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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Teeth Grinding (bruxism)

    anyone in this thread drink coffee?? im also thinking that other vasoconstrictors may have alot to do with the whole teeth grinding thing i have not had a problem with this for the last few months but recently after a bad run in with some gluten infected belgian chocolates ive had mouth probs all week and my teeth are sore and the inside of my mouth is liek cotton mouth, very tender. no canker sores thank god (yet anyway) but its back to being a pain.. when i havent had this happen for some time... then again i havent been glutened in some time either... been doing really well. avoiding bad foods... until xmas time.. Vasoconstrictors: Amphetamines antihistamines Cocaine LSD LSA Methylphenidate Oxymetazoline Phenylephrine Pseudoephedrine Stimulants Caffeine Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride (in eye drops) Psilocybin nicotine is also a vasoconstrictor.. as are most decongestants + antihistamines.. anyone here in this thread using decongestants?? they are probably causing the teeth grinding..thats what im putting 2+2 together to figure out from my own research... sudafed? benedryl? ephedrine? anyone?
  2. Food Cravings

    yea thats what happens to me i had rice krispies this week by accidnet thinking they were safe and i ate off the whole box in like 2-3 days because i kept eating them i should have realized what was goin on..
  3. Celiac Doc In Toronto Canada Area?

    i too would very much like to know adoctor that is informed on celiac disease and takes it very seriously. my mothers doctor has done nothing but downplay it saying that its more about abdominal discomfort then anything else which is not the case as I get very tense and aggravated and irritable, as well as itchy and cankers and everythin else when i get glutened.
  4. Anger

    on a daily basis i get the tingling in my legs almost everyday, i get depressed at least once or twice a day..... it feels like.. i dont feel well i feel like something is really wrong with me i havent eaten bread in almost a year. i quit smoking april 18 2007.. i still get itchy all over the place if i eat the wrong thing i think im allergic to tim hortons coffee too i hate having this problem its ruining my life ive been charged with assault by freaking out on friends that dont realize i have problems with foods i didnt hurt anyone but i scare the poop out of people when i freak out im really scared that noone is ever going to be able to help me i think about killing myself when i feel the symptoms very badly i dont really want to do it but the thought comes into my mind i just hate feeling the symptoms i never want them to bother me again i wish i didnt eat stupid ricekrispies how can something so stupid cause me so much pain mental anguish and physical torture.. i get this crazy enrgy tis not normal i end up pushing up against walls just to "use my muscles" and wanting to hit things and joint pain and needing to stretch over and over and over and just this over all angst the itchyness drives me crazy on my arms and legs i wish there was something i could do to ensure this never bothers me again my cheeks are itching like crazy as im writing this i had rice krispies about 6 hours ago and ive eat en a whole box the last 3-4 days asnd the last 3-4 days has been HELL i cant tell u how annoyed and irritable i feel and when i go to the bathroom it comes out in lil hard dark chunks like i was a rabit or something, pebbles its like, it always is like that when im glutened when id idnt kno wabout this i used to bleed going number 2 and freak out and not understand what the hell was happening i used to eat this bread and years ago before i knew what celaic disease is i noticed it had the ingredient monodiglycerides listed and anything with that on it would totally mess me up to the point where id get this strange eye twitch and i wouldnt think or feel properly my god it was so bad, and these were HEALTH products i was buying there are so many people suffering frm this having this and knowing about it and knowing how little the medical community knows about this is really scarey it shows u that the so called human race is vERY FLAWED and VERY UNEDUCATED peeopel act smart and pretend to know alot but in reality they know DICK except the specific broadest sterms discussed in their schooling most doctors dont Think they just perscribe. i hate the medical profession... 99% of them anywya i know theres a small percentage of original and authentic thinking individuals but they are as far and few in between as they are in any faculty.
  5. Anger

    Ive just had the worst last couple of days and its all because i ate rice krispies.. which apparently has malt barley in it.. if i eat anything at all even close to being something i shouldnt i experience hell on earth for about 3-4 days.. ive been so angry i hit things i cant take this anymore i really cant my ears go red, i get angry as hell, i feel it swelling up inside me, i start to hate people, and i bounce back in forth between that and feelin hopeless and depressed and feeling ill and i havent been officially diagnosed but i desperately need to so that other people will believe me that i have something wrong with me and its not my fault i freak out when ive eaten things that i cant eat.....