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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to write a post about this new website that I found. Its called www.gfreecuisine.com It's thru another website that my non celiac friends go too. I took a look at it and its pretty cool. They offer a 2 week free trial just type in "trial" for the promo code and if you sign up ( it's 10.00 a month) type in "celiac" and they will give you a free Crate & Barrel kitchen gadget. The website offers 10 recipes a week and you choose 5. Everything is in order when you go shopping, can goods, produce, etc. Everything you need for a week to cook your meals. They even give you different types of bread recipes too. I made my first recipe last night. It was really good. Just wanted to share the info. Hope all is well. ~Sascha
  2. Hi , Last night I drank a sip of Zieglars apple cider. About 30 min. later I started having "the pain in my side" I hope I didnt get glutened. Oh Also does any know if reeses peanut butter cups have gluten too.( they are my fav) they are closed. Thanks for any info.
  3. Thanks for the reply back. What is IGG?? I think I might do the gene testing too. I did read that if her IGA level was low she might never test positive.
  4. HI, I my daughters (18 month old) test results came back and her Celiac Panel was less than 3. So It is considered negative. Her IGA was 20 the range (24-122) The serum IGA was 18 and the range (24-122). So it is on the lower end. I have been reading this book about children and celiac disease. It states that children with an IGA deficency (sp?) are at an increased risk for celiac disease. I thought that was very interesting. The past couple of days I have feeding my daughter what I have been eating ( I was just diagnosed with celiac disease one month ago). Her stomach is much flatter than normal. (Her symptoms were bloating and allergy to milk) I was just wondering if Anyone else had numbers like that. With Low IGA'S.
  5. Thanks for the info. I didn't get to go to the picnic due to the dizzyness. I thought I was going to fall over. It's better now. It feels like every time I get accidentally "glutened" the symptoms are so much worse. I can handle the D but NOT the Vertigo. That is horrible. I never had symptoms like that before. I hope it does not come back again. My Friend works at Outback and (he's one of the cooks) When my food came back to him it said on the ticket. Gluten FREE. He asked the other cooks "what does that mean." Alot of people even the cooks at restaurants just think people can't have wheat and thats it. I was kinda mad he didn't know how to handle the food. The managers need to educate their staff on food safety and allergies. I can't complain too much at least they have a menu for us.
  6. I have been gluten free for about 1 month now. Usually when I get "glutenend" I know within a 1/2 hr, with ab pain and diarrhea. Last Night I went to Outback and ate from the Gluten Free menu. I was stuffed. I did not get pain or diarrhea last night. Then this morning I woke up sick to my stomach and have had severe diarrhea all morning and now I am starting to get really dizzy . I have tried to drink gatorade to help with dizzyness. Has this happened to anyone I am feeling awful. Were suppose to go on a work picnic later this afternoon. I hope it gets better. Is there anything I can do to make it go away.
  7. Hi, Thank you for your replies. Your info was all very helpful. I am bringing my daughter back to the Dr. tomorrow for a routine vaccination. Hopefully they will have the test results back by then. (They drew the blood on Monday). If the results are negative then I will probably do the gene test, Since I have celiac disease.Iam just concerned with how other family members are going to react to this. They don't know that the results could be negative and she "could" still have the disease. (Please don't think that I am hoping she has this) I just want to make sure she is healthy. Back to the other family members. They still have a hard time with the her milk allergy ( Her bottom gets really red and the poo is this orangy color and she screams when we wipe her) But they are upset when they can't give her Ice cream. So I can only imagine how they will get if she can't have gluten. The "they" I am talking about are the grandparents so naturally they want to spoil her with food. But they are also her caregivers when I work. I guess well just have to see and get on the same page when we get the results back and go from there. Thanks for letting me vent.
  8. Hi, My 18 month old was just tested yesterday for celiac disease. They did the Celiac Panel. If it is negative,( I havent gotton the test results back yet.) How accurate are the results? I have read about false negatives. At what age are they more conclusive? The Symptoms she is having... MILK Allergy and Bloated belly. And I just got diagnosed as well, about 1 month ago. That's why the Doc wanted to test her for it. Thanks for any feedback:)
  9. Hi, I was Just wandering if any of you have had similiar symptoms. I have been gluten Free for about 3 weeks. The GI symptoms are getting a little better. But I find myself being so "Short tempered" with my husband. I just feel on edge. just really snappy. I am usually not like this But it takes everything not to chew his head off. I hope this subsides. Prior to getting diagnosed I ate alot of bread and pastas. Do you think it could be withdrawl. Have others felt this way. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy. All these restrictions Its so hard. I hope it gets better. Thanks for any info or experiences.
  10. Hi My name is Sascha, I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 3 weeks ago. With a blood test. I have an appt on Monday with the GI. I am sure that he is going to want to do a biopsy. But I have been gluten free for 3 weeks and feeling so much better. So is it really neccessary for a biopsy when I will continue to be gluten free? Also I read that you have to be eating gluten for it to be accurate. There is no WAY I can do that. Yesterday I accidently ate some deli meat cut from publix. About an 1 or so later I was having major Diarrhea...Sorry tmi. Then I read you should not eat at a deli for fear of Cross contamination. Now today I am STILL having bad gas pains in my right side and are relieved when I go #2. Is this normal? I am feeling better right now. These pains were the same feeling I had prior to getting Diagnosed but now much worse with one accidental exposure. Oh I also have an 18month old daughter. She shows no symptoms but I would like to get her tested too. Or at least maybe gene tested. Thanks for any feedback.
  11. Hi, I am new to this board. What a wealth of knowledge. I just got diagnosed with Celaic. ( Well with a blood test, my ttg was 37). I don't see the GI Specialist until the 20th. I have been Gluten Free for 1 week. I feel sooooo much better. There is no way I can eat the gluten ever again, so I don't think I will have the Biopsy. Now, getting to my daughter. She is 18 months. She is growing well.(50th percentile for weight. 75th percentile height.) But has a milk allergy/sensitive. Since 4 weeks old. I read on another board that one symptom was round belly and cirlces under her eyes. She has that. What are other symptoms in children? Her next appt is the 20th. I just want to know what other test could I have her tested for that would confirm a diagnosis of celaic or wheat Intolerance. I read about gene testing. I really do not want her to have a Biopsy. That seems pretty invasive. Thanks for any info