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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Feeling Your Baby Move?

    Thanks for all your responses. Like I mentioned, I wasn't sure what it was because it's something new that I haven't experienced yet. It was a fluttery feeling, pretty indescribable, but I just didn't know what it was. I'm in week 13 as of this weekend, and thankfully everything is going well. Felt the same sensation earlier today, I seem to feel it if I sit really still or while I'm laying down. We're super excited for the rest of the pregnancy and for meeting the little one! Thanks again for all your responses, Nadia
  2. Feeling Your Baby Move?

    hi all, so I'm almost 13 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and I really think that I felt the baby move today. It was really light, but most of the baby websites say you wont normally feel it until about 16 weeks. My question - do you think that having Celiac's (been gluten-free for 6.5 years), and going through all the stomach issues you can tell the difference earlier in pregnancy between baby movements and other things going on in your tummy area? What just happened is not a normal feeling (that I've felt in my lower left tummy anyways), and I'm just wondering if it's because with Celiac's I'm so conscious of what is happening in there, that I know what's 'normal' and what's not? Just curious - am I even making sense? Thanks all!
  3. Prenatal Vitamins And Diarrhea

    I've been on Nature's Made Prenatals for about 3 months with no problems. Just found out yesterday that I'm about 4-5 weeks pregnant, and I haven't had any issues either. Sorry it's not much of a help.
  4. Hi all, I'm traveling to Germany for my sister's wedding in September, and we're having difficulty with the catering company. They want a complete list of the ingredients that I can not have (fortunately gluten-free only), and said the restaurant cards didn't have 'enough information' as to the ingredients they should avoid. I've asked for just a 'plain' meal, with no sauce, coating, spices or either grilled fish or chicken with steamed veggies and rice, but they won't cook it in the kitchen without a list of ingredients. Can anyone here help? I'm looking for a list of commonly used ingredients that are either already in German or that we can translate - are there any common spices / ingredients that contains gluten but not clearly labeled? We contacted the German Coeliac Society and they told my sister she has to pay 50 Euros to become a member to get the list. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much! Nadia
  5. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  6. Feeling Down

    I was diagnosed over 6 years ago and have been on a strict gluten-free diet since then. All I can say is what you're feeling is totally normal. Those crappy feelings will get less and less over time. Most days I'm totally fine, it doesn't get me down at all. But every so often things happen that make you feel depressed and upset, and it sucks. It gets better, just remember you're healthier in the long run and by sticking to a gluten-free diet you'll be around longer for your daughter. And as an aside - do yourself the favor and get the biopsy done if you can. It never hurts, and will give you some peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying life.
  7. I don't know the cause of it, but mine does it too, some days are worse than others.... Today is really bad, it sucks being at work because I feel like everyone can hear my stomach. I've been trying to reschedule my meetings so I don't have to be sitting across the table from anyone while my tummy is acting up. Sorry I can't be of help, but you're not alone!
  8. Gluten In Spices?

    There are all sorts of spices that are gluten-free. McCormicks' pure spices - NOT THE BLENDS are gluten-free, and just check labels and call companies, i know i have a ton of spices, but they're mostly from the UK so i'm not too sure about US spices. hope this helps
  9. Hello everyone, I've been gluten-free for about 1.5 years, and now i am finaaly achieving more than sticking to my gluten-free diet daily, i'm graduating from college! I am writing my final paper on celiac disease, and i'm trying to take an educational approach. If all goes well my story will get printed in some of the local Orange County papers, maybe i'll try and submit it to magazines too. I am looking for some interesting/ helpful tips from everyone on this board. What are the things (big or small) that has made life easier as a Celiac? What was the hardest thing to give up and did you find something to replace it with? Any tips on keeping on doctors for diagnoses, or even like the last question, what to do about communion? Both good things and bad things will be helpful to my paper. When it's done i'll post it here for everyone to read too. I have tried to go through these boards and find some answers, but don't want to include anything I don't get permission for writing. So if people will be so kind to post them on this message board over the next couple of days, i will include them in my paper. If you have any questions, please email me at nadia_van_rooyen@yahoo.com or jordanandnadia@yahoo.com thank you much! Nadia by the way, i took charge with my wedding and my whole cake is going to be gluten-free!!!!
  10. Has anyone found problems with dried fruit? The label doesn't indicate anything non gluten-free, and i totally feel like hell right now. It's the only thing that i can narrow it down to, didn't do anything else, no crosscontamination from anything else, i know that for a fact. Also, does benedryl or anything like that help when you get this pain? I've been gluten-free for just about 1 yr, and haven't been in this much pain since going gluten-free. Please, any advice / help will help me tremendously. thanks n
  11. Does Anyone Feel Like This?

    i was sedated during my endoscopy... it was heaven. slept like a baby. didn't feel a thing. My throat felt like i was starting to get a cold after the endoscopy, but about halfway through the day i started feeling much better. I think it's worth being sedated, i've heard it hurts a lot when you're not, swo i'd consider being knocked out. The meds that put you under isn't too strong either, i woke up about 20 minutes after the endoscopy. Hope this helps Nadia
  12. Safe Alcohol

    Connie, any idea why the Hornsby's draft cider is not gluten-free? The label doesn't indicate any different ingredients from their apple cider. Anything that could not be gluten-free anyways? Just curious, czuse i love my ciders... N
  13. Kids Sleep Habits

    Don't know if this has anythign to do with the celiac disease, but when i was little i didn't sleep through the night until i was 6... My mom still likes to point that out. I wasn't diagnosed until a year ago though (i was 20 then). Maybe this helps...
  14. What Is Normal Now?

    I don't know about normal per say, but my depression, anxiety, bowel movements and a lot of other things have gotten so much better in the past year, i can't even begin to tell you guys. They had me on 4 different kinds of anti-deps and anti-anxiety pills before i was diagnosed and i haven't been on any since then, and i feel great. Still get bouts of depression though, but they seem far and few between now, so that always helps... I hope everyone is having a great week. ~ N ~
  15. I Give Up!

    Please don't quit your diet, the first three months are the hardest. I promise you it will get better, and after a while you learn how to substitute the foods for what you once loved, and it makes all the difference in the world. Have you tried baking your own bread? If not, Bette Hagman has some wonderful bread recipes, including sourdough! Her sugar cookie recipe tastes just like the real thing too. There really are ways to make this diet taste better, you just have to find them. I hope you don't quit, and i hope you feel better, it will take a little time. Baked potatoes with chicken and chives really filled me up when i was first starting the diet...