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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Wow!! thank you sooo much! that helped me a lot. I figured it could have been the seasoning. This isnt the first time I felt odd and had some sores on my lips and in my mouth after I ate it. And, it helps explain my daughters itching. Thanks again!!
  2. Hello, does anyone know if Cavenders ( I think thats how its spelled) Greek Seasoning is gluten free? My daughter has been gluten free for a couple of months now, and suddenly she is itching, and breaking out again, and we are trying to figure out what could have happened. That seasoning is the only thing I can think of. Im celiac too, and my lips are started to blister, which sometimes happens if Im accidently glutened, but I have been very careful. Could syrup do that? we also had the walmart brand syrup, that says manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, but never had a problem before...
  3. Thanks all, now Im really going to be even extra, extra careful on what I put into my body! this explains a lot....
  4. Hello Amy Joe! I just wanted to drop in, and give you my short version of my story, anyway, after years, most of my adult life, being dianosed with IBS, and all given all the meds, that werent helping by the way, I almost given up. 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with rhumotoid arthritis, and about 3 years ago, my vitamin d levels were almost non existant! which was a puzzler, Im in Arizona, and always in the sun, anyway.... I too was given vitamin d, but 50000 units a week. Well, last October, I started to go gluten free on my own. I have had several colonoscopies, gi scopes, in fact, just had more done couple months ago, my follow up is the first, but, regardless, I am 100% absolutely sure, that gluten was my problem. In fact, after being gluten free since October, I seen my dr. last month, and my Rhumotoid arthritis panels are NORMAL!! and he explained, that he has seen cases in that, because celiac is an auto immune disorder, that when you remove the gluten, that can trigger that effect in people, he has see the arthritis get better, and sometimes its takes time, but I am living proof! also, I seen my endocronologist last week, and my vitamin D is up to halfway normal, I am now ABSORBING the vitamin D, in which before, my body couldnt. And she even said, that it sounds like since I cut out the gluten, my body is healing!!!! Now, I didnt get that positive biopsy that some poeple need, but I dont need it, and, my doctors even agree, that its obvious, Im healing and feeling so much better. In fact, I have only been sick twice since being gluten free, once was because I ate red vines at the movies, and just last friday, my drink was a flavored malt! Anyway, Ill pray for you, and just want to let you know, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! most people here on this board will tell you the same, and even though its tough, I promise, it will get better...
  5. Hello, I was glutened Friday by drinking a Mojito, I didnt realize til it was too late that the bottled kind was a Malt beverage, a flavored Beer! anyway, that night, through all of Saturday, I had stomach issues. The pain and bloating started Fri nite, but didnt get the "bad" stuff til late Sat afternoon, also, my joints started hurting in my hands. Could all that be related to being glutened? and is it normal for the bad stomach issues to hit hard, 12 hours after ingesting the gluten?
  6. Hello, can anyone tell me if they know if the Bacardi Silver bottled Mojitos have gluten? I drank 3/4 of one last night, and have been sick ever since..but now, 12 hours later, bad cramps and the "D"...that is the only thing I can think of that was new...thanks! oh, and I re-read the bottle, and just realized it says "malt" beverage!!! oh no!!
  7. thanks, i will check the packaging for any flavorings that might be added...
  8. Hi all! you know those big round chubs of ground beef you get a wal-mart, is it possible there is some sort of gluten ingredient added? or is it just 100% beef?
  9. The Walmart brand is gluten free, says it right on the bag...
  10. Hello everyone! Its interesting to learn about all these symptoms are related to gluten. After I gave up gluten back in October, I was able to stop the Prilosec completley! my old gi doc, had me taking two a day, instead of just one. I was so sick of those old gi docs that I seen in the past, only telling me to take more pills, to "relieve" my symptoms. The only true relief I have had, honest to God, is to stop eating gluten. In fact, last year, and, actually every time I seen these docs in the past, I was alway told to increase my fiber, with, you guessed it, eating more whole wheat! well, of course I would try it, and be sicker! anyway, its absolutely amazing to me, the difference I have already noticed being gluten free. I have my follow up for all these last procedures, on May first, so Im anxious to what my doc will say. Also, of interesting note, last year, I had diverticulitis, but, now, after this last colonoscopy, there was no mention of it...does that gett better too?
  11. The answer I think to most of your questions, are yes, but as far as how long it takes for tests to be ordered, that depends a lot on how busy the doc is and your insurance. The Endoscopy is very easy. Only takes a few minutes, but you cannot eat or drink before it, so I would ask it to be scheduled first thing in the morning, to get it over with. Good luck to you
  12. Hello Nicole. Just thought I would say a little something here. I would def. recommend going gluten free. I have suffered most of my adult life, and have been gluten free now since October, and I have to say, I feel 70-80-% better! my blood tests came back neg, and I just had my colonoscopy and endoscopy last week, but I have a feeling that will be neg for celiac too, I have been gluten free for so long, but anyway, I am showing improvements all around. In fact, my rhumatoid arthritis panel came back neg, but just a year and a half ago, it was positive. My doctor explained that, as he has seen himself, some of these symptoms actually can go away, once you remove gluten from your diet. Sometimes it may take some time though. I guess what Im saying is, if your ready to give the diet a try, I def would! some doctors want you to be consuming gluten for their tests, but my stomach issues were so severe, that I couldnt see my self living like that, just for postive tests results. However, I do recommend the colonoscopies and tests to rule out other diseases, but I believe once you go gluten free, and if you feel better, why not? your health and life is so much more important than eating foods, that you know get you sick. I hope you get your answers, and start to feel better. God Bless and good luck!
  13. Hello, how long did it take her to notice any improvement?
  14. Hello all! I had by endo and colonoscopy yesterday, I guess all went well. I wont know anything though, until my follow up, which isnt until May 1st. The doctor took biopsies, and she said she took several, in different places, (she is suppose to be very knowledgeable in Celiacs) even though I have been gluten free for almost 6 months..best to see whats going on. Anyway, she did notice I have mild gastritis, and sent more biopsies to see if she can see a reason for that as well, but in the meantime, I was wondering if Celiacs or Gluten sensitivity can also cause gastritis? just wondering...thanks
  15. Hello, yes, I am getting this prescribed by my endocrinologist. At first she had me on it once a month, no improvement, so for the past couple of months its been once a week. I appreciate your concern, but trust me, I dont go around self-medicating.... this is prescribed by my doc...thanks