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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Kissing

    I'm glad you could talk it out. That's always the best way.
  2. Any Chance Their Is Gluten In :

    For me, your reaction sounds like a typical dairy symptom. That's exactly how I react. A gluten reaction for me would never be over by morning but a dairy one would. I have no problem with soy but fresh dairy is out. I don't have a problem with Fruity Pebbles.
  3. I'm sorry you were feeling so bad. It's hard when your own family isn't supportive. Just know there is karma and if that person was being negative towards your symptoms, it will come back to them.
  4. Kissing

    If you can't get through to him, maybe a counseler or pastor could help. Sometimes it takes a third party to help some sticky situations.
  5. I'm so glad it worked for you. It was good for both of you to appreciate the other's point of view.
  6. I have a hard time with alternate grains. I've eating a little saurkraut lately and that is helping with my digestion. If he's eating grains at dinner, that could explain it. That would be pasta, crackers, breads or anything with grain. Also some of those products have small amounts of gluten in them even though they are considerd gluten-free. You might stop anything like that for a bit and see how it works.
  7. OK, Liz, I will need to make these. I had your bread you posted and it was amazing! I haven't had bread in over a year! Almond flour is still a little hard for me to digest so I'm going to try it with cornmeal and see how it works. Keep it coming with the recipes. It's really good to have some "normal" foods that are easy on finicky colons!
  8. And a very happy or non-happy winter type celebration or drinking session to you to! Angie
  9. It's so hard when you have an idea of how things are going to be on your outing and he has a totally different idea. Maybe he needs to be in charge of their food for the day so he can see how limited the choices would be. Now me, I grew up on the fairgrounds and I know I could find gluten-free food at the fairs here in Indiana. There is always someplace where there are hamburgers, my eat-out staple with no bun. Lots of fairs here serve roasted corn on the cob. And there is always popcorn, cotton candy and butterscotch corn. We also usually serve grilled or pit chicken and pit pork chops here. The meal often comes with side dishes like apple sauce and chips. Now if I went to the fair in AZ where I used to live, it would be a little more limited but not impossible. If I remember there was a Chinese stand that served grilled meat sticks, don't know if they were marinated. There were still burgers and the dessert options. I guess I would put him in charge of their food but take some backup in your purse. He can either fail or succeed at the fair. You will still be there to see how things go but if he takes care of the kids' food, he will either be able to show you you can be a little more flexible or you can show him that it's best to be prepared.
  10. I've been having the slow digested food thing for months. I finally gave up most grains and high carb foods. But recently I have been eating small amounts of saurkraut every day and that has helped tremendously with digestion. I am eating more grains than I was and having less colon pain also. Cabbage has a very soothing effect on the digestion something I forgot for awhile. Try it. It is inexpensive and no fuss. I chew it very well and it really makes the whole system work calmly for me.
  11. If you go to GlutenFreeIndy and pose your question, there is a parent with extensive experience with 504's.
  12. I think insomnia is like a migraine headache; there can be more than one reason you suffer from it. I have found that some of the things that work for others also work for me but often not. The B complex is good advice for most of us with celiac disease as it's easy to be deficiant but I would caution not to take it at night. They perk me up and if I take them after noon, it interferes with my sleep. I've taken melatonin with good results for years. Over the years I have gradually increased the amount to 6 mg's but that is still minimal. My dr poo poos that dose as not even close to harmful. It helps me fall asleep. I still wake throughout the night but I can return to sleep successfully. I've heard there is a time release type but I haven't tried it. I saw a big benefit when I increased my magnesium intake. I didn't expect it to help my sleep but it relaxes the muscles and veins. I was having tight neck muscles that made finding a comfortable position difficult. That cleared up with the magnesium. Another reason for poor sleep can be low blood sugar. If this is a problem, you may need to eat a protein snack before bed and avoid carbs in the evening. Hope something in there helps, there are other helps for insomnia if none of these are worthwhile.
  13. I understand that nightshades are more related to small joint problems so avoiding them would probably help your fingers but not your knees.
  14. Frustrated

    I want to buy one of those shopping guides and get the iPhone/iTouch app from apple (is that gluten free) but right now I cannot afford it. Many large grocery chains have a free gluten-free shopping guide through their website. If you can't find it, ask their customer service. But getting my mom to understand the importance of a new toaster, etc is like nailing Jello to the wall. She says we'll just wash them in between which doesn't always work. So there is a high risk of cross contamination here. How do I get around that? And there is no way I can get my own stove...is it ok to use the same stove? Do not share a toaster. It just doesn't work. Is this a regular oven or convection? Convection would blow all the gluten around. A normal stovetop is fine and a normal oven should be doable. Just cover your baking items with foil. I been really craving chips....I saw on the lays site that they are gluten-free, but made in a plant that process gluten...Is it ok to eat or is there another brand that I can try? I cannot eat Lays. Sometimes I'm OK but then the next time, I react. For me, eating them is like Russian roulette. For now try some that don't mention shared facility. My most trouble some meal is breakfast. I am not a huge breakfast person to begin with. I started off thinking Frosted Flakes were gluten-free, but they made me sicker after a few days so I stopped eating them and felt better. I do like yogurt, but sometimes dairy bothers me, sometimes not. I am just at a loss on what to do. Main ingredient in Frosted Flakes is wheat. Read the labels carefully. If you like cereal, try Rice Chex. They make a couple of other flavors that are gluten-free also. You probably want to lay off the dairy for awhile until you heal a bit. The other poster said lay off soy but I don't have a problem with it and use soy milk a lot. You can also use almond milk, it's good. I eat eggs for breakfast with tomatoes, onions and ham. I'm sorry you are not totally supported at home but you can do this on a budget and in a mixed household. It will get easier, hang in there.
  15. Need Family Foods To Go!

    I only eat Hormel Naturals. They're delicious and I've never had a reaction to them. In my area, every chain grocery store carries them, even WalMart.