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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    I was diagnosed with celiac disease as a newborn and I'm also severely lactose intolerant (and a few weeks pregnant--1st appt. on Tuesday), so I can fully understand the pains of a restrictive diet. While I hated gluten-free breads as a child, I've found that certain varieties are actually quite good. Specifically, I've learned two things--brown-rice bread has significantly better texture & consistency than white bread, and ALL gluten-free breads taste better when toasted. Even if I'm eating it plain, I still toast it first. We rely heavily on the variety of gluten-free breads offered at out local Sunflower Market (if you have one nearby, check it out), specifically those created by "Food For Life." Raisin Pecan is my favorite, and it's is delicious on its own or with just a little butter. Also, check out LARA bars for a reasonable (about a buck each on sale/in value packs) alternative to ingredient-laden power bars. All LARA bars have fewer ingredients than we have fingers, are gluten free, soy free, lactose free, and all-natural. They aren't grain-based, but they do offer a decent balance of protein and carbs, since they consist mainly of dried fruits and nuts. My local Cosco sells them in a large value-pack, and many health food stores sell them individually as well. Another great snack to try is Glutino brand gluten-free pretzels and pretzel sticks (also sold at Sunflower market). I've had several non-celiacs try them, and they say there's hardly any difference in taste, texture, or appearance. STAY POSITIVE : ) The longer you're gluten-free, the better gluten-free foods taste, believe me--I cheated for 20 years, and now I'm never going back. Sorry about the length of my response--I'm an English teacher, so it comes with the territory.