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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. What Chains Are Offering Gluten-Free Meals Nowadays?

    I also have never gotten a gluten-free menu at Cheesecake Factory. They thought I was asking for a "free menu" :-/ Maggiano's gave us a Gluten-free menu but unfortunately we were glutened afterward (we were only one of two couples in the entire restaurant (right after they opened for the day), so not sure how that happened! We don't gluten 'easily' either. Noodles & Company has always worked out well for us (their Thai rice-noodle offerings on the menu).
  2. Today we just got Enterolab fecal anti-gliaden IgA gluten-sensitivity results for two of our daughters. We had them tested because I was positive last summer (12, normal is <10) and my husband's also came back positive; a 13. I am the only family member who had symptoms. One daughter had a result of 30 Units (Normal Range <10 Units), and the other 14. My question is: Does ANYONE know of anyone who has had this test come back negative? I'm really getting suspicious! It seems so random. I guess the best way to find out definitively is to get genetic testing of some sort, but we will have to wait until we have the money (it's not covered by our insurance). For now, we've chosen the cheapest $99 test they offer, which is the stool sensitivity test. I am just having doubts that it's accurate! Thanks for any advice.
  3. Geographic Tongue

    Hi, I used to get geographical tongue as a teen and so did my siblings. I read in one of Adele Davis' books that it's due to B-vitamin deficiency, but this comment from a biochemist puts another light on it. http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/load/h...9160713007.html
  4. Thanks so much, all of you! Looks like I have way more options now Veronica
  5. Hi, I've been slowly trying out gluten-free baking for the first time and I definitely want to bake for the holidays. So far I've been using Bob's Red Mill all-purpose gluten free flour from the local grocery store. The only problem is it comes in weeny 1-lb bags. I was wondering if anyone knows of a source for, say, 5-lb bags of gluten-free flour? Thanks!
  6. Wow, People Really Don't Get It...

    Recently I got into an "argument" with an acquaintance who insisted I could eat her homemade bread "because I grind my own wheat and there's no gluten added to it." She insisted that bread does not have gluten in it if you make it yourself, and pointed to the fact that you can buy gluten separately as "proof" that it is added later to bread. We went to Cheesecake Factory yesterday, and I asked our waiter if they had a gluten-free menu. He came back with a "free" to-go menu that I could take home with me. I did order their Godiva chocolate cheesecake (flourless crust) and it went down well I never know whether to say I'm sensitive to gluten, wheat or flour because it seems saying just one results in blank stares!
  7. gluten-free In Seattle?

    Here's another one (below). The executive chef, Patrick Ahern, is the husband of "Gluten-Free Girl" if you've ever seen her great blogspot (she's also written a cookbook). He has worked hard to make their menu gluten-free. Impromptu Wine Bar Cafe 4235 E. Madison St. Seattle, WA 98112 ph. 206.860.1569 There's always Anthony's on Pier 66 at the waterfront too for fantastic salmon! It's a nice place and I'm sure they would accomodate you, although they are not gluten-free per se.
  8. gluten-free In Seattle?

    Hi, I hope this isn't too late. I am from Seattle, we just moved away a year ago. DaVinci Bakery and Cafe is 100% gluten-free. Da Vinci Bakery and Cafe 10003 Greenwood Ave N. Seattle, WA Phone: 206-782-5735
  9. Hi, I am new to this forum- just registered today in fact! I wanted to post here because I also had unexplained weight gain along with many other symptoms before being diagnosed gluten-sensitive (via EnteroLab) in the beginning of July. It was so frustrating and puzzling to be eating so carefully (way before I was diagnosed) and exercising faithfully (although fatigued) and not seeing any results and actually gaining weight! Anyway I think my weight gain (15 lbs. on a small frame) was due to high cortisol levels and adrenal problems caused by gluten sensitivity. Evidently celiac can cause thyroid problems too. I'm currently on 1 grain of Armour and 5 mcgms. Cytomel and have lost 5 lbs in the past few weeks. I'm really hoping as I heal that I'll continue to have more energy and lose more weight. So glad to have found this thread!!