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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi... my husband and I are not trying or trying not, but I am confused about the lack of a pregnancy over the last year and a half, since it seems like so many people don't have to try. Does anyone know if a person can have enough body weight to have regular periods but not enough weight to conceive? I am gluten-free but I feel like I burn more calories washing dishes than I could ever replace in a day. My Dr. says my weight is normal but friends say it's not.
  2. I agree. I am 30 and had dental bone loss at age 18 and suffered a fracture a couple years ago. NOt sure extent of problem, but those are indications. Plus, my joints sound like a bowl of rice crispies.
  3. Thanks! I saw that before and didn't know if I should pay it... if it would work.
  4. I am grateful for ignorant comments. I think hearing someone say that my symptoms were from smoking and eating meat was what prompted me to get tested so I could wave the results in people's face the next time.
  5. Hello! I don't know where to post this. I am newly diagnosed and it seems to come from the side of my family I have never met. I have two close relatives who may be at risk but in one case I have only a full name and probable birthday... in the other I don't even know the name. I tried the Social Security office (no luck) and I know there's probably nothing I can do. But I heard that with infectious diseases like HIV the person's contacts will be informed anonymously. Has anyone heard of a way to anonymously inform the relatives of people with genetic diseases? Does anybody do this? I don't have the funds to find these people myself and I'm sorry that they may not be as lucky as I have been in getting a diagnosis. Thanks!
  6. If you've only been gluten free 4 months, chances are you're still eating hidden gluten. And based on what I have seen of doctors, the patients are the last people who should be embarrassed! All it takes is to be exposed to a small trace once a week and one can be perpetually sick. I saw a holistic gyne for this it cleared up after using probiotic suppositories, so it would really be worthwhile to ask. The probiotics I had taken orally did not help. I saw someone had H Pylori... so did I and this problem returned after I took Prevpac (I also spent the whole treatment bedridden from the stuff). It seems like anomalous things can happen with gluten; I used to get discharges and watering from my eyes when I was eating it every day and my husband has commented that I have bad breath after I accidentally eat it (which happens about 3 times per month... and I am 6 months into the diet). I am curious if anyone thinks gluten in soap can aggravate vaginal problems. Also I wonder if gluten in mascara can cause discharges and watering. I know people say it can't get in the skin, but what about the mucous membranes?