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  1. Gluten Free Shopping In Jacksonville Fl

    Thank you!!!! I will forward this to his dad!
  2. My son is travling in December to spend the holidays with his dad. When I told him I was implementing a gluten free adiet for Ben and he would need to get some special food at a health food store, his first response was "what's a health food store?" So, I am obviously going to have to assist him with this. Does anyone know any health food stores in jacksonville or jacksonville beach or surrounding areas? Thanks in advance!!! Michelle
  3. We have seen a ped GI. Apparently he is the best in town. He is hell bent on solving this with antibiotics. I just can't help but think that all of these symptoms have a bigger picture involved and no one is spotting it. You are the second person to mention CF, and given that all that's involved is a sweat test I will definitely request this. I am going to ask for all the blood work to be redone with the TS IgA included this time. I will look into the lyme disease testing as well, but I am not sure how that specific lab gets involved. Do I ask that a seperate tube be drawn and then sent to that specific lab? Anything else I should ask them to draw for? Also, I get that a lot of people think I should make him do the endo. But the fact is that he is 15 years old and taller than I am. How do you "make" someone bigger than you do anything? I can try to illicit cooperation but in the end if he refuses, at this stage there is little i can do. I also forgot to mention that has also has aspergers and does not handle stress and fear like an average teenager, we do have behavioral issues on top of all the medical stuff which makes all of this very hard to deal with for both him and myself. Thanks again for all your input.
  4. Thanks Rachel. I appreciate your response. I do have some questions for you. Is it possible to have Lyme disease without having the hallmark symptoms? I have fibromyalgia as well and as far as I know neither myself or my son have ever been bitten by a tick or had a bullseye rash anywhere on our bodies. As far as I know a total serum IgA was not ordered. the test results I posted are the ones I have so I can only assume that test wasn't done. You did mention gluten intolerance, do you think this is the case because of the bloodwork or symptoms or is it a speculation at this point? I am trying really hard to convince him to do the endoscopy, but he has a hard time dealing with any medical procedures at all, even blood work cause major drama with him. I know that gluten free prior to endoscopy will throw off all the results. I just read ( on here) about enterolabs and may use that in lieu of an endoscopy if I can't get Ben to cooperate with the endoscopy.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a fifteen year old son who is having a lot of medical issues that I think are possibly linked to celiac. Namely he is 5' 3 1/2" and weighs 86 pounds. He is not what I consider to be healthy. His immune system does not function well. He is often sick and has a very hard time getting rid of colds once he has them. He also gets weird complications when he is sick. He has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the muscles in his back are constantly hot, swollen and inflamed. He suers from a lot of body aches and frequently has nose bleeds. he rarely has diarrhea but has awul gas all the time and sometimes complains of stomach aches and relux. We did a breath hydrogen test yesterday with the gastro and he tested positive for bacterial overgrowth in the gut and was given an antibiotic. The dr said that he did not think he has celiac or wheat/gluten intolerance based on blood work results. The results are as follows: Sed rate: 3 Gliadin Antibody Panel IgA : <3 Gliadin Ab IgG: 46H Tissue Transglut Antibody (tTG) Ab, IgA: <3 Apparently the IgG test is the only one outside of the normal reference range. The gastro said bacterial overgrowth could cause that test result to come back like that. I am still concerned though because of all the symptoms Ben has. I have done hours and hours of research and the one thing that keeps coming up is celiac disease. I have not encountered any info that says bacterial overgrowth could cause FTT in an adolescent ( or any other person for that matter). Ben saw his ped or the first time in a few months last week and the nurse actually pulled me aside and asked if he was eating and did I think maybe he might have anorexia, he is that thin and drawn looking. I guess an endoscopy is our next option but Ben is really freaked out about that and I am beginning to wonder if i should just put him on a gluten free diet without any medical tests to back me up and just see what happens. I hate to start him on such a restrictive diet without knowing for certain that it is needed( I did gluten-free/CF with my younger son and quite frankly I would rather gouge my own eyeball out with a fork than implement a gluten free household again) but i am really at a loss right now as to what else I can do. All I know is that I have an extremely skinny, unhealthy teenager and not too many answers at this point. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Michelle PS... he has been tested for JRA and some other autoimmune stuff and so ar nothing has been discovered, the tests have always been negative.