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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I may have to put my daughter in preschool soon, I am trying to think of what I should send for her lunches. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Safe Brands Of Rice?

    HI all, I just wanted to say thanks for the reassurance about plain rice. Sometimes it is hard that it is my 3 yo that is celiac I am worried something may be upsetting her tummy and I won't know. I try to for the most part buy products that state gluten free so I don't have to worry about her. Thanks!
  3. Safe Brands Of Rice?

    well, I was at the store and most of the uncle ben's stuff I read didn't look ok, maybe I was just looking at the seasoned ones? Then I started worrying that Rice was processed with wheat (like oat) if not that is great!
  4. Hi, If anyone has some safe brands of rice I would appreciate it!
  5. Hi, My dd was 2 1/2 when she had hers. Here blood tests were extremely positive but I wanted to know for sure before making a life long decision for her. They had her drink some stuff to relax her before they took her back I got to sit with her while it took effect, she got really tired and reallly silly - was kind of odd seeing my 2 year old like that. They said they weren't going to intubate her but they ended up doing it anyway. We weren't happy about that. When she woke up we got to go back with her - she was calm for a while and then she got pretty crabby for about an hour, after that she seemed fine other than her voice was funny for a few days we figured sore from the tube. Our GI said it looked enough like celiac to go ahead and go gluten free before we even got the biopsy results - which were also positive
  6. Hi, so it is my daughter who has celiac and she is ony 2 1/2 so I'm not sure if certain things are bothering her or not. I was using Mission tortillas as they had a gluten free statement on the label - they just changed their packaging and now that label is missing - has anyone had trouble with these? Also I purchased Reesers (Baja Cafe) Taquitos as it read safe but I have been worried about giving these to her - has anyone had trouble with these? Thanks!!!
  7. HI, Thanks, I think I will call before I give her that kind again. She had three terrible diapers (won't go into it) and then she started eating again. I guess I'll never know why. Other than prior to her Celiac diagnosis and when she was little and we discovered a couple of food intolerances she is typically pretty consistant within certain limits. I guess that is why my brain jumps to foods. At least she's eating now - thanks again,
  8. Cultured Pasturized Grade A Reduced Fat milk, Vanilla bean base (Sugar, Water, Modified Corn Starch, Natural Flavors, citric acid, vanilla beans) Sugar Modified corn starch kosher gelatin. so maybe natural flavors - Dr's dont think it is the fork and they don't think it is gluten issue either. Ped thinks constipation - but I just don't think so she is still barely eating 4 days later. Ug just when her weight was coming up so nicely since our diagnosis...
  9. Is Jello gluten free? prepackaged kind?
  10. Hi, For the last 2 days my daughter has refused to eat hardly anything she will drink her milk and juice but that is it she won't even eat her vitamins that she loves. To confuse the matter about 8 days ago she swallowed a peice of plastic fork. it was a small piece and the ER said it should pass fine. I have tried to "look" for it sorry TMI and haven't seen anything. Before we were diagnosed she has gotten really ill (from the celiac) and was refusing to eat - however she said her tummy hurt all the time - now she doesn't say it hurts she just won't eat. Behavior wise pretty ok, maybe more sensitive. So if I did do it how - I do have gluten stuff in the house but only use it for my son's lunches (school here has been out so that stuff hasn't even been out at all) and some things my husband likes for dinner - only prepared in separate pans after the kids food is all cleared up. She did have 2 new kinds of yogurt - one states gluten free the other does not but reads ok? - could that be a possibility? The other thing she ate more of than usual was the Tomato soup - The one from Heinz that I thought was gluten free? I really don't know what could have done it, worried that if I don't figure it out I will just keep glutening her...
  11. I will be anxious to see others respones on this. I have just started calling preschools for my daughter she is 2 1/2. I talked to one that was saying they don't allow people to bring in their own food when I explained about the wheat they agreed to make an exception. I haven't visited it yet - UG. I do have experience with my older son and his Ige allergies to nuts and his preschool experience. With him we quickly learned we couldn't trust others to remeber or be diligent enough about labels etc. We had to go no food from anyone but us (ie your lunch / snack bag) and thats it no exceptions. Our preschool used mats for food times then also wiped down after eating. Oh and the kids also wash hands before going back to the work / play area. Can you get them to clean up better? there are reciepes for non-wheat play doh could they try that? It is a challenge.
  12. Hi, Wondering if there are any enchilada sauces that are safe? I used to use a can and a powdered variety mix. I tried a new one that seemed to read safe but I didn't like it. (my daughter is Celiac not myself). I would like to find one safe for the whole family and would rather not make it from scratch if I can help it. Thanks,
  13. My dd had slipped from her usual 50% for wieght down to about 15%. She has gained 3 lbs in three months since going gluten free, she is only two so I think that is great progress. I think her height is up about an inch as well. For us it seems to be happening quickly
  14. gluten-free Restaurant In Boise, Idaho Area?

    Sure no problem! My husband will even eat the pizza crust so it must be ok. I do roll it out super thin. The kids didn't like the foccasia bread though. It is pretty amazing that you found a local bakery that will do gluten free I am definitely going to have to check it out. My son has Ige allergies to nuts so we haven't eaten anything from a bakery in 3 years but if they can do gluten free safely maybe they would have options that would be safe for him as well.
  15. gluten-free Restaurant In Boise, Idaho Area?

    Oh and I forgot to mention Pier 49 pizza says they have a gluten free crust. We are also avoiding Rice so I havn't tried it but thought I would mention it.