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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. That's pretty much the same imformation i recieved a few months ago when i called the company. Considering the vitamin content and the calorie count anyone who can use dairy and needs to put on weight instant breakfast would be a good way to go.
  2. Hi group.... have a question.....the two books of recipies i have include a calorie amount at the end of each recipie. I don't know if the calorie amount is per serving or for the whole finished product. And because i need to keep my weight up it's important to know. ( would be important for anyone trying to lose weight too) So...are the calories per serving or per the whole recipe? Thanks for any responses.
  3. Need To Gain Weight!

    teemaree.. you are welcome. I had the same problem and still do to an extent, that calorie counter may well have saved my life too Am now putting on a little weight tho it's a slow process every pound is a victory. And ocassionaly now i feel hungry or food tastes good. missy's Mom.... my stratgy may not be a real healthy one but i do it anyway, two of my kids have told me not to worry about cholestrol at this time so i eat a lot of meat. Also eat a lot of omega 3 fats to raise the HDL ( the good cholesterol) Avacodos are almost a staple in my house. Just think, down the road a bit you will not only have more weight but muscle too!
  4. Feeling Better In Nc

    Hey friend, 's o.k. I did a lot of that too. It's kinda like being blindsided and vunerable, and having some self determination taken away. It's scary to begin with. But look at you today, already taking steps in making choices. You're going to be o.k. Educate yourself, that's the key.
  5. Need To Gain Weight!

    Tho you are eating calorie rich foods you may still not be eating enough to replace what you use in 24 hours, especialy if your appetite is bad. Here is an online site for you to check how many calories you are ingesting http://www.acaloriecounter.com/ To mainain weight you need to eat a number of calories equal to what you use, to gain weight you have to eat an excess number of calories to what you use. When there is no appetite it is easy to feel you are eating enough when you are NOT. Talk to your doctor about recommending a supplement to your diet. Here in the U.S. there are drinks like Equate, Boost, and Ensure, calorie rich and they go down easily, often given to chemo patients who have appetite loss. Also, if you haven't already, have your level of vitamin B12 checked. And take a good multi vitamin supplement daily. Oh, and demand your doctor pay attention to this weight issue. Good luck friend.
  6. Still Starving In Nc

    Hi again Val.... some valuable advice from the previouse posters. I too lost a lot of weight and was frantic to stop the decline. Here's what i learned......the Ensure drink is a good way to go, to use as a suppliment, that one or Equate, both sold at Wal-Mart and both gluten free and lactose free. It goes down easier if drunk cold. Unfortunatly i discovered i was soy sensative too and could not use them. The other thing is to choose food which is calorie dense, that is rich in calories. Especialy if you don't have much of an appetite or fill up fast, use the stomache space wisely. And count calories to make sure you are getting what you need to survive, i use this one http://www.acaloriecounter.com/ online. Check into the weight controle and calorie intake featured in blue on the first page...it will give you a blanks to fill in info with your age, higth and activity as to how many calories you will need in a day. Get a foodscale and weigh your food. Use the good oils, those rich in Omega 3, olive oil, canola, to name two, sneak em into food, eat potatos, sweet potatos, brown rice, converted or otherwise, and if you do meat, do lots of it, and dairy. Eat beyond feeling full....that's what it takes to begin with, and with no appetite it IS work, stay with it, that appetite WILL come back. First you will be eating to live with little enjoyment in it, but that will change. Learn to bake your own bread, there are some marvelouse recipies on this forum...use the search engine to track down what you want, there is a great fococcia (Sp?) bread recipie here somewhere. If i can find the time i'll post the one i use almost exclusivly. Keep up the good work, posting here and asking questions is your beginning to gaining your recovery.
  7. Newly Diagnosed And Starving...help Please

    Val....food is a deeply emotional factor, it's the stuff we are utterly dependant upon for life. To find there is something out of whack with the way your body can use it does make an emotional impact. Mostly it's fear. Fear of a great change or even dealing with the question if the quality of life will be so changed it won't be enjoyable anymore. You CAN change, you CAN adjust, you CAN empower yourself, and you CAN enjoy living with it. Become a food warrior by educating yourself. This is a good place to do it. Don't let this thing lick you when it is really a matter of adjustment, letting go of what harms you and replacing it with what is good for you. If you can, talk yourself into gratitude, think, you have been diagnosed, you now have the means to better your condition then what it was before diagnosis. There is a plethora of food out there awaiting you, and the creative combinations you can make of it, and the self reliance you will develope by taking charge of your own well being. A pep talk? You betcha....am thinking a good many of the people here have suffered in varying degrees what you are feeling right now. I know i did. Don't just hang in there, start taking charge. In the meantime a big thought hug to you.
  8. Need To Gain Weight!

