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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have two family members that have been on the gluten-free diet for 15 & 16 years and they have followed the diet strictly (barring a few restaurant mishaps) and yet both of them still suffer intense intestinal pain and duodenal biopsies still show a lot of inflammation of the duodenum. Could this be refractory celiac disease? I didn't think so because in many other ways they have responded well to the diet, their villi is much improved. But it seems the definition of RCD are changing. Are steroids and thiopurines useful in dealing with this intestinal inflammation? I would appreciate any info or advice. Thnx
  2. Don't Go To Boston Pizza

    Hi Drew, I am not sure what else to tell you. I have talked with the local manager - and while you say that the Celiac community has given great feedback, the local manager has said that many celiac customers are very disappointed with the pizza and pasta. I don't want to talk to any more people in marketing because they don't listen. They act like I am the only one who does not like the product which basically implies I am a liar when I say I am not. Most people don't complain, they just never go back. If you are so proud of your GlutenWise options, how many times (specifically) have you eaten it with your family and friends? I find marketing people talk about things that they have not actually experienced. If you look at the regular menu and all the choices that regular customers can choose from and then compared that to the GlutenWise Menu, would you honestly say that Boston Pizza has made dining out for celiacs a priority? If you honestly think that, the conversation can't go any further. There are too many other restaurants that are actually trying. The only reason I even went to BPs was because I won a gift certificate. If I win another I will give it away.
  3. I tried Boston Pizza's GlutenWise pasta last night and it was awful. It was plain terrible corn pasta with a very tiny amount of awful tomato sauce and a ratty piece of dried chicken breast and the price was 20 bucks which was ridiculous. The pizza is not very good either The crust isn't bad but it is only 8 inches and they really cheap out on toppings and cheese, which they don't do for regular customers. I would not recommend Boston Pizza to any celiac.
  4. Don't waste your time and money at Il Fornello's. It is God awful gluten-free pizza. It is not cheap either. The manager admitted to us that he has tried it and would not eat it again. Any other frozen pizza or frozen crust or homemade pizza is better. Dont go.
  5. Travelling To Toronto, Canada.

    I would not recommend Il Fornello's pizza. It is terrible and not worth the money. Kinninnick pizza crusts are way better, practically any other crust is, Il Fornello's was the worst I have ever eaten. I think many people will be disappointed in forking out 15-20 bucks per individual pizza and that the crust is of such a poor quality. One way I can prove this is: My family has served our pizza to non celiac friends and they wouldnt know the difference, after we complained to the manager at Il Fornello he admitted he tried the pizza and would never eat it again. Restaurants should not serve what they are not willing to eat themselves.
  6. Il Fornello

    I would not recommend eating gluten-free pizza at Il Fornello's. It's terrible and not cheap. It is the worst crust I have ever eaten. Very disappointed.
  7. Thanks to everyone, I can't wait to try some great southern food.
  8. I am going on vacation soon to Raleigh, Charleston, and Savannah. I am from Canada and have never visited this area of the US. I am looking for some gluten-free restaurants in the area (not Outbacks, PF Changs or the other chains). I read on this site about Solas and Bella Monica (i think) but thats about it. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  9. Philadelphia, Pa

    I would recommend Sazon on spring garden street to anyone, celiac or non celiac. For celiacs I dont think it gets any better, the family run restaurant is very friendly and they are very careful to avoid cross contamination, and only very few items on the menu that celiacs cant eat. Lots of choice and the arepas were great. I loved the food and i had the best hot chocolate I have ever had for dessert.