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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've had tonsil stones for my late teens and through my 20's and still do Im 28. Tonsil stones are mucus that drains from your sinus' I usually wake up with them and have to Pick them out by late morning, or they make me naucious. I have been Gluten free for a year and havent seen any difference. I hate getting tonsil stones, now that Im talking about it Ill probly wake up with one tomorrow! I usually Gargle Salt water after I get them out to clean out the crevas.
  2. Taste Buds...

    Well, this is a developed issues for me I guess. Over the past few years my taste has been weird. I Cant stand having any taste of food in my mouth after I eat I have to brush my teeth or have gum. I dont like to drink anything with flavor with dinner just water. Sometimes foods that I eat all the time will have a different flavor in my mouth. I was just curious if anyone else had issues like this. Who knows it's probably a MENTAL thing more then a taste thing.
  3. Thank you I'm glad to say that I'm still feeling good. I only take the pepto acouple times a day and it seems to do the trick! Thanks for the information and support!
  4. Oh yeah, I have Celiac, sorry. Just been having other problems so he did a colonoscopy to see if anything else was wrong. I've been Gluten Free for 10 mths now its helped alot, but I sometimes have problems
  5. Well, I went to the Doc last week to get results from the Colonoscopy, and because I was having trouble after the Colonoscopy. So He said that my colon looked normal, they did see A little inflamation,( he said Micro-colitis) Basically he told me that nothings wrong with me. He said to take Pepto Pills reguarly to help the stomach aches, and he gave me Levsin. So most of all last week I felt pretty good, no major issues. The Pepto has helped alot, I usually take one in the Morning, after lunch, and maybe after dinner depending on how I feel. I've also been able to do a BM too! haha yeah. So I hope that it keeps up. I can get used to feeling good. I almost didnt want to post this, so I didnt ginx it! Most of my issues are in my head, so I have to control my emotions and feelings so I dont get stressed, or nervous.
  6. Help In Monterey, Ca

    Hey, No I havent tried that yet.. I can seem to give up Cheese and Icecream. I dont each a ton of it, but enjoy it sometimes... But I figured I'm gonna have to start changing my diet to see what works and what doesnt. But not til I get back from Vegas in a couple weeks...
  7. Help In Monterey, Ca

    I also use Dr. Shah in Gilroy, Ca. I agree with the other post... He does need work on his Beside mannor... He diagnosed me with Celiac in Aug 08, I've been Gluten Free since.. I've had an EGD, and just had my Colonoscopy last week.. Needless to say... He didnt find anything. Except Very mild Colitous.. So I've been concidering Changing Doctors.. I really need results, I still have stomach pains and issues even with a gluten free diet. So Good luck!!
  8. Orange Juice Sucks...

    Yeah Tomatos Are Not good...
  9. Drug: Levsin? Levson?

    Well its good to hear some people have used it... I went and go the perscription today. I'm always nervous about taking new drugs.. But I figure If Im already suffering with a stomach ache, how much worse could it get right. it can only help! So When the time comes to take it I HOPE IT WORKS!
  10. My doc gave me this Perscription a while back and I never got it filled. Recently after my Colonoscopy on Thurs I've been having Issues, So I go to the Doc ON Wed. the 4th. He asked if I ever filled that perscription and I hadn't. Supposedly you put it under your Tounge and it desolves there and relieves stomach aches, Im about to go pick up the perscription But was curious if anyone had ever used it before, Please let me know if it worked for you! thanks!
  11. Orange Juice Sucks...

    Acouple of years ago I was able to drink OJ and eat oranges, but outta No where they started making me ill, So its interesting to hear other people have the same issues as I.
  12. Well I used to be able to drink OJ but in recent years I just can't digest it. Its too acidic for me. My BF always Nags me you need more juice and fruit... Yeah yeah I know.. So today he was drinking Odwalla OJ and said here have some.. I cringed and said Ok ONE sip.. I took one sip and New it was a mistake. I was Feeling good ALL day no stomach problems, As soon as I drank that I felt like I was gonna throw up. I can feel it in my throat the OJ, I burshed my teeth to get the taste gone, chewed gum, had a mint, ate a couple of chips... But nooo.. It just feels like it burns my stomach. So Im never and I mean NEVER drinking OJ again, I don't care if its the only between me and Death! Does anyone else have issues with OJ? I cant even eat Oranges anymore, I used to love them.
  13. Hi well thank you very much! Well today wasnt as good. I ate chicken, a whole chicken baked at home, with fries baked at home. At lunch I had left over chicken, and of course got a stomach ache just after I ate. All day needed to poop and couldnt Got home and went but still feel a little nacious. I hate my body.. Im sure you all can understand. I just dont feel like eatting anything ever again!
  14. Well I made it through the WHOLE Thing! I slept through it all! Woke up slept all the way home and then slept some more from 11-3 it felt good to sleep! thanks again for you support! Ill find something out next week
  15. yeah IM sorry about that! hahaha I cant help it though! Im bored!