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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yahoo groups has a support group for EE - eosinophilgastro is the name of the group. Kids range from severe to mild symptoms. Some drs do meds first others do elimination diet.
  2. My son also has hypoglycemia. His morning fasting blood sugar was 41 and 46. I started two thing for him and it has really helped. My son is 3, but we started him on a amino acid/elemental formula that is easy to digest and full of vits, fats, carbs, and minerals. I also wake him at 2 am and feed him something small. He normally eats about 5 bites of gluten free pancake with maple syrup and a dab of smart balance. When he wakes at 8am or so his blood sugars are normally in the 70's. His 2 am reading were in the low 80's. Now he wakes and is not so clingy and his stomach is not upset. Maybe they have a drink that will help you absorb your vits better also.
  3. My sons celiac panel blood test was negative, but his liver emzymes were through the roof. We got a referral to a ped GI dr and just by looking at rays body and what was happening he dx him with celiacs. We still did dna - positive and positive biopsy. Once we went gluten free almost all of the pooping and rashes went away. Now, if my son eats too much sugar or fat he gets acidic poop. It still happens with dairy also. We really limit dairy and only allow my son to have about 8 oz of koolaid a day. I also started him on a probiotic called Rhino Powder POS & Acidophilus. He has been on it for about 3 weeks or so. But in that time, his bloating has gone down and he can eat more fat and more sugar before the poop burns his bottom. I kept a very (still do) detailed list of what he eats, when, amount, when he poops and what it looks like. I also write down if acid reflux is bothering him and what and how much he drinks. It helped me figure out tha to much dairy, fat or sugar still bothers his body! I hope this helps.
  4. When you can find time google glycogen storage diseases - its a metabolic disorder.
  5. Could it be acid reflux? My sonw as gluten-free for 1 yr and started to throw up again. Not huge amounts, but at weird times - like play group. It never really bothered him. He would also throw up at night. He first went on mylanta and then we switched to prevacid. I still watch him when he drinks or eats a lot at one time. But so far, on the prevacic (knock on wood) we have not had any issues.
  6. My son was completely negative on all celiac panel tests also. However, he had the classic gi symptoms. He was positive for DNA and positive biopsy. My son only gre 1 1/2" between one and two. Once he went gluten free, he started to grow and teeth again with a month or shortly after. I began to measure my son every month so I could keep track of his growth.
  7. My son was tested for this a few months ago. At dinner, he would vomit his entire stomach that contained food from breakfast. His test showed boarder line slow emptying and boarder line acid reflux. My son only ate one egg and 1 oz of water. I knew he had acid reflux even if the test did not verify it. We put him on prevacid and I have not had a problem with him since.
  8. My 3 year old son went for his 1 yr gluten free check up. At that appt, his liver was 13 cm - confirmed by ultrasound. His enzymes were 790 and 1420 (not sure which was alt/ast). We had a live biopsy done on April 3rd - biopsy shows scarring of liver not as a result of celiac disease or hepatitis. They think he has glycogen storage disease and we are going to Duke for an open liver biopsy. Has anyone - adult or child - had this issue due to celiacs disease. Also, my sons stomach is flat in the morning, but continues to grow and bloat during the day. Tonight his stomach just looked painful. He does very limited dairy (cheese slices or yogurt only and not every day) and limited soy. I do cook with Pamelas Mix and I use Soy milk. However today he did not have those. My son had whole grain rice pasta with gluten free chicken stock (about 1/4 cup); 8 oz bag of cool ranch doritos (snack); 1 1/2 ians chicken nugget for lunch; 8 oz bag of cool ranch doritos for snack; 1 pamelas pancake with syrup for dinner. He also had 5 Lays Pot chips with 1 slice of american cheese. My son drinks koolaide mixed with EO 28 splash or Neonate Jr. He was drinking crystal light but I though that the sweetner could becausing is bloating, but he has not had it for 3 days. My sons stomach measurement this morning was 21 1/2" and this evening is was 24 1/2". Any ideas on the liver damage or bloating?
