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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

    Hey Gluten Girl...Just checking in to see how you are doing on the SC!!
  2. Thanks Lizard and Carolyn. Carolyn, I'm glad to see a that your had villous healing on the diet! How long did it take before you started to feel the benefit of the SCD?
  3. Has anyone heard from the company on whether or not the flavored Ciroc's are gluten free? Thanks, Scott
  4. Thanks Lizard...I looked at the diet online, and it's pretty similar to the Gap's diet which I am trying. Maybe a little more restrictive though. How long did it take on the whole 30 for you to feel better? And do you feel good? Or just better? Shroom and di...thanks for the input...I am only eating the grass-fed beef and non-farmed salmon...haven't found any chicken I feel confident in.
  5. Grass fed! Oops! I've never had those vitamin levels run, but I did just have my CBC done and I was at the edge of iron deficient. I'll give my doc a call and ask him for a script to run those. Thanks for the input so far!
  6. Robek's

    I've recently started the soy free, corn free dairy free potato free, anything that tastes good-free diet in addition to my gluten-free diet. Anyone have anything to say about their experiences at Robek's??
  7. Thanks everyone...I do try to do most of the things that you all have suggested. Although, chewing my fingernails is definitely a tough one to break. I am going to schedule an appt with a food allergist, but haven't done it yet. I've started off going Corn, Soy, Dairy, potato and gluten-free now just to see how that works. I pretty much just eat fruit, grain fed beef, and vegetables. I do have some alcohol (wine or spirits) and black coffee as well. I'm doing something similar to the GAPS diet to start. I don't know if it's overkill or not strict enough...any thoughts? Also, any recommendations on a safe/strong multivitamin...and do you double up if your damaged? I have been using Centrum Silver, but I don't notice any difference when I'm off of it. One last question...metamucil???
  8. Thanks for your thoughts. I've just started the glutamine per the advice of a friend who is a nutritionalist. I just had my bloodwork run yesterday, so I'm waiting for those results. How much of a difference do you notice with the enzymes or glucosamine...can you tell when you've forgotten them for a while?
  9. I'm reading a lot of info on how many Celiac's are not healing even on a gluten free diet. I am crazy cautious, strict and never cheat (of course that's because the first time I tried to it wasn't pretty!). Even after 3 1/2 yrs gluten free, I can't say I feel fabulous. When I was scoped my doctor told me that he didn't even need to wait for results because my villi were obliterated. So, I've read some stuff on trying to minimize Corn, Soy, dairy and other things in order to see if that helps. I'd love to hear from some people who started with a lot of damage and how long it took them to heal and diets/supplements that may have helped. Thanks! Scott
  10. Thank you all very much for your responses.
  11. Hello, Has anyone out there regretted getting an official Celiac Diagnosis due to the problems they have had with Life or Health Insurance? My blood test was a strong positive but it seems that wouldn't be enough for an insurance company to increase my life insurance premiums...considering most docs won't diagnose celiac with that. So if anyone out there has increased their life insurance and had issues with the Celiac diagnosis I would really appreciate it. The more responses the better! Thanks, Scott
  12. Hey Cat Dr. Vencat is my Doc and I just met him today....I'm going in for a biopsy on Wednesday to confirm Celiac. I'm planning on going to the Mustard Seed on Saturday. How fortuitous (pretty sure I've never written that word before) is the timing on that! I just read an article in the Beacon regarding a restaurant called the Bistro of Green that is serving gluten free dishes. I'm going to check that out once the biopsy is done. What do you think of Dr. Vencat? Has he done a good job for you?...and how long have you been diagnosed? biopsy? -Scott
  13. Thank you all for your input. I thankfully got an appt with a GI, based on a cancellation, for tomorrow morning!!...and he is the only one in Akron listed on celiac.com!! I can't help but speculate on some Divine intervention there. I want to make sure that I ask the right questions. Any thoughts?
  14. Sorry about that. the reference ranges are AGA IgA < 5 U/ml AGA IgG < 10 U/ml tTg IgA < 4 U/ml So my AGA numbers seem Negative...but my tTg IgA seems strongly positive. What is the Celiac genetic test...I'm not familiar with that.
  15. Hello, My GP Doc doesn't have much experience with Celiac, so he ran a blood test for me, but when I got confusing results he wasn't sure what was up. Can anyone help me with this please? These were my test results Gliadin IgG Antibodies <10 U/ml Gliadin IgG Antibodies <5 U/ml tTg IgA Auto = 62.5 U/ml tTg IgG Auto < 6 U/ml I'm confused...I've heard you can have false positives with tTg-IgA but 62.5 seems a bit high for a false positive...any thoughts? Also, if it isn't Celiac is this symptomatic of Crohn's or Liver issues or....anything. Thank you so much for your help, Thanks, Scott