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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. so if my IGA glutaminase is 5 (with <20 negative) and my IGG gliadin is 73 (with >30 strong positive), should i be worried that my IGG was a false positive? isn't that the less reliable of the two? i'm not sure if the seeming sky-highness makes it more absurd or more definitive. i also had a gliadin IGA at 8 units, but there was NO reference range on the test result for that test. unless it's assumed to fall under the same as the gliadin IGG. any thoughts? this test was done two years ago, and i had a neg. biopsy. should i get the bloodwork done again? luckily i just made an appt with a nutritionist for next week... maybe she'll give me a better answer than "IBS!" monica
  2. i'm sure people have discussed this on the boards before but i didn't know how to search it, i apologize.. anyone who has time to give me a quick tip would be much appreciated. my question is this: i had a pos. blood test and neg. biopsy and i'm ready to start a gluten free diet just to see how i feel... but suppose i start the diet and still feel sick, how do i know if i'm gluten sensitive AND sensitive to corn/soy/etc? i have gastro problems seemingly all the time... everything seems to make me bloated and gassy -- soy, broccoli, sugar, olives, peanuts, salsa -- and i have lactose prob.s that only developed when all these other symptoms came along, about three years ago. i also had an egg allergy when i was a baby that disappeared (as far as i can tell). do i have to pay $300 for one of those blood tests to know what's causing what? i feel like i can't pinpoint my symptoms to any food in particular (not even wheat) and that's part of why my dr. keeps insisting i have IBS and nothing more. i've kept food diaries up the wazoo. nothing seems to make any sense whatsoever. i spent a year with hives every single day. my nails are weak and peely and gross. i feel tired a lot even though i exercise regularly. i have neither gained nor lost a significant amount of weight. and i have NO idea what i'm doing right now because all I've been told is that there's nothing I can do to help myself... by two gastros and a nutritionalist. any advice on how to sort out the culprits would be appreciated. thanks endlessly! monica
  3. just wanted to post a BIG thank you to those who took the time to reply to me... i've been dealing with feeling sick and terrified of food for almost three years now and i'm fed up with doctors telling me there's nothing i can do about it... i think i am going to develop a plan for going gluten free and i will let you all know how it works out! gretchen, after the wedding cake of course, i hope you manage to try gluten-free too! that sounds *just* like my story and i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one.... i guess it totally makes sense that if i don't have extensive damage to my intestines (yet?) and the biopsy was negative that i wouldn't be having the weight-loss diahrrea that shows up in full-blown celiac disease... i was just confused because i knew that was one of the main symptoms. thanks again! monica
  4. hi... im glad i found this forum! ive been going through a similar confusion. i had positive antibody tests (though i'm not sure how high) after complaining for two years that i'd suddenly developed horrible gas, bloating and discomfort *all the time*, along with lactose intolerance. but when i got my biopsy, the doctor told me it was normal and that was that. ive asked if i should still avoid wheat/gluten - two different doctors have told me "no, you just have IBS" although i've read on the internet so many times that i probably should. ive never tried going gluten-free yet -- that's my next step once i gather the courage -- but one other point keeps throwing me off. i don't believe i have lost weight along with these symptoms, i actually feel more like my digestion is too slow than too fast (ie, i haven't had diahrrea). i'm 25 and i've always been thin, but i definitely haven't gotten any thinner. in the last 5-7 years ive experienced the normal 10-15lb. weight gain that women get as they age. do those with celiac disease always tend to lose weight? does this sound like a different type of reaction? anyone have any advice?