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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So, if I basically use one of each catergory this will be my multi purpose flour? Now, with this flour can I use it in any recipes asking for regular flour? Another words can I use it for breads, doughs, cookies etc.?
  2. Hi, I bought today "arrowhead mills gluten-free all purpose baking mix" and "bobs red mill all purpose flour". I would like to make homemade things for my daughter because I was thinking this would be cheaper. Does anyone have good recipes that they dont mind sharing for: muffins, cookies, pizza crust, bread etc.,. I need recipes using these two products I mentioned. I did also buy the xanthum gum. I also do have a bread machine. thanks
  3. Hi, Was wondering if there is a multi purpose flour that I can make in bulk so I always have it for several recipes. I am brand new to all this andI am getting so overwhelmed. My daughter loves pizza, cookies etc. so any ideas would be great. I did post earlier in the "babies and kids" section but though this was the right spot for this. Can you tell I am new??(lol) Thank god for this site!!
  4. wow you guys have some really good ideas. one mom asked me about a favorite recipe and I would have to say her favorites are: mac & cheese, cheese pizza, and tacos. Anyone have some good affordable recipes for these things that I could make in bulk? Also, can i make any doughs, cookies etc in the bread machine? With the holidays coming up I really need some ideas and recipes. So anybody willing to share some recipes with me I would greatly appreciate it. One last recipe I am also looking for is holiday dough ornaments(gluten free)
  5. Hi, I am fairly new to all this. My daughter who is 10 has celiac. She has had all the blood work and a biopsy performed. We have seen the nutrionist and she gave me a bunch of info. But we are struggling though with foods that she likes. Before being diagnosed with this she was a picky eater and now to get her to eat gluten free is even more of a challenge. I need some good ideas, recipes, advice anything you guys can give me to help with my daughters diet. I dont want her to feel abnormal or left out so I want to provide her with things other kids like and eat. She loves mac and cheese, any kind of pasta(no sauce), tortillas, tacos etc. She is not a meat eater so this really concerns me as well. Sorry to go on and on, I just need some pointers on how to shop for her and some ideas. I also wanted to mention we just purchased a bread machine so any good breads would be appreciated to. We tryed the Glutiono and it was not that good.
  6. thank you all for your advice and tips. i did go ahead and called the social security administration though and she thought that I definatlly should apply. the worse that can happen is they deny her the first time, but again any help would be great. I am going to keep researching for cost effective ways to do this gluten free diet and talk with my sister for some pointers as her daughter was just diagnosed as well. again thank you all for your tips and advice. I will keep you posted.
  7. Hi, I am a mom of a daughter who is 10 years old newly diagnosed with celiac. We are at the beginning of this long road. I have been so worried on how I am going to do this. My situation is like this, my husband is disabled(diabetes type1 with severe complications) I do not work as I have 3 other children to attend to not including the 10 year old. We barely make ends meet and my husband alone needs a special diet, now with my daughter diagnosed with celiac I am worried how I will afford her special diet and I am worried on how this will effect her all together. So, basically I wanted to know if this disease is considered a disablity and if I could receive benefits for my daughter?? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.