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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Western Washington- Bremerton Area

    Do you ever get down to Tumwater? If so, there is a place called gluten-free Joe's. (This site for some reason spells out Gluten Free however the store just uses the G.F.) G. F. Joe's Market Where Gluten Free is Our Specialty! Owner: Joe Spancic - joe@gfjoes.com, Kaylee Spancic - kaylee@gfjoes.com Location: 5739 Littlerock Road SW Suite 103 Tumwater, WA 98512 360-628-8010 Mon - Fri 10am -8pm Sat 9am - 8pm Sun 11am - 6pm They are in a small mall. Have a great selection and very nice owners. www.gfjoes.com Might be a nice weekend drive to check it out!
  2. Hi again, Were you asking the original poster how old they were or me (Bellamia)? If it was me, I'm 52 and menopause happened 7-8 years ago. Never had problems, did not take any meds. Had night sweats back then, but nothing major now. Hopefully Firegazing will give us an update on her testing and new doctor.
  3. Read your syptoms and had a few questions. I have had allergy testing(after having over 200 positive when I was a child the test now only showed grasses), auto immune testing and lots of head scrathing by my doctor, to no avail. (25 year old daughter is gluten and dairy intolerent) However I have some of your syptoms and have been off grains for about a month. Up until that time I had severe swelling of my eyes, lips, face, tounge, lips. It all occurs only when I am sleeping and once I am awake they start to go down, however some of the facial swelling can last a few days. I also have very itchy, red, red with rash and swollen feet, hands, wrists. They also get what looks like hives, with no blisters. I can relieve the itching with lots of witch hazel. I have had a few of these syptoms since I went off grains, and can say what I had that was different that day. I also get red spots on my knees, elbows, shoulders that itch. I get very large red, swollen, hot spots on my buttocks (recently realized that I have had these syptoms for over 13 years). Some of these spots now bruise after the red goes away. Last week I had some Haribo candy (made in Turkey) and began to swell right away, and now those spots are bruised. I have had 3 other people tell me that they had the same syptoms and are all gluten intolerent. A few months ago I went on a complete allergin free diet and things calmed down, but then I got lazy and went back to my old ways and things got worse again. I have also been on homeopathy, but even that does not seem to calm things down like a grain free diet. Let me know if your doctor had any answers. I am doctored out!
  4. Thanks for all of your responses. I thought about it being a marketing ploy, but did not want to jump to fast to that assumption. I also was concerned because I use baking soda for tooth paste and I was concerned about putting that in pure form in the old body!
  5. I've seen baking powder and soda in our local co-op that are tagged as gluten-free. Is there something I'm missing? What is in them that makes them not gluten-free? Are they made in a plant that could cause contanination? I buy Rumford baking powder because it's alum-free, and just recently noticed that it also says gluten-free. Thanks.
  6. If you live anywhere that Kemps is delivered they offer alot of gluten free ice cream and it's yummy!! I was very surprised by the mint and spumoni. The following is from their web site (www.kemps.com): "Q. Which Kemps products are gluten-free? A. A: Kemps products including milk, sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt are gluten free. Ice cream itself is gluten free but may contain inclusions which contain gluten. Anyone looking for a gluten free product should avoid the following ice cream products: ice cream sandwiches ice cream cones Ice cream flavors which have the following inclusions contain gluten: apple crisp brownie batter brownie pieces cake pieces candies (may have a flour component that contains gluten) cheesecake cookie dough cookie pieces graham cracker mint (the color contains gluten) pie pieces spumoni (the color contains gluten) Products containing gluten are manufactured in the same manufacturing facility as gluten free products. Kemp