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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gf Beer

    What kind and where can we buy it? Please share the joy!!!!! I MISS BEER SO MUCH! Now when I go out (which I'm sure you know) I have to drink some unknown concoction (because I usually don't drink mixed drinks). Plus it costs more at happy hour !!! Please let me know about this gluten-free beer you found! Thank you - Cindy
  2. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone who has celiac disease on here has tried eating at any fast food restaurants. I've read posts that Wendy's seems to be ok - that they will make a burger w/no bun and be careful about it. What about Mc Donalds? That was my favorite out of all of them (I never ate there alot, maybe 1ce every few months)? Thank you for your help! Cindy
  3. I read a post somewhere and wanted to verify if potatoes are gluten free. I thought it was ok for us to have potatoes? (I'm newly diagnosed, its hard when you read one thing and then you read the oposite thing somewhere else). Please help. Thank you Cindy
  4. Pasta

    Has anyone ever tried potatoe pasta? I'm curious to hear how that tastes. Thank you!
  5. Pasta

    I think I read something on this board that we couldn't have buck wheat. Hmmmmmmm, have to check that one.
  6. I was told by someone that deli counter cheese & meets were safe (by someone in a celiac disease support group). I called Land-o-lakes and was told that their American cheese is not gluten-free. She said the natural cheeses are gluten-free. I've read that Kraft products are gluten-free (and that they have a food list) but I can't find anything on their website that tells you. Does anyone have any info about this? Thank you- Cindy
  7. Hi everyone! Does anyone know of a gluten-free pasta that actually TASTES like PASTA? I've tried "tinkyada" - which is ok, but I can't get past that "organic rice" smell or taste. YUCK!! I miss my real pasta. I'm italian, and that was my favorite thing to eat. Then I go and get celiac disease. So much for favorite stuff. I tried it with sauce (used alot of sauce because of the rice taste) and tried melted Velveeta cheese last night. You couldn't taste the cheese! This is depressing. Please let me know if there is any form of 'real tasting' gluten-free pasta out there, or is this the best it will get? ( I wish they made a drug you could take before you eat so you could eat regular food again! Like the lactaid for dairy)!!! Cindy
  8. Are people with celiac disease allowed to eat anything flavored w/vanilla? I was recently diagnosed w/celiac disease, and on one of the papers the dr gave me, vanilla is listed under the "aviod" colomn. Please let me know. **also - I've been looking for a simple gluten-free brands food list. I've checked out some of the ones mentioned on previous posts. Isn't there one certain place that has one thats pretty up to date (and gets updated each year)? Or is that alot to ask for? Thank you!
  9. Thank you so much for the info! We're just OUT of luck for bread I guess. I did try the Kinnikinnick. Its ok. I make it past the first half of a sandwich (if that) then I end up throwing the rest out. Too dry! This weekend I decided to roll the sandwich meat in lettuce as someone suggested - I liked that better than dry bread! Thanks again everyone.
  10. Has anyone ever heard of "sprouted bread?" I am checking out all of the foods that are in or cafetieria at work, and one of the workers told me his sister-in-law has celiac disease. He said she is allowed to have "sprouted bread." I'm just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this before? Thank you- Cindy
  11. Yes I've been on WebMD before, so some of you have seen me there! Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will check those websites out and go from there. I miss not having to worry about food, but I know you all feel the same way. We're all in this situation together. Thank god for these message boards!! Thank you, Cindy
  12. Hi everyone! I'm new to this gluten-free stuff. I've read a few posts where people mention bagels, breads and english muffins. Can you please tell me where I can get stuff like that that tastes ok? I've tried 1 kind of bread so far and I couldn't finish it - it was extremely dry. Also, what kinds of french fries are ok to buy? And how can we cook it? I work at a place where they have a cafeteria. They cook them in vegetable oil. The place where they cook them is strictly for french fries. Is it ok for me to get them from where I work ? I've been stressing out what I am going to have for my next meal because the diet seems so limited and nothing tastes right. I'm also not interested in cooking (which I know will probably have to change). Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining. Thank you so much for your help! Cindy
  13. Hello all! I am new to this site and to celiac disease. I'm still learning what I can and can't have. Can someone please let me know what brands are good to buy of ranch salad dressing, cream cheese, sour cream and regular american cheese? I'm having a hard time adjusting to this and I'm trying hard to go along with the gluten-free diet. Thank you so much, Cindy