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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. For anyone going to Copenhagen Denmark, you MUST get to the Naturbageriet Bakery. They have tow locations one just a few blocks away from the Central train station and another near Tivoli. o to their website http://www.naturbageriet.dk/. They specialize in natural baked goods. They have the most dreamy incredibly great tasting gluten free baked goods on the planet. And the gluten-free rolls are great too. They speak excellent English as do most people in Denmark so you won't have trouble with language issues. In Sweden the Pizza Hut chains and MC Donalds all speak gluten-free too. Pizza Hut bring out your gluten-free pizza for you upon request, no extra charge either! gluten-free rolls and breads are everywhere, the hotels too. Just ask. Enjoy!
  2. Orange County, Ca

    On Beach Blvd between Katella and Orangewood is a fantastic restaurant named Park Avenue. Fantastic and they speak our language of gluten-free. At Downtown Disney go to the Storyteller Cafe. The circle in Orange had Cafe Felix.
  3. gluten-free/cf Wedding Guest

    Power bars work to keep in your bag to nibble on too. If you ask the caterer for a fruit plate or large salad dressing on the side will keep everyone happy. Have a great time1
  4. They are out of coupons..... The recording states they had an OVERWHELMING response to the coupons do not have anymore to give out. They will however get your email address to keep you up to date on the new gluten-free products they are working on. Maybe they is more coming???
  5. Attending A Paid Catered Event

    Everyone misunderstood my post. No demands or threats should be made. I did not write the words threaten or demand. You should instead ACT like your diet needs should be accommodated. If asking nicely is not well received, then you might consider an attitude change of you "expect" to be accommodated. When a person wears jeans, t-shirt and flip flops you are judged by your appearance and taken less seriously than someone wearing better clothes and more dressed up. Hey folks...calm down.
  6. Attending A Paid Catered Event

    My opinion....you are going about this the wrong way. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Whether in politics, the media, gay rights issues it applies everywhere. Approach the caterer with the idea you WILL get what you want. If it si before the event, call them and tell them to make something you can eat. No threat, just state you EXPECT them to comply. After all, you stated you are required to pay for it. If you come the day of the event, then come early and see the catering manager and state the same things. You WILL accommodate me. I paid for the meal, I will be accommodated. In America, we've become for to PC and mousy. The folks who get paid attention to are usually in the minority and they get everything they ask for at the majorities expense. I have at events like this and have been served at the very least an overflowing fruit plate that is the envy of the other guests at my tabel. Find a spine for goodness sake!
  7. Southern CA? Mothers Market rocks for gluten free! They're in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach & Orange.
  8. I use Great Lash by Maybelline. Its Gluten free and reasonably priced too. Look in your drug store for the bright pink with green top mascara.
  9. The reaction is a burning or irritating of your eyes. They will feel overly dry and you'll find yourself blinking quite a bit. Avons mascara is gluten-free.
  10. PASS OUT???? You shouldn't post such scary stuff. New Celiacs will be frightened to go out to a bar with that last post. We must all be aware of how sensitive to gluten we are before we eat or drink anything. Try drinking at home a few times with mixed drinks, sodas and grain alcohol. Don't be afraid to bar hop. Don't be afraid of a bartenders fingers!! Enjoy your gluten free life!
  11. Mimi's Cafe

    Their Chinese Chicken salad dressing is yummy! Ask for it (without croutons) on any salad. Their signature pot roast is also fantastic. Ask for it without the gravy and you are good to go. I've eaten there since diagnosed 15 years ago and have yet to get ill. Another favorite is a quesadilla made with corn tortillas. Yum!
  12. Can I Eat At Pick Up Stix?

    The coating on everything including the tofu is cornstarch! I eat at Stix often. There are four different locations I frequent in Orange County CA. and never have been ill. Do your homework people. Ask questions, write letters and don't frighten people on this board with these false reports. Ask for the white sauce only and cleaned wok to start and you should have NO problems.
  13. My jaw dropped last night while watching Cold Case on CBS. Jeremy Ratchford (Nick) tried to get an extremely overweight woman to hurry a forensic analysis on a gun for him. He brings pastries to her desk and she lashes out at him stating she is a Celiac and allergic to wheat. Main stream TV getting with the program! The allergy reference is poor but more awareness is better than none. I was diagnosed 15 years ago, when there were no foods to eat, no alternative flours to bake with and no awareness at all. It's easy to be a Celiac today. All the Celiac whiners should take a time out and think what it was like for us old timers.
  14. You can purchase Rice Chex from Amazon and have it shipped.