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  1. Hey its been a while when i was online but got a question. Is soy milk the same as anyother soy? Because i have products with soy in but im not sure if its harming to sinds i get stomach hurts after drinking soy milk.
  2. after eating gluten should you imidiatly feel stumach hurts? i know that after eating soy milk or corn flakes or cola i feel stumach hurts imidiatly but im not sure with gluten or wheat should i test it or is it very bad to eat gluten once in a while
  3. whats do you mean with: thanks for the advice btw but almond milk seems rare in shops!!
  4. but this are the first times i used it what els im i supposed to do now eat spiders? im not buying another expencive crapp food anymore
  5. someboddy thinks there is another reason? because that would be helpfull i just cant eat rare food because then i bether eat regulair food
  6. ow its prenounched other in my language sorry yes i mean soy milk
  7. i think im alergic to soja-milk because after i drink it i need to go poo the soja milk include some vitamine b is this rather to be worry'd or just a good thing?
  8. i havent tryd dorites after the diet im talking about that the taste doesnt bother me i like all doritos didnt tryd it already so be free to say whats causes trouble and what doesnt wont eat frittos
  9. till now ive never eat a bad doritos chips so doesnt matter im acctualy not so picky according to chips so doesnt matter any chips wich doesnt include trouble is free to be sayd
  10. http://www.fritolay.com/fl/flstore/cgi-bin...odID_364066.htm look all these chips contain no gluten =O-- and the stuff with gluten wich are made in the same fabrics contain gluten but the lines are being washed (wich means its like washing a plate with gluten food being on washd and used for eating gluten free food on) so it means that these chips are eatable (edited this message it whas unreadable sorry)
  11. damn so mcdonalds contains gluten? oh well i eat it rarely
  12. my familie is off to get fries from some place but i know fries are gluten free but not if other food is also baked in the baking oil what to do?can it be that there doesnt come any gluten in it or not? also is mayonaise gluten free or not?
  13. mother finely understands me and trys to make gluten free dinner for me+ she even got my some gluten free stuff from the store now only the milk need to be replaced by soya milk for me ^^
  14. reply fast! is fish gluten free is union gluten-free are tomatos gluten-free?!!!
  15. ok thanks, hellmann's brand i dont think they got that in my country anyway how long does it takes till my anoying brain fog dissapears?