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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi everyone, I was glutened last night by mistake. We ate out and the waiter assured us that the pita bread was gluten free. It, in fact, was not. I'd already eaten a small slice, but it was more than enough to affect my sleep (sleeping too much), give me a burning stomach, and massive brain fog. The brain fog is the worst. I feel like I can't function. I took a sick day today, and was reminded by my boss of the sick days I've taken this year - I'm almost out. This is adding to my stress for sure, but really I just need some advice as to how to make the brain fog go away. I think I may get the same symptoms from cane sugar, on a side note, but not the stomach burning - only the brain fog. Anyone have any suggestions for how to help ease this or make it completely go away? I don't want to resort to coffee drinks because they have tons of sugar, and caffeine bothers my stomach, plus the caffeine is short-lived anyway. Thanks, Rachel
  2. Glutened From Toddlers I'M Taking Care Of....

    Ok so we have a question... If he cooks pasta in a pot, then washes that pot with HIS sponge, presumably there's still gluten on it. Then the following night we want to make a gluten-free dinner with that pot, do we need to wash it again with MY sponge? And after that, isn't my sponge glutened? Then what do we do? There are plenty of people on the forum who live mixed kitchens.... I wonder how they do it. It seems it would be impossible to clean anything without having to constantly use new sponges if you are in a mixed kitchen. Not to belabor this, but it's so hard to know how to deal with it. We both have tiny kitchens and are worried that I may not be able to eat at his place anymore. He does so much to make sure that the food is safe and the utensils are clean, we always cook gluten-free meals and he's super wonderful about it.
  3. Glutened From Toddlers I'M Taking Care Of....

    Yikes. This is a real problem. I don't have a dishwasher and neither does my boyfriend. He eats mostly gluten free but there is some stuff that I can't have at his house. When I'm there we can change the towels and just use a separate sponge. I haven't noticed being sick from being there but I noticed immediately at the kids' house. I guess I will have to rinse everything at the kids' house and bring it home to wash it. I'll use paper towels and make sure to change out the towels just in case. What a pain. I can't believe soap has gluten in it.
  4. Hi everyone... I need help!! I just started working as a nanny 2 weeks ago and I've been consistently glutened from the toddlers I work with. One is 1.5, the other is 2.5 years. So for all of you with babies, you know how messy it is all day. I'm constantly covered in crackers, cereal bars, snack stuff... it's a gluten nightmare. I work with them from 8-6pm every day. So of course I bring my own lunch, and I try to bring stuff that I have to eat with a utensil. I am so, so careful, I don't know how I am being cross contaminated. I'm constantly washing my hands. I wash all of my tupperware there, is it possible to be cross contaminated from sponges that are used to clean glutened countertops and utensils? Are their sponges and dishtowels safe? Help, please... I have been breaking out and irritable, fatigued, D and C is starting up. On a side note, my b/f has a mixed kitchen and I eat there all the time, but we are careful and I haven't been sick yet from that. It's started up since I've worked as a nanny.
  5. Anyone else experience a rash around the mouth/chin area, from eating dairy? I recently reintroduced it into my diet. Probably not the best idea, but it seems my digestive system can finally tolerate ice cream. But, it seems my skin is breaking out. I know the ice cream is gluten free (Haagen Daz Peanut Butter/Chocolate). I wonder if casein would induce this reaction?
  6. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  7. Wild Dreams

    I had a nightmare the other night that I ate a whole peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I woke up feeling really guilty and realized it was just a dream... I often have dreams like that when I think I've been glutened. Sometimes I'll have the dream and realize a day or two later that I'm not feeling well. I've been gluten free for about a year.
  8. UGGGHHH Play-Doh was a killer for me, I was so sick all the time. I worked with toddlers and infants, and forget it... I had to get rid of all of it. I guess I'm in the "super sensitive" camp.
  9. I recently started a new job as a caretaker with a child with special needs working in the home. I am noticing my symptoms (bloating, D) coming back and I'm wondering if it's possible that I've been cross contaminated? I bring my own lunch and eat NOTHING from their kitchen or on their plates. I bring my food in tupperware and heat it in the microwave. I don't use their napkins, though of course I put mine on the table when I'm eating. I even bring my own silverware. And, I wash my hands before I eat and I try to use paper towels when I remember. I do, however, dry my hands using towels left on the counter. It's entirely possible that a crumb or two is on the towel from the counter. Although it is a clean kitchen the same sponge is used everywhere and we all know how that goes. Is it possible, though, to be cross contaminated from something as simple as this? I'm not celiac, BTW, just gluten intolerant. Any input from anyone with a mixed kitchen is greatly appreciated. It's possible that I'll be living with my BF soon and he is not gluten free. I'm going to need lots of tips on how to keep myself safe. Thanks so much!!!!
  10. Hi Terin! Welcome to the forum, glad you found us : ) This is a wonderful community and really supportive... I went through Enterolab about a year ago and found them to be super helpful every time I called with questions. I did the stool panel and the genetic cheek swab. You can just call their main number and ask them what they recommend. I don't think you need to do a gluten challenge before the test, but it's been a while since I've taken it. From what I've read and heard, it doesn't matter whether you eat gluten or not because the things that they test for stay in the body for a long time. Something about the stool test being sensitive to gluten intolerance. It says it on their website in the FAQ section. I'd call though, maybe their protocol has changed. Their number is 972.686.6869. Good luck with your test!
  11. Rash On Lips, Itchy Mouth And Swollen Throat

