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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Janelle...I have to add my 2cents.. not necessarily celiac related Might want to follow up with this, preferrably with an immunologist who knows about hypogammaglobulina..You can get good doc referrals from http://www.primaryimmune.org/ if you call/email them., (they have a forum too) ...I am not familiar with pediatric ranges, they are lower than adults because once they stop getting yours from the placenta they have to start producing on their own and can have transient phases of low values, so this could come up and be nothing to worry about. Some subclasses like IgG2 may not be fully developed until after 8-10yrs. But..your DD is 50% below range, IgG2 (the most common deficiency in kids) makes up only about 20%, and she has too many symptoms to ignore..that are VERY common for immunodeficiency. You should have her total IgA count if they did celiac tests. See if that is low/ below range too, that addition would also be a indicator of a problem here. Because of her age testing will be harder, but they should check IgA, IgD, IgE, IgM and subclasses IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, IgG4. How high are her platelets- have they just been trending up and now over range or was it a one time #? a little elevation can be chronic inflammation/anemia...alot high is NOT good. Point that out to doc when you call. How's the WBC? any low? high? Other good info @ Jeffrey Modell Foundation / national primary immune defficiency. the domain name looks weird but its the right place ->http://www.info4pi.org/ I'm sure i worried you ..i'm very sorry, I don't have perfect information & I don't understand these problems for young children - please keep that in mind.
  2. Sinenox, A New Haven Group...Really??...Let me know..i'm 5 min away. edit: I see it in the meetup area...i'll catch up there.
  3. jerseyangel, ..I've had their Wild Orange & Earl Grey since celiac so far so good ..but on their website it says (and ofcourse I just rechecked 1min ago) The first two are bagged teas, last two bottled. So the customer service rep is right about the Organic Ice Tea. But either the rep is wrong or the website is, about the 2 filterbags... I plan on avoiding those. http://www.tazo.com/default.asp?hasFlash=1&init= [click "what is Tazo" click "Faqs" ] (took me an hour to find it the first time
  4. Can Some Please Explain Dh?

    You welcome, maybe your reaction is for another reason or barley feels different then wheat.. idk... I haven't figured it out & probably never will.., but unfortunately if you can't eat gluten then you can't trust any prepared food or DRINKS. (so far bottled water hasn't done me in Yet!!) I just hope it goes away for you.
  5. In the US, Teva's Fexofenadine was listed as safe a/o 02/07 in Wheaton Support Group list. You can get a copy here. glutenfreedrugs.com
  6. Can Some Please Explain Dh?

    Some green tea is gluten free, some is not...check your brand. I have read some have barley but I think that is in restaurants. I don't know what it is in tea that would be gluten otherwise. He is my current list of gluten-free teas. I have checked the websites just recently. Tazo Tea 10/08 All of our teas are gluten free, except for the following: Green Ginger (teabag), Tazo Honeybush (teabag) and premade drinks: Lemon Ginger (bottled tea) & Tea Lemonade (bottled tea). Stash 10/08 All of our teas are gluten-free. www.stashtea.com/teafaq.htm#21 Celestial Green Tea: 10/08: Green tea, Organic green tea,Decaf Green Tea, Decaf Mandarin Orchard Green Tea, Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea, Raspberry Gardens Green Tea, Blueberry Breeze
  7. So I Did It...

    You can go to the Catholic Family Services Centers around the country, they provide very reduced fee therapy, for low income. I know someone interning there who also does an eating disorders group. You do not have to be Catholic or religious to use their services.
  8. I use grapeseed oil to remove makeup (so cheap), & I use my coconut oil for a moisturizer.
  9. I did try TJ's corn chowder this weekend and had mild gluten symptoms (dh & bloat) from either that or CC in my home. They follow "good manufacturing practice" so its really hard to tell. I am tempted to try it again when my BF's not home touching all my stuff with his gluteny hands. I always stock in their lentil and veg. chille, ate it forever, now im scared.... I so far have always had good luck with Amy's gluten-free soups/products, the soups are fantastic, my local shop is finally stocking more variety. TJ's site
  10. I am in college again (I'm probably alot older than what your looking for) ... can I add my 0.02 ? I have never trained at competition level but was athletic until I got too sick....I think adding a section about how to cope when family, friends, coaches, team meambers, dr's, think you have excercise induced anorexia (or eating disorder in general) might fit with your topic nicely.
  11. Is This Dh? (photos)

    No need to wait, just eat alot of Wheat ..bread, shredded wheat, cream of wheat, wheat farina, add wheat germ (yuck) you'll be itchy, flaring and miserable in no time at all. I have read here that consuming iodine will help bring it out. I never bothered to biopsed my rash ...I figured out what it was the first time I went gluten-free for gastro problems, I was surprised by the end of the week I wasn't itching anymore, and no one was yelling at me to stop scratching. Went back to gluten for testing & rash came back. Those tests were positive so I dont feel the need to pursue it. I understand it is hard to find a dermatologist who knows how to do it right... biopsy next to the lesion, not on it. I hope you can find a good derm.
  12. Is This Dh? (photos)

    scully...I found this site really helpful (8 whole pages of pics) http://www.dermnet.com/thumbnailIndex.cfm?...0&numcols=0 It shows many variations of DH rashes in regular people. Mine is exactly like pics 72-74, of the womans upper back, shoulders, both upper arms & I have all those lovely hypopigmentations left behind too. It is hard to see in pics but your scratched up red bumps do look just like my scratched off red bumps.. lol.... maybe here you can see the stages of development that we just can't always catch on camera.
  13. I had some bloating and mild D on two ocassions I ate them and couldn't rule anything else in. I had purchased it with coffee in the snack bar on campus , the 2 thing I can eat there- well just 1 now, coffee. Thought maybe it was the coffee but i drink mine black & it doesn't happen when i drink coffee w/o the three musketeers. So yeah i had suspected something up or that i was just weird. (could be both
  14. henny ..I have 2 tanks running right now and I'm worried about the same thing. One of the people (Ed) on my tropical fish boards makes fish food, alot of the members say their fish LOVE it. I haven't ordered it yet..its next on the list. http://www.almostnaturaltropicalfishfood.c...ngredients.html He hates wheat gluten, not good for fish. This is on his site