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  1. Hi You can be gluten intolerant and not have Celiac. You can never get celiac if you do not have the gene. Even if you are gluten intolerant only, it will never turn into Celiac. You can have a copy of a gene that predispsoses you to gluten sensitivity. Now the question, so it is better just to be gluten intolerant? The answer is NO! In either case you can develope damage to the villi. Of course the chance of damage with Celiac is evident and the damage you get to your villi with just gluten sensitivity could be as low as 1%, but that doesn't mean it is ok to eat gluten because you are very susceptable to all the autoimmune diseases, (lupus, RA, ect, and of course ailments like bone pain, nerve damage, I could go on). So the bottom line is, what ever your diagnosis is, Do not eat GLUTEN! gluten free and loving every healthy minute of it, --------Debbie