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  1. Thank you Richard and Gretchen for replying. This is a very confusing disease and quite overwhelming for the newly diagnosed and, of course, the newly 'undiagnosed'. Next job is to get my kids tested.
  2. Hello All I've just tested strongly positive for all the Coeliac blood tests but had a negative biopsy. My doctor thinks I still am probably Coeliac so I'm on the gluten free diet and although initially I saw a great improvement, now I've started having frequent stomach upsets again - often daily for weeks at a time - I've also lost a stone in weight since I started. I'm now wondering if dairy too might be a problem or perhaps I'm not managing to cut all the gluten out. Still not convinced I really am coeliac because the doctors all go on about the 'gold standard biopsy' being the only definitive test and mine was negative. Fed up and hungry SparkyClare