  9. We dont eat pp and j here, but for the butter - I do most of the cooking and if I need to use the butter for gluten stuff, I take a big chunk out of the container and put on the plate. I do not double dip. My sons gi dr told me that his liver was not functioning correctly (hense the increase liver emzymes) because he is malnurished because of the damage to his intestines. Yes, it is going down. But please understand - there are two blood tests they did for my son (I dont remember the names, something like ALT and AST) and normal range is somewhere between 0-30 and 0-50 for both. My sons were 790 and 1430. They got much better for a time and then started to go back up. Thats why I think he is getting cc. I must be doing something right because his liver has shrunk almost to normal size in the last month, but I am trying to figure out where it is coming from. As his intestines heal and he begins to absorb vits again, his liver emzymes will come down. So the faster his intestines heal the faster his liver heals. As for the plastic stuff. I still use tupperware things, but as soon as they get scratched etc they go into the garbage. I threw away all of my kids bowl, because I knew gluten had been in those things more than once and they were scratched. When the plastic or wood is scratched, it can hold small pieces of gluten because of how hard it is to clean it. My kids are 3 and 5 so they can start using or normal dishes.
  10. He will also eat Ians chicken nuggets and french toast sticks.
  11. My son is still having issues of cc. I know he is not eating any. We are pretty careful - trader joe organic brown ric noodles, verified chicken stock is gluten-free, pamelas products, oscar mayer hot dogs, gluten free pantry bread, smart balance, Kirkland brand organic soy milk, gerber rice cereal, and enjoy life cookies. My son is not having the issues of bowel problems, but his liver emzymes are still very high leading me to believe he is getting gluten somewhere in my house. We did get a toaster just for my son and I. If cast iron is seasoned properly it should not contain residue of gluten should it? I do scrub them with soap and water. I kept a few non stick pans for my daughters normal mac and cheese. I do use the cast iron pot to boil her noodles sometimes. I threw away, a long time ago, any gluten flour. I only bake gluten free foods now and no one has complained. I am just wondering - if my daughter eats wheat thins and then goes and plays with toys is she cc everything? Boy that would be a night mare to clean. My kids have friends over and I know they eat gluten! My daughter only eats her snacks oat the kitchen table in her spot. My son sits across from her. I will seperate the scrubbing sponges today - that may be part of it. The kids soaps, creams are gluten-free. He is rather sensitive - playdoh gives him the normal bowel and bloating symptoms. And boy is he mean. And no he does not eat the playdoh and i clean and scrub the area and him after. We make our own now. I am mostly afraid that he is getting cc by people not washing their hands and I am wondering what I am going to do for him in preschool next year. They wash before, but not after eating. We wash our hands before we eat at home. Thanks for all the help!
  12. Ok - I have thrown away all plastic plate, bowls, colenders etc. We use china, glass, metal or cast iron now. I clean the table, counter and anything else with soap and water. Is there anything else I should be doing to prevent cc in our house. I do not bake with gluten products, but my hubby and daughter eat gluten foods. Thanks for the help!
  13. esophageal stricture is another name for eosinophilic esophagitis. EE is normally caused by an allergic reaction to something - food or environmental. My son was diagnosed with ee when he had is biopsy. Did your doctor recommend treatment for that? I believe my sons was caused by gluten and has gotten much better the longer he is gluten free.
  14. Yes it is an auto immune disease that attacks the small intestine causing damage and inflammation.
  15. My son was 2 when he went gluten free. Prior to that, his main foods were ravioli and spago's. He also liked cheese its, wheat thins, fruit loops etc. For several months, I could not walk down those isles without crying. People prob thought I was weird. But I guess I was sad because my son could not eat the foods he loved. However, now, I dont feel that way. I know the foods he loved were pioson to him and causing him to be sick. My son had classic celiac symptoms and they were severe. I do get upset because many of the gluten free alternatives are not very good tasting or there are no alternatives. I still hate the cookie and cereal isle. Another thing that has helped me is knowing that other people have allergies also. Many people can not eat dairy, eggs etc. We live in a very small town, so there are no supports groups here. Its hard to deal with it on your own, but I recently read a poem that really helped my put things into perspective. Its out of the a book called The Gluten Free Bible by Jax peters Lowell (I would not recommend buying the book - very out of date). However, this poem is great. Monday's child is gluten free Tuesday's child get hives from tea Wednesday's child can't bear cat hair Thursday's child must gasp for air Friday's child will wheeze and sneeze Saturday's child is eggless, please but the child born on the Sabbath Day, fair and wise loves to say, Thank you, God, that I'm this way. The poem made me remember that there are many other allergies out there and families that deal with food allergies. I still have my sad days - even 1 yr later, but I work through them. I remember that my son is growing, is getting healthier and feels so much better. He is beginning to understand that he can not eat like other people, but his real friends know that he has to eat different and do not treat him any different. They even make sure they have food at there house that he can eat! I hope this helps you. Lisa