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  1. Thanks guys! I'm still really lost.. i eat grits.. lol.. and well i feel like im starving myself now.. I get so confused because some sites list some things as oky and others list things as not oky.. I thought I just couldnt eat Gluten,Wheat,Barly,Flour but appearently its a mile long list! so any help with telling me what I cant have would be very helpful!!
  2. Hi guys im becki I just found out about 2 weeks ago that I have celiac's and Ive been having a VERY hard time finding things to eat!! I had a friend who has it and I swear things werent this hard for her.. but everything I thought would be oky to eat aren't i looked up the list of things im not supposed to eat and well it pretty much leaves me with water.. or thats how i feel.. so what do you guys do?? what are your techniques? Are there things that we arent' supposed to eat that you eat anyway?? like vineagr?? come on thats in everything!!! im getting really frustrated with this and I dont have a good support system right now.. my husband is in the navy and its hard to do alone.. after eating whatever for 22 years and now finding out this is what was wrong the whole time.. i just need help!! Any advice will be helpful!!