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  1. He has not complained of stomach aches or rashes. The pedi that he has which is 2 different onces in the office that we go to are the only ones that have taken the time to listen to me. They are both females. The males doctors i have seen have blown me off and just told me to put him on the potty more often. Or they would give me medications that he didnt need so that he would poop,which just turned it into a big mess. Now we are having him see a gi pedi and after the 2nd time she saw him he hadnt grown any in 2 months, she was even more concerned then she was the first time she met him. She found out after the first apt and blood work she orded that he was anemic. She is no skirting around like the doctors my son has had in the past. I am wondering what oppisitional defiance disorder is.
  2. What is oppositional defiance disorder? Where can i get info on it? My son is going in for a biospy on thursday to check for celiac disease.
  3. I am soo new to this its not funny. About a week ago my 7 yr old saw the gi and said she wanted to do a biospy on him because she believes that he has this disease. He is 34 lbs 43" and hasnt gained or grown in 2 months. He was 4'8" at birth, i didnt do anything that i shouldnt have done while pregant with him. Since he started kindergarten about 2 yrs ago he started having accidents, he wouldnt sit still in the class room, would hide under tables, walk out of the room, jump around like a frog, he would sneek into my kitchen at nite to sneak food after he would be put to bed for the nite. He wouldnt sleep till sometime after 1 am and be up by 6 am. He was lying all the time about everything. He got a knife that was in a box that was just on the entertainment center for show, we never opened it to show anyone or anything like that. One day he came out of his room and came into mine where i was doing laundry and said he cut his finger on his brothers toddlers bed, which at the time was metal. I felt all over the frame and didnt find anything, figured maybe he caught it just right. Then I walk out into the living room and notice a picture was missing from the entertainment center so i looked behind the couch where they liked to put things and noticed the box for the knife. I got scared because at that moment i knew someone had the knife. I had 3 kids all under the age of 5. The youngest being 2. I tryed to get him to tell me where the knife was so noone would get hurt. I found there thomas sofa all cut up. We ended up finding the knife inside the play couch. We tired for 2 hrs to get him to tell us where the knife was. He is doing alot better now, with the bahavoiral things but still having accidents in his pants. I dont know if any of this means anything to anyone but I just want to help my little boy. Its been a rough 2 yrs. Been fighting with his school because of the accidents. I would have to take him out of school bring him home, change him and clean him up and then take him back. Then they had him go in 2 hrs late to see if his accidents would stop at school. They didnt. They did over the summer till about thanksgiving time last year. So far this school year he's had noone at school but dozens at home. Please if anyone can help it would be apprecaited. Thank you.
  4. Okay my stepson is 6 yrs old and has had cronic ear infections since an infant, for a few years now he's had bowl issuies where sometimes he's in a lot of pain from pooping, he has speech issuies (not sure if he gets it from his mother who cant talk right), and he's has alot of anger towards his brothers and towards me when i try to disipline. The anger with his brothers are he thinks that he can do what he wants to anything and anyone with out someone saying anything. With me when i try to get him to calm down or tell him he's wrong, he yells and screams how he hates everyone in the family and he's the boss. He's gone as far as to tell me he's going to get his mother's boyfriends gun and shoot me with it, or get a knife and cut me with it. Any idea if we should get him tested or atleast seen to discusse him having the possibilities of having celiac?
  5. I use the huggies clean team. I contacted them and they said that Kimberly-Clark consumer products do not contain wheat, rye, barley, spelt, triticale, kamut or farina. Certain Kimberly-Clark products do contain oats. The only Kimberly-Clark products containing oats are HUGGIES
  6. I love the huggies clean team products and I contacted huggies and they said that Kimberly-Clark consumer products do not contain wheat, rye, barley, spelt, triticale, kamut or farina. Certain Kimberly-Clark products do contain oats. The only Kimberly-Clark products containing oats are HUGGIES
  7. Okay my son is 7 yrs old and the pedi gi dr said that his teeth are showing signs of celiac disease, he still has all his baby teeth. Hasnt lost 1 yet. Is this common?
  8. My 7 yr old son has had surgery on his finger for a tumor that wasnt cancerous, he had tubes put in his ears, he had his adnodes taking out for sleep apnia, and has had a hernia operation. No on Oct 2, he will have the endoscope done. How long before we should here back a yes or a no? I hate doing all these things to him.
  9. Childrens Behaivor

    My son is 7 yrs old and has ADHD. We dont have alot of junk in our house nor do we let our kids have it. He is on a medication called vyvance and it has calmed him down, but he still has other issuies. He saw a Pedi-Gi spelicalist yesterday and she believes that he has Celiac Disease. He still is having bathroom issuies where he will have pooped in his pants and not tell anyone. He used to lie about having accidents when asked. He also has a hard time falling asleep at nite, and used to get up in the middle of the nite and get into foood. He weighs 34 lbs and is 43" tall. He hasnt grown or gained weight in 2 months. I have had soo many dr apt and so many people that are proffesionals and they all have different opions on whats wrong with him.
  10. Hi, im a mom of a 7 yr old, who hasnt been diganosed yet, but gi dr is pretty postive it is. Since he started kindergarden 2 yrs ago, he began to have bathroom issuies. (pooping and peeing himself and not telling anyone), he weighs all of 34 lbs and is 43" tall. He is ADHD and is on a med called vyvance. Its a wonderfull medication for him. It has helped soo much. The first year of kindergarden he was walking out of the class room, jump around like a frog, hiding under tables and so on. The second year of kindergarden he was on the meds and was able to sit down like a regular child and be able to learn what everyone else was doing. He will poop himself and not tell anyone. Its been very frustrating. Had many people tell me that he's doing it for attention. But he is a happy kid, loves to learn and play. Any info you might have learned that might be helpfull to me and my family would be most apprecaited.
  11. I am very new. Today my 7 yr old son saw his pedi-GI and she said she is very concered about his weight and height growth. In 2 months he hasnt grown or gained weight. He is 34 lbs and 43" tall. He is in 1st grade and has bathroom issuies for the past 2 yrs. Today she said that she wants to do a biopsy to see if he has this celiac disease. Any info you could give me on this disease and the foods to use if he is diagonised with it. I want to try to prepare myself and my husband with whats ahead of us. For 2 yrs we were told that he just has behavior problems. He has been diagonsed with ADHD.