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  1. oh- and I have to link this to another allergy forum- I didn't want to type it up like it was my idea!
  2. Oh, my goodness- you are a superstar! This is - just awesome. The best thing is the possibilities that it opens up. I can now see keeping this prepared and when we go to bar-b-ques or other functions I can have some safe bread for us in a hurry. Luke was so excited and I am beyond tickled that I got to have a blt on actual bread. The ingredients are nice whole ingredients as well- I would like to figure out the oven thing as well as it would be cool to do several at a time (plus I prefer not to use it as well) and have them frozen for quick meals. I used the recipe just as wrote- exactly for 90 seconds and it was perfectly done and popped right out. I got 3 slices out of one- although if my pan had straight sides it might have been just 2- will have to look for some more custard pans as I have broke most of mine.
  3. I am so excited to try this- I am craving a blt-sooooooo very bad and so do not feel like making a whole big loaf of bread and refused to by the overpriced nasty hfs variety.
  4. Puppps Anyone?

    hmmm, this is all so interesting. I had PUPPPs during my first pregnancy (which seemed to also trigger a gluten intolerance or IMO Celiac's disease that had been latent for a bit). I don't remember the symmetry of it. It started a few weeks before my due date- on my tummy then down my thighs and up my side and under my arms. It didn't go away until at least a month or so after I had my baby. It was so incredibly miserable- much sympathy.
  5. I don't have personal experience w/ little ones reacting to gluten- my little ones did react to milk nearly immediately. However, I know many other moms on other boards reacting to any number of foods- including gluten.
  6. My 4y.o. is going on day 8 of being gluten-free/cf. His symptoms (behavioral) are way worse instead of better. He was sporadically peeing the bed when he had something to drink right before bed, now it has been nearly every day. He has also started peeing himself out of defiance and has just been a nightmare. The stools got better and then worse. I am thinking there are other issues going on w/ perservatives and colors etcf(we are going to be starting the feingold diet as soon as it comes in the mail). But I am also wondering what the range is for symptoms to subside. This week has been so hard. I do have to add that it seems we are having a harder issue getting the casein out. We had some chocolate chips for a few days that were marked as cf but then we got a recall notice. He got some gum one day and then yesterday 2 bites of ham w/ trace dairy. Please! Please! Tell me about your child's recovery.
  7. I would say forget the solids for now. If he still has a gag reflex like that it is a sign that he isn't ready. It is a heck of a lot easier to pinpoint the allergens when it is just one diet you are tracking. I would focus on nailing down the allergens/intolerances first. You do not have to introduce solids now, I trust their bodies to tell them when they are ready. When Luke was 15 months I went back to exclusively nursing him as I was having too much difficulty tracking down what was bothering him and it seemed everything bothered him. I exclusively nursed him from 15 to 17 months and until 2 I was 95% of his nutrition. He eats well, even better off of gluten and dairy. He also has a lot more varied palate than any other kid I know and is not like a lot of kids who will only eat certain kiddie foods. I never bought baby foods, just gave him our own. I believe int he principles of self-feeding though. I am staunchly against baby foods. So, that is another point of view. Peds are given little training in nutrition, you are his mom, it is your choice. You do the research and decide what is best for your family.
  8. I am wondering if people could give me an idea when they saw improvement in their kid on the diet. Luke is df/cf. I started him on 10/7- today is day 5. Bowel movements has been down to 1 a day (I think the first time ever). First day it was pretty well normal. Then 2 days of a real messy stool. Yesterday was slightly lose and today was entirely normal!!! His sleep has still been disturbed though, lots of talking and tossing and turning. His appetite has been good. The thing concerning me the most though is his behavior. He has been atrocious. I don't know how else to say it, he has been NASTY, especially to his little sister, very physical. Also, seems to be having depression issues still. Today he went on again about how he wants to be a new boy and held a knife to his wrist. Seriously. On day 2 he got some gum w/ a milk derivative and yesterday found 1 peanut m&m and had it ate before I could stop him. I know it showed up as him being gluten and casein intolerant, but I am wondering if there are other issues as well. However, I want to be sure what food is causing what issues.
  9. So sorry, doctors can be so frustrating. I ended up doing enterolab's testing to get some kind of answer as our ped wasn't concerned about any symptoms once he saw that he was still on the charts (although at 10% when he was a BIG baby) and has lost weight- not to mention everything else.
  10. Well, like the others said you don't need anyone's permission to the diet. I would push as hard as I could for testing though. It seems crazy to me that dr's could just treat the symptoms w/o even trying to figure out what is wrong. It is not normal to be constipated. One should not have to take fiber everyday. Follow your instinct.
  11. How great for you to continue nursing, kudos to you! I would vote it is detox or perhaps something else is bothering you more now that you are gluten-free free. Milk seems to cause insomnia for me. I would love to get testing done for myself as well. Dh said maybe we could get %$#& kits for Christmas.
  12. 6 Months Pregnant

    I wouldn't necessarily be concerned about the number, but considering you say you have a high carb/low protein diet I would be concerned. I would focus on upping the protein- aiming for 90g or so a day and also cutting the sugar and carbs way back. Eggs are really good for pregnant women. Also, make sure you are getting in plenty of good fats- especially those Omega 3s- upping your fat and protein should help w/ the sugar cravings. Also, eating so much carbs and sugar puts you body out of whack - making a good ground for candida to take over- which can lead to thrush issues after baBY is born. That being said I followed the Bradley diet w/ number one and ate way carb heavy- thought I was being healthy eating all that whole wheat toast- hah. I did get lots of good food in and good protein, but too much sugar on the side. I gained 55 lbs and had lots of pregnancy pains and tiredness. Second time around I ate mostly gluten-free/cf diet (except for keifir) tried to keep low grains and low, low, low sugar. I exercised my full pregnancy (did the first time too, but was able to keep it much more upbeat this time). I felt great all the time. Seriously wonderful, w/ hardly any pains. Gained 35 lbs. I feel great about that. Normal range from new info I have read suggests 25-35lbs or more if on the smaller side, less on the larger. also, although no one should diet during pregnancy eating healthy is always good and it will make it easier to lose the weight later if you just gain what your body needs!!
  13. Candy List For 2008

    thanks so much I have been looking for this!
  14. My first guess would be dairy, that is the #1 problem food. I would eliminate it first. Then I would try gluten-free if that didn't work. However, you have to give it at least 1 month, it takes a while for it to get out of your system. You didn't say exactly what foods you eliminated, but if dairy was on the list you have to make sure you get rid of ALL traces and hidden amounts- just the same that you would if eliminating gluten. If not you will not get a true answer. I would be very leary of soy as well.
  15. so glad to read this. ds had normalish poo yesterday (first day cf/gluten-free) but it was super light. Today he had real lose stool- but he had got some gum that had a milk derivative that I wasn't aware of- anyone know how long to expect for little ones to straighten out?