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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten-Free Prescription Meds

    CVS has an 800 number you can call. Sometimes they find the information. Sometimes they give you the manufactures number. I also use my cell phone right in the store and dial the number on the package of any new pill. I was given a fibro pill last year that had gluten in it.
  2. My main reason for not eating many fresh veggies is that my fridge although only 6 years old has always had a thing for freezing veggies. I don't know why the repair guy does not know why. To day I made the tastiest, grosses looking soup and am now a bundle of energy. I basically lightly fried small amounts of about ten vegies and added water, chicken bullion, a little lemon juice and brags amenio acids, ginger, garlic, and fresh parsley. man it was amazing. My question is what is the most nutritious way to store this? Should I make a big batch and just put it in fridge? Should I make it every other day so the vegetables are in there natural state longer?( but leafy stuff tends to freeze) or should I make it and freeze portions of it in glad bowels? since my body seems to still have trouble absorbing nutrition I ground all the vegies in a food processer first and only cooked it for a short while. The flavors were wonderful. I am currently working on getting off sugar. I am 5'2" 47 years old, gluten free for two years and my weight hangs at 162 to 167. Although happy to be off the weight yo-yo I would like to get of blood pressure and diabetes medications and cholesterol medications. Doctor says all I should eat is meat cause my levels are low. Meat makes me ill. Beef 2 or 3 times a year, mostly eat organic chicken,salmon, pork and eggs. now I tend to live on things out of bags,chips, cheetos,cheese, almond milk, soft serve ice cream and 1 cup of coffee a day, gluten free cookies, lara bars,oatmeal, salmon, no wonder I am fat. Home baked items using nut flours. Its time for me to take the next step in nutrition for myself. With all the diets and fads and doctors advise I am confused what the heck should I really eat? I do plan on adding more soups, juicing a few times a week, and oatmeal. Any tips? cant eat soy, rice only in small amounts, milk seems to create a milk craving.
  3. Is Ice Cream Gluten Free

    I found that even gluten free ice cream makes me sick. I think it is the gar gum. I can eat soft ice cream though at stands without getting ill. Just watch what you put on it and if you get a blizzard like treat have them whip the mixer arm off because the person before you may have had something gluteny in their treat. I leave a tip so far no one has complained. I found a good home ice cream replacement is italian ice.
  4. I am glad you can see that you are not alone. You got a ton of responses. I am 5 foot 2 and weighed 187 when I diagnosed myself. the doctor disagreed with me cause I was fat. My 23 year old kid is the same way. We test negative for antibodies. But after the doctor lowered my blood pressure meds, saw my blood sugar drop and my Hdl go from 19 to 49. He said you may not be a celiac but keep doing what you are doing. I have also gone from 15 hours a day of sleep to 9 hours. My calcium levels and protein levels were low. Which was odd cause I was taking about 1800 mg of calcium citrate with d a day. ( I have to cause I had to have my thyroid removed) My body was just not absorbing nutrition so I just kept eating like I was starving to death. I have found now that when I get the munchies I have to ignore the urge and take an iron pill and get back on my multivitamin. I am not hungry any more constantly like i was when I ate Gluten. I lost 17 pounds of bloat the first two weeks I got of gluten. I now maintain about 162 to 167. Good luck you are not alone.
  5. Frustration...am I Alone?

    For me my weight seems little related to what I eat. It's more related to my thyroid. Please get it checked. 1 in 4 women over 40 have a thyroids that do not work properly.
  6. Overeaters Anonymous?

    OA also has great phone meetings. If you have a long distance phone plan it cost you nothing to attend. to find a meeting _http://www.oa.org/meetings/find-a-meeting-online.php I listen to the meeting and speakers that are free on i tunes pods casts. Often to help me deal with the thinking of why can"t I have that. Pulse I do have the desire to eat stuff that I know is bad for my health. I find the daily readings and books do apply a great deal for us. I know for me that gluten is like a drug in my system. Even though I ate it till I passed out, made my self ill or moody and ate it despite doctors warnings: there are still times that I want it. I still pause and fill with excitement when I catch a big whiff of somethings that I know will kill me. To me that is an addict. The meetings may seem odd or annoying at times, I try to remember to take what i can use and leave the rest. I would love to talk to other people that are both gluten free and in OA. Yes it is Anonymous but there is not a single person that knows me that does not know that I have food issues.
  7. When You Travel

    I have a "Kitchen bag" for when I traval. paper plates, a can opener, knives, a cutting board. packets of oatmeal, laura bars, nuts tuna or salmon in a can. My cooler usually has things in it like yogurt, hot dogs, almond milk. leftovers from the night before I left. some fruit and vegies. I try to eat when the same way I do when I am at home. That way my system gets messed up less. If I get glutened, mint tea, 4 wintergreen tums and a nap.
  8. My doctor said those people are usually rail thin. But after watching my blood work get better in after three tests he told me to keep doing what I was doing. I have been tested I am gluten intolerant but to not have gluten antibodies. Cures the same either way. I am 5'2" and was 187 pounds when diagnosed. I was always hungry and craving something.I never felt done eating. After becoming gluten free I finely learned what hunger was. My body signals were just all messed up. I am now 162 to 165. At this point I am not really trying to lose weight. Just trying to take care of my self. It does feel nice to be off the yoyo weight wise.
  9. I have been Gluten free for 2 years and also have fibro, diabetes and had my thyroid removed. I do not absorb protein good ( blood work always tells me that even though I eat enough meat. my RDW is also high) I have just started having trouble walking in the morning( I am only 46.) After I do some stretching and pilates my legs seem to listen to me. Its stiffness and legs just not doing what I tell very little pain. I do eat to much sugar and wonder if that causes it. Any idea what my diet may be missing?
  10. Joint Pain

    I did have to give up dairy for about 6 months but then went back to it with out the problems.
  11. I had the surgery two years ago. I held it off because of fear of the scar. But the doctor did such a good job that most people do not see it till i point at it. It is in a natural neck crease. It looked really bad at first.so I wore a scarf for a few weeks. The hard part was the biopsy they did before the surgery to look for cancer. They had do to that because the surgery is a little different if you do have cancer. They missed my cancer because it was tiny. Basically the size of a pencil point. It was fully encapsulated so I had the option of chemo. The doctor was leaving it up to me, which I though was a bad choice. So I leaned forward and asked if I was your sister or mother what would you tell me. We spiked the chemo. He just watches the blood work. I feel so much better two years latter. sounds odd but My allergies are so much better after my thyroid was removed. My energy level is much more consistent day to day.
  12. I have been taking progest( rubing it on) and thyroid medicine at the same time for a year. Personaly I can not imagine going back to not using the progest. As I do not have a thyroid I could never stop taking that meds. After a over a year of using progest if I get sloppy with it and miss a few days I go though two to three weeks of painful pms and it takes a month or two for me to get back on schedule.
  13. I get that way when blocked up. for some reason I get what I think is hungry when I am backed up.
  14. I get high from gluten, so watching someone eat gluten is often like watching someone do heroin for me. Sometimes a drool sometimes I think the bite though and decide I really done want to be sick and sometimes I figure out how to make the thing gluten free. I make sure I give myself a treat on a regular basis so that I do not feel deprived. When I feel deprived is when the gluten stuff really bugs me.
  15. try to see what you have added to your diet. I found when I went of Gluten I added soy. soy gives me DH. So to corn chips.