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  1. Hospital Celiac Menus

    Hi..as you've probably already noticed....I'm very new to this....and I'm having a heck of a time doing this...but maybe this time I've done it right....I dunno but here goes! I recently was hospitalized for another ailment I have been fighting for years...infact the same time I was diagnosed with COPD (emphazema) I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I am one of the ones with little or no symptoms of celiac disease except for this time I lost 36lbs in about 30 days I went from 140 to 104. I hadn't been on a celiac disease diet for a few years because of my stupidity I would have the cramps but no diareaha or any other symptom except for catching everything that came along...you'd think I'd wise up huh? well this time I did quickly!! to say the least. I was told in the hospital that there isn't a Dr. that will touch me as far as putting me to sleep for any tests such as colonoscopy etc, for fear of not getting me off of the ventilator, and was told to stay on a strict celiac disease diet, which I have, I am up to 127 now and as far as celiac disease I'm feeling good...more energy...haven't caught any of the colds that my entire family have gotten (knock on wood )) Now to get to my reason for this blog...When they switched me to a Celiac diet....Oh my goodness! I would have starved to death if it hadn't been for my hubby bringing me food...I can not believe that these days hospitals still don't have a clue as to what to serve Celiacs!!!!! Has anyone else found this to be true anywhere else besides here in Rockford? My next question is how can I help to have this changed? I know when I was first diagnosed I attended a support group here in Rkfd. and they told us then that you might as well be prepared to bring your own food....but that was 13 years ago......wouldn't you think someone would have done something about this???? Hospital food isn't the best...but geesh! with Celiac being more and more prevelent you'd think the dietiticans would at least try! I would appreciate any and all help or comments! Thanks so much!