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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Okay, so I haven't actually tried dating since I went gluten free. My fiancee and I split two weeks after my diagnosis (nice timing, right?!) and so I decided to take a major break from guys and also to spend some time learning about my new gluten free lifestyle. And a year later, I finally feel ready to give it a shot again. But, I've never done this before and I have no idea what to expect for the guys I meet. I feel like I need some stories to help out. What are your best and worst gluten free dating experiences? I need help!
  2. Night Sweats

    I get night sweats too randomly and I can't figure it out. Like you, my night sweats stopped when I went gluten free, but I'll have a few weeks where it will happen every night and then it goes away again. Evening primrose oil seems to help. Thanks for the post, I thought it was just me.
  3. I never developed DH. I did have some neuopathy in my fingers, but it went away. I would still think about getting a bone density test for your daughter. My vitamin levels and all other tests are normal and I only found out about the bone loss by accident. The annoying thing was, after I was diagnosed I saw my childhood doctor for the first time in years and he pulled out an X ray from when I got into a car accident at 19. He said: you know, this shows your bones were underdeveloped even back then. I thought, wow that would have been great to know 8 years ago! Your daughter is lucky to have a mom to help her. Those of us who find out when we are older end up on our own! Best wishes to you both.
  4. I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but Amy's pasta sauces are (I think) all gluten free. Check the label though. Did you buy her the Gluten Free shopping guide? http://www.Lame Advertisement/Gluten-Free-Grocery-...9/dp/0979409411. That's how I learned what to eat when I got diagnosed. I can only imagine how bad the cross contamination might be in a dorm kitchen. For example, are they cooking the gluten free pasta in the same water as the regular pasta? My suggestion is to set up a meeting with the university and the chef at her dorm kitchen to talk about cross contamination. I really feel for her. I didn't know I had celiac when I was in college and I'm sure that must be hard. But the alternative is that she found out now. I have major bone loss due to malabsorbtion and I'm only 28 so hopefully she can avoid those problems. Good luck!
  5. Dairy Dairy Dairy, Say It Ain't So...

    Yes, same thing for me. I could eat dairy for 6 months after I went gluten free and then all of a sudden, my celiac symptoms returned along with a really stuffed up nose and acne. I cut out dairy and all the problems went away within a month. Sorry, I know this isn't fun on top of being gluten free, but you really do get used to living without the dairy too.
  6. gluten-free One Year And Crazy

    First let me say that I absolutely understand where you are coming from. Before my diagnosis, I was a big foodie. I lived in NYC and ate out four or five times a week. I loved food! Then after I was diagnosed, suddenly I was afraid to eat anything. And those pre-packaged gluten free foods tasted so unappetizing to me, I would take 3 bites and then throw them away. And most of those meals only have like 250 calories anyway. So within three months, I was down to about 108 pounds and I
  7. Top Five Reasons To Get A New Doctor

    Oh, this is fun. Here goes: By accident, you find out that you have major bone loss. Your doctor does a few tests, all come back normal and then he tells you that the cause of your bone loss is because you are thin. And you are only 27 years old! That was fun. My other favorite was post diagnosis. My new doctor read my chart and said:
  8. I recently moved to San Francisco from New York and I'm trying to find a good celiac doctor and nutrionist in the area. I know about the Celiac Clinic at Stanford, but I don't have a car and the thought of actually renting a car and taking most of the day off of work just to visit the doctor is too much! Can anyone recommend someone in the city? I'm looking for a GI doctor and also a rheumatologist. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Family Doesn't Get It

    For me, the cravings started to go away after I found some good gluten free substitutes. I basically went a whole year without a cookie and then discovered the Gluten Free bakehouse at Whole Foods. It was like heaven! Now I find the smells of gluten bakeries to be overpowering....something about the yeast that I never noticed before. I can't stand to be in them anymore and I remember how much I used to love fresh pastries. So it does get better! I try to be patient with my family and friends, but sometimes they don't get it either. My boyfriend's mom is constantly trying to give me food that she says is gluten free and then when I press for more information, she'll admit that she did use beer in the marinade or something like that. Her favorite words are, "only a little" to describe whatever gluten is in the food. It's annoying. The good news is my boyfriend is 100% supportive and he even carries around mouthwash when we go out so we can have gluten free kisses. Hopefully your husband will get there too!
  10. What Now

    Just don't get discouraged. I've been gluten free for over a year and it's a learning process. You might still be ingesting something with gluten without realizing it - medications, cosmetics, etc. It took me 4 months on the gluten free diet to realize that low fat sour cream often has gluten. Who knew? Another thing to remember is if you add something new in excess to replace gluten, you might develop an intolerance. After 6 months on the gluten free diet, I started getting sick again and I couldn't figure out what it was. Then it occurred to me that I had doubled dairy in my diet (I'm in my 20s and I have bone loss - that's how I was diagnosed). My doctor told me to double up on diary for the calcium, but I've discovered on my own that your body is really sensitive after so many years of gluten related damage. Try not to eat too much of one thing, but rather a little of everything (except gluten). I now can't tolerate dairy at all and I had no problems with it before so I really wish I had slowly built up to eating it more frequently. I'm trying not to make the same mistake with soy since that is now my dairy replacement. Good luck and remember, going gluten free is like learning a new language. It takes time.