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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. What about Claussen pickles? Anyone know if the vinager is gluten-free? Thank you in advance. Just went gluten-free yesterday and craving pickle juice. Not sure if it's a gluten craving or malnourished sodium levels. I use to eat so many as a child my nick name was Pickles but the craving went away as I got older, now 30+ years later I want pickles again. Thanks for any information.
  3. I'm A Weird Celiac - Gained Weight?

    What is the SCD diet?
  4. As Dessa said it affects everyone differenlty, but it sound like we are only inches away from our pain. Try the stretches she suggested but go very slowly at first. I am actually to scared to try until I find out which way she stretches. Good luck to you and I wish you the best. Amanda
  5. Dessa ~ Is your pain in your left or right rib cage? I'm scared to stretch the wrong way as all movements aggrivate my pain. I am almost wheelchair bound 100% of the time due to the pain. Unable to work for a year now. Treat yourself nicely, and remember that gluten hides in many places, and it is up to you to look for it. Another night unable to sleep and reading your last statement has given me a peace I truely needed. I am boiling eggs now to eat and just finished drinking half a jar of pickle juice. Sound familiar? Did you think you were crazy? I am so proud of you for connecting the pain with celiac from a magazine article. Life changing I am sure. Up to me to look for it...any other places your having problems? Depression and anxiety have been huge issues in my life and nothing has ever helped. My memory is so poor I can't remember family members names of my boyfriends that I have known for 8 years. The more I research the more I find things that gluten has caused. Thank you again for your reply. I do not feel completely alone now. Blessing to you and yours, Amanda
  6. I have severe pain at the bottom of my ribs is this "upper abdominal'?
  7. I am so sorry to hear you feel my pain. How did you finally figure it out? I was diagnosed at 34 and wish I could start over gluten-free. I have been reading about trouble gluton spots. Is this a common one? Can a crumb cause your pain to return for months?
  8. I am embarresed to say, I just put the two and two together today. Never associated the pain with my celiac. Have not been on a gluten-free diet, but started back again today. Never really gave it a chance. Did not realize how serious this condition is. I thought it was the bed rest that helped and not the diet at the hospital. Looking back over my life all of my health and emotional problems, down to lack of memory can be linked to this. I feel as if I have found the magic pill. Thank you for your time to reply. I really needed to hear from someone to know if this could all be possible. Seems unimaginable that Gluten can destroy your life. Happy to have a second chance. Best wishes to you and your health.
  9. I'm A Weird Celiac - Gained Weight?

    Another "weird" one here. Celiac fighting weight gain. The article suggsted below was VERY HELPFUL. Thank you.
  10. Just got back from another emergencey room visit, with nothing but laxatives and nausea mediation. Pain is unbearable. It originated 5 years ago in my lower left rib cage. Misgianosed since then I believe because nothing has helped the pain. I take 3 Oxicotins and 3 Lortab 10's a day for severe nerve damage, but this does not touch the pain. I am going in for a neurostimulator trial on Wednesday and they are thinking of putting a lead to my ribs to help with unexplained pain. I am on Plaquinil for several forms of arthritus, I also have osteoperosis. I have had many pain blocks and nothing is helping. I have been disabled for one year now and can barely ride in a car. I have had one pain free experiance. I was in the hospital for over a month and on a gluten free diet. I thought it was because I was not using my "rib muscles". I have a new GI consult Monday. I have been diagnosed celiac from a biobpsy I do not have a blockage and only "poo" a couple times a month. Could this be all related? Thank you in advance