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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sami's Bakery in Florida is thinking about building a dedicated gluten free kitchen. They bake delicious millet flax breads, bagels, croutons and wraps that do not contain gluten ingredients but are cross contaminated in the bakery. Their products are sold at health food stores or through mail order. Please call them to express you support for the potential new kitchen at 877-989-2722 Thanks! Lisa
  2. Thanks for all of the posts! My son began gaining weight almost immediately after going gluten , dairy and soy free but hasn't really gained in height (still below the 5th percentile). However, my husband is 5'6" so our son may just be short genetically.... Lisa
  3. For those of you whose children experienced a height spurt when they went gluten-free, did the spurt occur within 6 months?? Thanks, Lisa
  4. Do I have to assume that any product carrying this label is contaminated with gluten? What if there is a qualifying statement about the efforts made to avoid contamination? Thanks, Lisa
  5. Earth's Best by Jason has gluten (from oats). I called to ask because my son was using it. I replaced it with Weleda which he HATED, so for a week I just used a wet toothbrush! Yesterday the bottle of Spry I ordered arrived. He is marginally accepting of the Spry. He used to love brushing with the Earth's Best:( & now I think brushing is going to become a battle of the wills....). Lisa
  6. I just received my 2 year old's Enterolab results today. I was shocked to see that he tested positive for egg, yeast, casein, gluten and soy! He has been soy, dairy and gluten free for the last several weeks (except I just realized today his all natural toothpaste has oat beta-glucan(gluten) in it...) which has been enough of a challenge(especially the whole cross contamination issue)! The gluten free bread I have been making for him has yeast and egg and the gluten free waffles I've been making have egg. On a positive note, for the last week he has had 1/2 as many bowel movements and they have been solid and he has gained weight. I have to email enterolab but thought I would ask here as well: I know the gluten intolerance is a life long issue but has anyone had Enterolab testing and then follow up testing that shows the other intolerances were outgrown? Does anyone feel their positive Enterolab results were off target? Does anyone else with a child with these same intolerances have any food advice? I'm overwhelmed about the yeast but don't want to ignore it because it's linked to Crohn's Disease. Also, does anyone know of an all natural flouride free toothpaste that doesn't contain these ingredients(Tom's of Maine has soy!) I am debating getting tested myself now... Thanks for any replies or words of encouragement! Lisa
  7. I bought some Bob's Red Mill gluten free oatmeal to add to my 2 year old's daily kale smoothie. However, there is a disclaimer on the package that a small percentage of those with celiac disease may not tolerate even the purest of oats. I am reluctant now to add them because my son is 3 weeks into a gluten-free diet and has only had 3 bms a day(solid!) for the last three days and I don't want the oats to skew the results of his trial diet. He has no diagnosis (we are awaiting Enterolab results). Has anyone tried the gluten-free oats and reacted? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks, Lisa
  8. Grain free, too? I am so impressed, that must have been so difficult!! Were you tested for all of those foods or did you give them up to see how you would feel?? Lisa
  9. Whole Foods sells a gluten free, casein free Applegate Farms "The Great Organic Hotdog". They are expensive but fattening & the beef is grass fed so it's full of omega-3 fatty acid. I find them spicy(turmeric) but my 2 and 7 year olds love them. Lisa
  10. It seems a number of your kids also have food allergies. I just wanted to mention that most corn,soy, canola and cotton grown in the US and Canada has been genetically engineered. Genetic engineering introduces novel proteins and therefore GE foods are more allergenic than non-GE foods. Also, there is a cross reactivity between soy and peanuts and peanut allergies skyrocketed after GE foods hit the market in 1996. GE foods do not have to be labeled. If corn, soy, canola or cottonseed appear in the ingredient list and "organic" does not appear before them, they are GE (unless the package specifically says Non-GMO). However, Trader Joes and Whole Foods say that their store brand items do not contain GE ingredients. You can learn more if you want by reading The Seeds of Deception, viewing The Future of Food(can be rented from Blockbuster) or going to responsibletechnology.org. Lisa
  11. Speech Language Pathologists work with kiddos this age & can help with oral motor/chewing/food texture aversions etc. It might be worth having an eval done. If nothing else, the SLP could offer suggestions to use at home.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to reply-it is really helpful! Lisa
  13. Thanks for your reply! Yes, he has other symptoms. He eats a ton and frequently poops six times a day(with undigested food mixed in), has rapid transit, had constant colds from November through mid July, a string of ear infections & slowed growth from 4 months on(He had been way up on the charts until then and then practically fell off them completely). He is not anemic though. As a baby he spit up about 30 times a day until around 8 months; he also had gas pains and would arch his back and pull away while nursing. I did a 3 week elimination of a ton of foods myself(but not gluten-didn't even occur to me to try that!) and it didn't help him at all. He didn't quite meet the criteria for colic but he was not a happy camper much of the time. Did you discover the yeast issue through Enterolab as well? I mailed his sample off today to Enterolab & can't wait to see the results. I just started taking L-glutamine(I stopped eating sugar & it's supposed to help with cravings but hasn't so far!). I hadn't even considered giving it to him; what dosage do you give him? He does take a probiotic and has a very healthy chemical, dye free diet as well. My husband is only 5'6" and thinks this, coupled with his high fiber diet accounts for his size and all the pooping. I just wonder why such a healthy eater is catching every virus he comes in contact with! How long did it take for you to start to see improvement? How long before you started to see growth? We're going on 2 weeks and I haven't noticed any change yet. He also is not having dairy or soy. Thanks, Lisa
  14. I never thought to measure-what a great idea! Thanks, Lisa
  15. I am collecting "samples" today to send to Enterolab. Thanks for your reply! Lisa