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  1. This is my first time ever posting on a forum before. I totally sympathyse with you about the shock and optimism. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 4. I was so overwhelmed and panicked. I didn't know how I was going to measure out all of her food and get her to take 7 shots a day plus 7 finger pokes and that was on a good day. But we did get used to it. Then we got the pump which was supposed to help regulate her blood sugars. She seemed to be getting worse. She was classified a brittle diabetic. We were just chasing her numbers and didn't know why she would shoot up so high for no reason eating the exact same thing as she did the day before with no raise in blood sugar. Now she is 6 and two months ago she got the high numbers on her blood tests. I don't even remember what the tests were exactly except her numbers were supposed to be under 5 or 8 I think and they were all over 100. That's when her doctor started talking about Celeiac disease. I thought I had enough with diabetes plus she had no symptoms. Just a somach ache when her blood sugar was low but that is a typical sypmpom of low blood sugar. We went to the G.I. for a consult and boy was she the opposite of your doctor. She was very very strict and frightening. She told me my daughter could never ever ever eat a crouton for the rest of her life. If she ordered a salad at a reastearunt and it had croutons they had to make her a whole new salad. She could never have this or that or the other thing. It was still so hard to believe since she has no symptoms we went ahead and go the biopsy and the specialist reported that she does have celieac disease. I meet with the nurtrition specialist in 3 days from now but I feel like she has diabetes all over again. Most of the Gluten free food is high is carborhydrates and the cost is so difficult. But here is my biggest problem everyone so if someone has ideas I really need the help. The packaged food not only is more expensive but tastes worse than the fresh food. With the packaged food I know that two cookies equals .... amount of carbs. When I make anything from scratch I am having difficulty maintaining her blood sugar due to protion sizes. I made brownines and I cut them into 12 servings just like the box said but didn't work out well. Or cookies make them into 1.5 inch ball = this amount of carbs but very difficult to get outcome to be exactly like the box measures and assumes the portion size to be in relevance to the carb count. Thank you, Kelly