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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Not Dealing Well...

    Hi VegasVic Sorry taken so long to reply - so much on, so little time. And a computer that works would help too Have sent you a PM with some further details. Cheers, Myd
  2. Weight Loss

    Seems logical to me... if your body hasn't been absorbing nutrients properly, it'd be much the same as people that don't eat very often - the body will store everything it can to draw on for energy later. Once you start providing energy on a regular basis, no need to store as much. Make sense?
  3. Something to do with the amount of time since you've been gluten-free? One of the girls I know is intolerant, but once in a while (ie. 8 months or so) she'll have some pizza or pasta or something while out with friends with minimal side effects. But if she does it a couple of times it hits her big time
  4. Fountain now do a gluten-free soy sauce - tastes great
  5. yeah. not much I miss really. bread I just haven't had, never been big on biscuits etc anyway Kind of good timing in that the local shops have suddenly decided to expand their range of gluten-free foods. Just gotta wonder if some of them really are... Bought some gluten-free corn & vege pasta, and my reaction to it was awful. Mind you, wasn't lasting, so probably something else that doesn't like me
  6. Underweight/Overweight?

    Hmm. how about another response... I was anywhere between a size 10 and 12, healthy weight for my height etc, but with an extra inch or two just from bloating. Having gone gluten-free, dropped the bloating, and now a size 9/10 (smallest I've been in my life), but hell of alot healthier. Essentially, I wasn't over or underweight, just carrying alot of 'bloat'.
  7. He told you it can't be determined by a blood test?! essentially you're testing for the same thing as for celiac If the antibodies (IgG/IgA) indicate an intolerance to gluten, then how can raised levels of this NOT let you know?
  8. But I'm guessing that you don't need intestinal damage before this happens. having been in for many ultrasounds due to gyn issues, every time the doc comments on the small size of my spleen... never thought about it before, but perhaps there's an answer
  9. What Type Of Doctor To See?

    If your after a quick indication, asking your GP for the blood test may be an option, no? Whether or not you have elevated levels should give you a starting point. You could even try an elimination test whilst awaiting the results if you didn't want to wait.
  10. I'd just hope that they get themselves retested after being on gluten for a while and not wait for any serious symptoms. Yeah, a bit behind everyone sometimes... but I've been lucky. Only 5 yrs before a new GP figured this out, and the only other prob I have my old GP picked up straight away
  11. Thanks for that Gretchen Yes, he's been great!! Putting up with the "I can't eat that", and the mood that followed a caterers erm... mistake!? Yep. Has got me a little confused though. I'm not quite sure what it was testing. All it had on the result sheet was anti-IgA - 190. When I got home I did a search on the web, and found something that said over 30 was high indication of positive for celiac disease. Seems over there you're testing is more detailed?! Glad my doc has a view of avoiding problems, and suggested gluten-free for 6 wks. The GI said don't do it unless definite celiac disease. As for waiting till you get to the point where you've got intestinal damage if you can avoid it... you gotta be kidding me. not if you know how to avoid it Peta
  12. Figured I'd just work around the lack of pizza... Got a wood oven in the kitchen. I'll try making my own and a gluten-free'll bring the drinks
  13. You should try being dignosed over in Australia - only how many years behind? lol A thought on the diagnosis reversal though... is it possible that because they have been gluten-free for so long that they no longer have the symptoms on being tested (fairly logical if gluten-free), but that if they return to eating gluten it'll have to be reversed again?
  14. Nope, not in your head! That's about the same time it took me to be feeling great Unfortunately, caterers that don't know what they're cooking with have got me feeling pretty awful at the moment They spend 20 mins explaining how careful they were to do two of the meals gluten-free, and half an hour later I was telling em otherwise...
  15. Hi Kelly, I had a colonoscopy when they were trying to diagnose IBS - came back as no sign. My new doc did some blood tests which came back with some fairly extreme readings, and suggested I needed a endoscopy to check the small intestine. I mentioned the colonoscopy, and he said pretty much what you did - the biopsy needs to be taken from the upper end of the intestine. You can always just tell yr doctor to do the test... But would you want to have the test done with 2 neg blood results? I know a lot of people have positive blood but negative biopsy, but had anyone had the opposite?