other foods helps
  14. Finally Some Excellent News...

    Woo hoo!!! Good to know there is light at the end of this tunnel!!
  15. In Need Of Venting!

    I am so saddened by some peoples "family".... my family goes out of their way to accommodate me and I love them for it (among other things ) Have your meal with your parents at home and enjoy