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  1. There is a gluten free bakery called Aces Up Gluten Free Goodies in Las Vegas just south of Desert Inn on hualapai behind Starbucks. They don't have a sign on the building yet, but if you pull in behind Starbucks you will see them. Lots of great gluten-free food including pretzel rolls and bagels - yummmm. Lazy Joe's is awesome, Red Robin is pretty good too, they use different colored baskets for gluten free food. Mark Rich's and Sammy's Woodfired pizza are also good and take gluten free seriously. The Cracked Egg rocks for great gluten free breakfast including pancakes. Lots more available that are really good and realiable.
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. 9/6/08 10am to 11am at 1311 W Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV across from the Galleria Mall. Open to Celiac's and their guests only. All food orders will get a significant discount. Gluten Free food will be the only food available to order during this event. Call Jenn at 702 985 7664 with questions.
  4. Restaurant
  5. Below is a list of restaurants that can cater to a gluten-free diet and at the very bottom is a link to the Las Vegas Celiac Disease Support Group. Oh yeah, if you want gluten-free chocolate cupcakes go to www.sweetshopcupcakes.com. Restaurant
  6. There is a local LV support group. My signature is the website for it. We have a Pei Wei gluten-free event tomorrow 9/6/08 at 1311 Sunset Henderson, NV 10:00am to 11:00 am. A great Primary care physician is Michelle Conger (you can google her for info she is inside of Spring Valley Hospital), and a great GI is Dr. Vish Sharma at Great West Medical Associates. He is very knowledgeable about celiac disease. His address is 5915 S Rainbow Blvd #105 LV NV 89118 phone 702-220-9865. Hope this helps!
  7. Restaurant
  8. Here is the list that becomes available to anyone who joins the LV celiac disease Support Group it's free. The link should be at the bottom of this post. And one new one I haven't yet added to the list is www.sweetshopcupcakes.com they make gluten-free chocolate cupcakes (you have to purchase them by the half dozen). Restaurant
  9. The only place I have found the lasagna noodles at is Sunflower Market on Flamingo and Rainbow. They have a lot of other difficult to find gluten-free stuff.
  10. Hi, just saw your post. We do have a local support group called the Las Vegas Celiac Disease Support Group. If you google us you can find us. Or email me for an invitation to join. In the meantime we have a gluten free event tomorrow 9/6/08 from 10:00am to 11:00am at Pei Wei 1311 W Sunset Rd Henderson, NV across from the Galleria Mall. Hope you get this message prior to tomorrow! Call me at 702 985 7664 w/ questions. When you join the support group a list of restaurants gets emailed to you. But it doesn't include Sweet Shop Cupcakes www.sweetshopcupcakes.com and they make gluten-free choclate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. We will have some available to sample at tomorrow's event. Talk to you soon! Jenn