    There is some very good information on this thread. Yes, i agree with the above poster, females need fat for thier body health. i had very little fat in my youth, and a lot of muscle in my limbs, however i suffered a prolapsed kidney and when question the reason the specialist told me women need fat to hold thier organs in place. Also thought the previouse comment about counting calories was valuable. I dropped a lot of weight and thought i was eating like a horse. Not! Counting the calories i was consuming was a discovery into way too little for my frame. Unfortunatly i also suffer from lack of appetite, i am NEVER hungry. So find myself pushing food in, literaly eating to live rather then living to eat. meals are not pleasant, they are work for me. But i continue to read here and use the pointers that seem to fit, maybe my appetite will return. In the meantime i eat dense calorie foods because of the lack of appetite i fill quickly. Am wishing you well.
  9. Sever Weight Loss

    Hello group.... about 20 or so months ago i began to slowly lose weight, attributed it to getting older and slowing down. To make it short, i went gluten free about 3 months ago and am under a doc's care, and running a battery of tests. My general health seems good, and most tests have come back negative. However, and here is the point, my appetite is not good and i need something that will supply some calories as a suppliment. I've gotten very thin. I have carnation instant breakfast on hand, i notice it contains maltodextros, is this safe for me? Apparently it's made in the U.S., can find no information to the contrary. Please someone give me some answer on this?
  10. Need Recipe For Sugar Cookies

    Thank you jersyangel!! To aquire spectrum shortning is now a mission in my life Big hugs to you
  11. Need Recipe For Sugar Cookies

    This was a timely subject for me. i have been on the prowl for a sugar cookie recipie, and today find a bonanza of them. Thanks to the originater of this thread and to those who responded. i prolly don't have to tell you how satisfying it is to find something more that can be added on the plus side to that beginners list of what has had to be eliminated. Now, does anyone know of/use a shortning substitute that is both soyfree and dairy free? i am an old lady who now has to relearn eating and cooking. Thank you all SOOO much.
  12. i used have my own goat milk years ago and made cottage cheese from it. From some research during that time the old fashioned was to make cheese was to use a processed calf's stomache lining for the digestive enzymes in it. My question is this....there is evidence i have become lactose intolerant would cheese be included as forbidden? As i understand it it is already a digested food (?) i seem to be doing o.k. with butter, better then the part soy spread i was using. i suspect, again from watching what turns things 'on' soy is a larger problem, my system has never did dealt well with legumes. Any thoughts, advice, knowledge shared would be appreciated.
  13. Somewhere on this site i ran across information about vitamin E in suppliments, the different names it goes under that are NOT glutin free. Forgive me if this is a many time repeat but i don't know where to look. My question is this...di alphatocopheryl acetate...is not non glutin is it?
  14. Reading And Learning

    ShayFL So it is NOT soy c? Dairy free diet! Thank you so very much i have it bookmarked. There is quite a bit of information to cover. For ages i have said modern people do not eat enough tree nuts, tho lately i've had to leave them out of my diet. After reading the info i will probably be back with questions. Thank you.
  15. Reading And Learning

    Thanks for the response ShayFL, and the sharing of your knowledge. Yes, this is a maze for now... learning diet and cooking all over again. What is a SCD free diet? Everytime i've run across it on these threads it's been abbreviated Am guessing the S is Soy and the D is dairy, but what is the C? Will prolly slap my self in the forehead when i find out. Re the other grains you mentioned, am learning to read lables on everything, and i do mean everything. Emphesis is because i cannot believe the things i am finding wheat and wheat products in. The latest was imitation crab meat. i love it and thought it surely must be safe for me, reading the label was a shock. Gave the whole bulk package to my friend, hope my lip didn't tremble when i did.