    Oh yes I've heard that - people with a mango allergy can eat them from other regions. They are a distant cousin to poison oak, and it's the skin that bothers me but there's no real way to get away from the oil on the skin, and I don't even want to try. I wonder if I can eat mangos from other places but I'm too afraid to try because my reaction is so severe and prolonged. MSG is a possibility but I can't imagine how I would have been in contact with it. I don't buy processed food unless it's organic or unless I read the entire label. I'll check though, I didn't think of MSG - thank you for your post!
  12. I know I got glutened a few weeks ago and it's actually taken me about that long to get over it. I moved to a new city and ate out while moving, though I tried to be careful we all know how THAT one goes. Last week I went to a dinner party and had three questionable items: Falafel (host said there was no wheat in it), tapioca (same), and hummus. I asked about all these things and the host said they had no flour so I assumed it was safe. Probably a dumb move on my part, but I did. I've had strange symptoms crop up since then. Predictable D, C, alternating (which has NOT been fun), excessive sleeping, mood swings, aches, and the same rash I always get on the joints of my fingers and now on one elbow. The strange symptom is on my mouth - I got what started out as a crack in the sides of my mouth. I've had this on an off since childhood every once in a while, but this time it was accompanied by tiny bumps, itching, and a feeling of the inside of my mouth coated (or swollen, I can't really tell). My throat was swollen on and off, and I felt a tingling in my mouth and on my lips. This tingling is not constant, it comes and goes. I thought the sore throat might be a cold because I seem to be stuffy in the morning, but it goes away and I'm not the rest of the day. Low immune system, or am I just crazy? Oddly enough, these are the same symptoms I get from eating mangoes as I'm allergic to them. I haven't had any of those, of course, so I'm wondering if this weird mouth-thing is gluten related? I've read about cheilosis and cheilitis and it seems to fit but no one says much about the itching and tingling inside their mouth or a swollen throat. Anyone know anything about this? Thank you in advance. It's driving me nuts.
  13. Dear Rachel, Thank you for contacting Panera Bread. I have included below a list of our menu items that do not contain gluten-containing ingredients. However, because we bake fresh bread daily in our bakery-cafes and bread is core to our menu, we simply cannot ensure that there has been no contact between these items, or any other menu items, and gluten. Not all of the items listed are currently on our menu and some new menu items have not yet been evaluated for the purposes of inclusion on this list. However, you can find complete ingredients listings for current menu items on our website. Click on Menu and Nutrition, choose the Bakery or Cafe menu, select a product category from the links at the top of the page, then click on the individual menu item to display a page with that item's ingredients and nutritional content. Please note that nutritional information on our website is updated periodically. New products may be available in our bakery-cafes before a periodic update of this site. In addition, some menu items may be available only on a regional, test or seasonal basis. Nutritional information about these menu items is available at the participating bakery-cafes. Tests of new recipes of existing products may be conducted from time to time in certain markets. These new recipes may contain different/additional ingredients, including allergens, as compared to the original version. Nutritional information about these menu items is available at the participating bakery-cafes. For the most update-to-date information, please call or visit your nearest bakery-cafe to speak with a manager. Thank you again for contacting us. We appreciate your business and value your comments. Sincerely, Pat Customer Comment Coordinator GLUTEN FREE LIST - Panera Bread ** **Although we try to meet your special requirements, we cannot ensure that these items have not come into contact with gluten in our bakery-caf
  14. Itchy Bumps On Arms, Feet, Neck, Back...

    ......and the winner is..... SCABIES. After a night of extreme unpleasantness and lots of cream, and cleaning ALL DAY... I hope this is over. Soon. Doc seems to think gluten exacerbated my rxn to the insects, but I def. got them from the hotel. Yikes. Being the cleanest, most obsessive person alive about personal hygiene, I was horrified and almost had a panic attack in the doc's upon hearing this news. The only reason I'm posting it is in the hope that it helps another unfortunate traveler. I'm trying to get my money back, at least, for my stay at that awful place.
  15. Itchy Bumps On Arms, Feet, Neck, Back...

    It's spread now to my face and around my neck and my throat feels swollen. I just took some Benadryl because it's not going away by itself. I don't think it's chiggers because it's spreading and with a swollen throat it sounds more like a reaction. Thanks for everyone's help in figuring this out... I wonder why it has taken a few days to get worse? I thought with food reactions/allergies the reaction is immediate, say, within ten or fifteen minutes?